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relish. But it won't do. There is a story I'd To this appeal Mrs. Estes made the handlike to tell you, though,” he added, with a sud- somest response in her power, by saying that den thought. “ You know why I come here she would go up and tell her that he wished to so much, don't you, Mrs. Estes — I mean out- see her. This seemed to take some time; and side of your kindness to me, and my liking you Tarvin waited patiently, with a smile on his lips. all so much, and our always having such good He did not doubt that Kate would yield. In times together? You know, don't you

?" the glow of another success it was not possiMrs. Estes smiled. “I suppose I do,” she ble to him to suppose that she would not come said.

around now. Had he not the Naulahka? She "Well, that's right. That's right. I thought went with it; she was indissolubly connected you did. Then I hope you 're my friend." with it. Yet he was willing to impress into his

“ If you mean that I wish you well, I do. service all the help he could get, and he was glad But you can understand that I feel responsible to believe that Mrs. Estes was talking to her. for Miss Sheriff. I have sometimes thought I It was an added prophecy of success when ought to let her mother know."

he found from a copy of a recent issue of the “ "Oh, her mother knows. She 's full of it. “ Topaz Telegram,” which he picked up while You might say she liked it. The trouble is n't he waited, that the “ Lingering Lode” had there, you know, Mrs. Estes."

justified his expectations. The people he had “No. She 's a singular girl; very strong, left in charge had struck a true fissure vein, very sweet. I 've grown to love her dearly. and were taking out $500 a week. He crushed She has wonderful courage. But I should like the paper into his pocket, restraining an init better for her if she would give it up, and clination to dance; it was perhaps safest, on all that goes with it. She would be better mar- reflection, to postpone that exercise until he had ried," she said meditatively.

seen Kate. The little congratulatory whistle Tarvin gazed at her admiringly. “How wise that he struck up instead he had to sober a you are, Mrs. Estes! How wise you are!” he moment later into a smile as Kate opened the murmured. “If I've told her that once I've door and came in to him. There could be no told her a dozen times. Don't you think, also, two ways about it with her now. His smile, that it would be better if she were married at do what he would, almost said as much. once — right away, without too much loss of A single glance at her face showed him, howtime ?"

ever, that the affair struck her less simply. He His companion looked at him to see if he forgave her; she could not know the source was in earnest. Tarvin was sometimes a little of his inner certitude. He even took time to perplexing to her. “ I think if you are clever like the gray house-dress, trimmed with black you will leave it to the course of events,” she velvet, that she was wearing in place of the replied, after a moment. “I have watched white which had become habitual to her. her work here, hoping that she might suc- “I'm glad you ’ve dropped white for a moceed where every one else has failed. But I ment,” he said, as he rose to shake hands with know in my heart that she won't. There 's her. “ It 's a sign. It represents a' general too much against her. She 's working against abandonment and desertion of this blessed thousands of years of traditions, and training, country; and that 's just the mood I want to and habits of life. Sooner or later they are find you in. I want you to drop it, chuck it, certain to defeat her; and then, whatever her throw it up.” He held her brown little hand in courage, she must give in. I've thought some- the swarthy fist he pushed out from his own times lately that she might have trouble very white sleeve, and looked down into her eyes soon. There 's a good deal of dissatisfaction attentively. at the hospital. Lucien hears some stories that “ What?" make me anxious,"

“ India — the whole business. I want you “ Anxious! I should say so. That is the to come with me.” He spoke gently. worst of it. It is n't only that she won't come to She looked up, and he saw in the quivering me, Mrs. Estes,- that you can understand, - lines about her mouth signs of the contest on but she is running her head meanwhile into this theme that she had passed through before all sorts of impossible dangers. I have n't time coming down to him. to wait until she sees that point. I have n’t “ You are going ? I'm so glad.” She hesitime to wait until she sees any point at all buttated a moment. “ You know why," she that this present moment, now and here, would added, with what he saw was an intention of be a good moment in which to marry Nicho- kindness. las Tarvin. I've got to get out of Rhatore. Tarvin laughed as he seated himself. “I like That 's the long and the short of it, Mrs. Estes. that. Yes; I 'm going," he said. “ But I 'm Don't ask me why. It is necessary. And I must not going alone. You 're in the plan,” he astake Kate with me. Help me if you love her.” sured her, with a nod.


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She shook her head.

“ The opportunity of the happy women “No; don't say that, Kate. You must n't. yes; but it is n't given to every one to see marIt 's serious this time.”

riage like that. Even for women there is more * Has n't it always been?” She sank into a than one kind of devotion." chair. “ It 's always been serious enough for “Oh, look here, Kate! A man is n't an me — that I could n't do what you wish, I mean. orphan-asylum or a home for the friendless. Not doing it—that is, doing something else, You take him too seriously. You talk as if you the one thing I want to do is the most seri- had to make him your leading charity, and give ous thing in the world to me. Nothing has up everything to the business. Of course you happened to change me, Nick. I would tell have to pretend something of the kind at the you in a moment if it had. How is it different start, but in practice you only have to eat a few for either of us?”

dinners, attend a semiannual board-meeting, " Lots of ways. But that I've got to leave and a strawberry-festival or two to keep the Rhatore for a sample. You don't think I'd thing going. It's just a general agreement to leave you behind, I hope ?"

drink your coffee with a man in the morning, She studied the hands she had folded in her and be somewhere around, not too far from the lap for a moment. Then she looked up and fire, in not too ugly a dress, when he comes faced him with her open gaze.

home in the evening. Come! It 's an easy * Nick,” she said, “ let me try to explain as contract. Try me, Kate, and you 'll see how clearly as I can how all this seems to me. You simple I 'll make it for you. I know about the can correct me if I 'm wrong."

other things. I understand well enough that - Oh, you 're sure to be wrong!” he cried; you would never care for a life which did n't but he leaned forward.

allow you to make a lot of people happy be“Well, let me try. You ask me to marry sides your husband. I recognize that. I begin

with it. And I say that 's just what I want. ** I do," answered Tarvin, solemnly. “Give You have a talent for making folks happy. me a chance of saying that before a clergyman, Well, I secure you on a special agreement to and you 'll see.”

make me happy, and after you 've attended to “I am grateful, Nick. It 's a gift — the that, I want you to sail in and make the whole highest, the best; and I 'm grateful. But what world bloom with your kindness. And you 'll is it you really want ? Shall you mind my ask- do it, too. Confound it, Kate, we'll do it! No ing that, Nick? You want me to round out one knows how good two people could be if your life; you want me to complete your other they formed a syndicate and made a business ambitions. Is n't that so? Tell me honestly, of it. It has n't been tried. Try it with me! Nick; is n't that so ?”

O Kate, I love you, I need you, and if you 'll No!” roared Tarvin.

let me, I 'll make a life for you!” Ah, but it is! Marriage is that way. It is "I know, Nick, you would be kind. You right. Marriage means that — to be absorbed would do all that a man can do. But is n't into another's life: to live your own not as your the man who makes marriages happy or posown, but as another's. It is a good life. It's a sible; it's the woman, and it must be. I should woman's life. I can like it; I can believe in it. either do my part and shirk the other, and then But I can't see myself in it. A woman gives I should be miserable; or I should shirk you, the whole of herself in marriage - in all happy and be more miserable. Either way, such hapmarriages. I have n't the whole of myself to piness is not for me.” give. It belongs to something else. And I Tarvin's hand found the Naulahka within could n't offer you a part; it is all the best men his breast, and clutched it tightly. Strength give to women, but from a woman it would do seemed to go out of it into him — strength to no man any good.”

restrain himself from losing all by a dozen sav* You mean that you have the choice be- age words. tween giving up your work and giving up me, “Kate, my girl," he said quietly,“ we have n't and that the last is easiest."

time to conjure dangers. We have to face a * I don't say that; but suppose I did, would real one. You are not safe here. I can't leave it be so strange? Be honest, Nick. Suppose you in this place, and I've got to go. That is I asked you to give up the center and mean- why I ask you to marry me at once.” ing of your life? Suppose I asked you to give "But I fear nothing. Who would harm me?" up your work? And suppose I offered in ex- Sitabhai,” he answered grimly. “But what change-marriage! No, no!” She shook her difference does it make? I tell you, you are not head. “Marriage is good; but what man would safe. Be sure that I know.” pay that price for it?”

“ And you?" My dearest girl, is n't that just the oppor- Oh, I don't count.” tunity of women?"

“ The truth, Nick!” she demanded. VOL. XLIV.- 19.


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“Well, I always said that there was nothing He took her hand. “Good afternoon," he like the climate of Topaz.”

responded. “It's end enough for to-day." “You mean you are in danger — great dan- She pursued him anxiously with her eye as ger, perhaps.”

he turned away; suddenly she started after “Sitabhai is n't going round hunting for him." But you will go ?” ways to save my precious life, that 's a fact.” “Go! No! No!” he shouted. “I'll stay He smiled at her.

now if I have to organize a standing army, de“ Then you must go away at once; you must clare myself king, and hold the rest-house as not lose an hour. O Nick, you won't wait!' the seat of government. Go!

“That 's what I say. I can do without Rha- She put forth a detaining, despairing hand, tore; but I can't do without you. You must but he was gone. come.

Kate returned to the little Maharaj Kunwar, “Do you mean that if I don't you will who had been allowed to lighten his convalesstay?" she asked desperately.

cence by bringing down from the palace a numNo; that would be a threat. I mean I 'll ber of his toys and pets. She sat down by the wait for you." His eyes laughed at her. side of the bed, and cried for a long time silently.

“ Nick, is this because of what I asked you “What is it, Miss Kate?" asked the Prince, to do ?" she demanded suddenly.

after he had watched her for some minutes, “ You did n't ask me," he defended. wondering. “Indeed, I am quite well now, so “ Then it is, and I am much to blame.” there is nothing to cry for. When I go

back What, because I spoke to the King? My to the palace I will tell my father all that you dear girl, that is n't more than the introductory have done for me, and he will give you a vilwalk-round of this circus. Don't run away with lage. We Rajputs do not forget.” any question of responsibility. The only thing “It's not that, Lalji," she said, stooping over you are responsible for at this moment is to run him, drying her tear-stained eyes. with me

flee, vamose, get out. Your life is n't “ Then my father will give you two villages. worth an hour's purchase here. I'm convinced No one must cry when I am getting well, for of that. And mine is n't worth a minute's." I am a king's son. Where is Moti? I want

“You see what a situation you put me in," him to sit upon a chair." she said accusingly.

Kate rose obediently, and began to call for “I don't put you in it; but I offer you a the Maharaj Kunwar's latest pet - a little gray simple solution."

monkey, with a gold collar, who wandered at “ Yourself!"

liberty through the house and garden, and at “Well, yes; I said it was simple. I don't night did his best to win a place for himself claim it 's brilliant. Almost any one could do by the young Prince's side. He answered the


and there are millions of better call from the boughs of a tree in the garden, men; but there is n't one who could love where he was arguing with the wild parrots, you better. O Kate, Kate!” he cried, rising, and entered the room, crooning softly in the “ trust yourself to my love, and I 'll back my- monkey tongue. self against the world to make you happy." “ Come here, little Hanuman," said the

“No, no!” she exclaimed eagerly; "you Prince, raising one hand. The monkey bounded must go away.”

to his side. “I have heard of a king," said the He shook his head. “I can't leave you. Prince, playing with his golden collar, “who Ask that of some one else. Do you suppose a spent three lacs in marrying two monkeys. man who loves you can abandon you in this Moti, wouldst thou like a wise? No, no; a gold desert wilderness to take your chances ? Do collar is enough for thee. We will spend our you suppose any man could do that ? Kate, three lacs in marrying Miss Kate to Tarvin my darling, come with me. You torment me, Sahib, when we get well, and thou shalt dance you kill me, by forcing me to allow you a single at the wedding." He was speaking in the vermoment out of my sight. I tell you, you are in nacular, but Kate understood too well the imminent, deadly peril. You won't stay, know- coupling of her name with Tarvin's. ing that. Surely you won't sacrifice your life “Don't, Lalji, don't!” for these creatures."

“Why not, Kate? Why,even I am married." “ Yes!” she cried, rising, with the uplifted “Yes, yes. But it is different. Kate would look on her face—“yes! If it is good to live rather you did n’t, Lalji." for them, it is good to die for them. I do not " Very well,” answered the Maharaj, with a believe

my life is necessary; but if it is neces- pout. “Now I am only a little child. When sary, that too!

I am well I will be a king again, and no one Tarvin gazed at her, baffled, disheartened, can refuse my gifts. Listen. Those are my at a loss. “And you won't come ? "

father's trumpets. He is coming to see me.” I can't. Good-by, Nick. It's the end." A bugle-call sounded in the distance. There

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was a clattering of horses' feet, and a little later “No; I am not a little child," said the Prince. the Maharajah's carriage and escort thundered “In five years I shall be a man, and many up to the door of the missionary's house. Kate men will obey me. But how shall I know the looked anxiously to see if the noise irritated her right or the wrong in giving an order ?” young charge; but his eyes brightened, his nos- “ It is necessary to learn many things,” retrils quivered, and he whispered, as his hand peated the Maharajah, vaguely. tightened on the hilt of the sword always by “ Yes; I have thought of that lying here in his side:

the dark," said the Prince. “And it is in my “ That is very good! My father has brought mind that these things are not all learned within all his sowars."

the walls of the palace, or from women.

My Before Kate could rise, Mr. Estes had ush- father, let me go away to learn how to be a ered the Maharajah into the room, which was prince!” dwarfed by his bulk and by the bravery of his “ But whither wouldst thou go ? Surely my presence. He had been assisting at a review kingdom is thy home, beloved.” of his body-guard, and came therefore in his “ I know, I know,” returned the boy. “And full uniform as commander-in-chief of the army I will come back again, but do not let me be of the state, which was no mean affair. The a laughing-stock to the other princes. At the Maharaj Kunwar ran his eyes delightedly up wedding the Rawut of Bunnaul mocked me and down the august figure of his father, be- because my school-books were not so many ginning with the polished gold-spurred jack- as his. And he is only the son of an ennobled boots, and ascending to the snow-white doeskin lord. He is without ancestry. But he has been breeches, the tunic blazing with gold, and the up and down Rajputana as far as Delhi and diamonds of the Order of the Star of India, Agra, ay, and Abu; and he is in the upper class ending with the saffron turban and its nodding of the Princes' School at Ajmir. Father, all emerald aigret. The King drew off his gant- the sons of the kings go there. They do not play lets, and shook hands cordially with Kate. Af- with the women; they ride with men. And the ter an orgy it was noticeable that his Highness air and the water are good at Ajmir. And I became more civilized.

should like to go.” ** And is the child well?” he asked. “They

The face of the Maharajah grew troubled, told me that it was a little fever, and I too have for the boy was very dear to him. had some fever.”

“But an evil might befall thee, Lalji. Think * The Prince's trouble was much worse than again.” that, I am afraid, Maharajah Sahib," said Kate. I have thought," responded the Prince.

-- Ah, little one,” said the King, bending over “ What evil can come to me under the charge his son very tenderly, and speaking in the ver- of the Englishman there? The Rawut of Bunnacular, " this is the fault of eating too much.” naul told me that I should have my own rooms,

* Nay, father, I did not eat, and I am quite my own servants, and my own stables, like the well."

other princes — and that I should be much Kate stood at the head of the bed, stroking considered there." the boy's hair.

“Yes," said the King, soothingly. “We be " How many troops paraded this morning?” children of the sun, thou and I, my Prince.”

** Both squadrons, my General," answered “ Then it concerns me to be as learned and the father, his eye lighting with pride. “ Thou as strong and as valiant as the best of my race. art all a Rajput, my son.”

Father, I am sick of running about the rooms * And my escort — where were they?" of the women, of listening to my mother and

"With Pertab Singh's troop. They led the to the singing of the dance-girls; and they are charge at the end of the fight."

always pressing their kisses on me. Let me go * By the Sacred Horse!” said the Maharaj to Ajmir. Let me go to the Princes' School. Kunwar, “they shall lead in true fight one day. And in a year, even in a year,--so says the Shall they not, my father? Thou on the right Rawut of Bunnaul,- I shall be fit to lead my Hank, and I on the left."

escort as a king should lead them.

Is it a * Even so. But to do these things a prince promise, my father?” must not be ill, and he must learn many things.” "When thou art well,” answered the Maha

“I know,"returned the Prince, reflectively. rajah, “we will speak of it again, not as a " My father, I have lain here some nights, think- father to a child, but as a man to a man.” ing. Am I a little child ?” He looked at Kate The Maharaj Kunwar's eyes grew bright a minute, and whispered,“ I would speak to my with pleasure. “ That is good,” he said — " as tener. Let no one come in.”

a man to a man." Kate left the room quickly, with a backward The Maharajah fondled him in his arms for Emile at the boy, and the King seated himself a few minutes, and told him the small news by the bed.

of the palace — such things as would interest

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a little boy. Then he said, laughing, “ Have I that Moti had clasped so closely to his wicked your leave to go ? "

little breast. “O my father !” The Prince buried his A parrot instantly swooped down from the head in his father's beard, and threw his arms trees on the morsel, and took it back to his around him. The Maharajah disengaged him- perch in the branches. It was done before self gently, and as gently went out into the Kate, still unsteadied, could make a motion to veranda. Before Kate returned he had dis- stop it, and a moment later a little ball of green appeared in a cloud of dust and a flourish of feathers fell from the covert of leaves, and the trumpets. As he was going, a messenger came parrot also lay dead on the ground. to the house, bearing a grass-woven basket “No; the fruit is not good," she said mepiled high with shaddock, banana, and pome-chanically, her eyes wide with terror, and her granate,- emerald, gold, and copper,— which face blanched. Her thoughts leaped to Tarvin. he laid at Kate's feet, saying, “ It is a present Ah, the warnings and the entreaties that she had from the Queen.”

put from her! He had said that she was not The little Prince within heard the voice, and safe. Was he not right? The awful subtlety cried joyfully, “Kate, my mother has sent you of the danger in which she stood was a thing those. Are they big fruits? Oh, give me a pome- to shake a stronger woman than she. From granate,” he begged as she came back into his where would it come next ? Out of what room. “I have tasted none since last winter.” covert might it not leap ? The very air might

Kate set the basket on the table, and the be poisoned. She scarcely dared to breathe. Prince's mood changed. He wanted pome- The audacity of the attack daunted her as granate sherbet, and Kate must mix the sugar much as its design. If this might be done in and the milk and the syrup and the plump red open day, under cover of friendship, immediseeds. Kate left the room for an instant to ately after the visit of the King, what might not get a glass, and it occurred to Moti, who had the gipsy in the palace dare next? She and the been foiled in an attempt to appropriate the Maharaj Kunwar were under the same roof; if Prince's emeralds, and had hidden under the Tarvin was right in supposing that Sitabhai bed, to steal forth and seize upon a ripe ba- could wish her harm, the fruit was evidently nana. Knowing well that the Maharaj Kun- intended for them both. She shuddered to think war could not move, Moti paid no attention how she herself might have given the fruit to to his voice, but settled himself deliberately on the Maharaj innocently. his haunches, chose his banana, stripped off the The Prince turned in his bed and regarded skin with his little black fingers, grinned at the Kate. “You are not well ?” he asked, with Prince, and began to eat.

grave politeness. “ Then do not trouble about “Very well, Moti,” said the Maharaj Kun- the sherbet. Give me Moti to play with." war, in the vernacular; “ Kate says you are not

“O Lalji, Lalji!” cried Kate, tottering to the a god, but only a little gray monkey, and I bed. She dropped beside the boy, cast her arms think so too. When she comes back you will defendingly about him, and burst into tears. be beaten, Hanuman.”

“You have cried twice," said the Prince, Moti had eaten half the banana when Kate watching her heaving shoulders curiously. “I returned, but he did not try to escape. She shall tell Tarvin Sahib.” cuffed the marauder lightly, and he fell over The word smote Kate's heart, and filled her on his side.

with a bitter and fruitless longing. Oh, for a “Why, Lalji, what's the matter with Moti?” moment of the sure and saving strength she she asked, regarding the monkey curiously. had just rejected! Where was he? she asked

" He has been stealing, and now I suppose herself reproachfully. What had happened to he is playing dead man. Hit him!”

the man she had sent from her to take the Kate bent over the limp little body; but there chances of life and death in this awful land ? was no need to chastise Moti. He was dead. At that hour Tarvin was sitting in his room

She turned pale, and lifting the basket of at the rest-house, with both doors open to the fruit quickly to her nostrils, sniffed delicately stifling wind of the desert, that he might comat it. A faint, sweet, cloying odor rose from mand all approaches clearly, his revolver on the the brilliant pile. It was overpowering. She table in front of him, and the Naulahka in his set the basket down, putting her hand to her pocket, yearning to be gone, and loathing this head. The odor dizzied her.

conquest that did not include Kate. “ Well,” said the Prince, who could not see his dead pet, “ I want my sherbet."

XIX. “The fruit is not quite good, I 'm afraid, Lalji,” she said, with an effort. As she spoke The evening and the long night gave Kate she tossed into the garden, through the open ample time for self-examination after she had window, the uneaten fragment of the banana locked up the treacherous fruit, and consoled

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