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Speak Up!

MOST every other person you meet today is grumbling t something connected with rnment and almost every other or woman you meet neglected ote on last Presidential ElecDay.

n you hear them say, "What's use of voting? My vote won't ge the result." Many of the and women who should have their ballots in 1924 must have ed like that, for only 52 percent

em voted.


erica has faced many crises.
has made laws, amended laws,
ished laws. She has kept step
changing world conditions.
many old problems remain
lved. New ones will
. Your government will
as sound and wise as
and other Americans
e it. You have great re-
isibility and great power.
3 your duty to exercise
power. And the
And the way to
cise it is through your
. Do not neglect it.

By failing to vote, you offer encour-
agement to the political plunderer
and other unscrupulous persons
who are eager to profit by the op-
portunity you give them. Only by
voting can the majority of Ameri-
cans holding like opinions dictate
their wishes and save themselves
from the danger of being governed
by a minority holding opposite

Your next President will not be a
despot or a dictator. He will not
make or unmake laws, but he has
great power and influence and will
go into office bound to use them
to bring about the kind of gov-
ernment wanted
ernment wanted by those who
elected him.



Once in four years you are called upon to vote for a President and thereby help to solve great problems. Let no private affairs prevent you from doing your duty to your country on Election Day.

Be a good citizen. Go to the polls on November 6th and


20, 54,053,000 citizens of the United were eligible to vote. Only 26,674,171 -approximately 49 percent. In 1924, a total of 56,215,000 men and women hould have voted, only 29,091,417 did— 52 percent.

good Americans are willing to abide will of the majority. The trouble is nany of us are not sure that the will majority is being expressed.

When about one-half of the voters neglect their duty the country is governed not by a majority of the people but merely by a majority of the minority.

In 1928 America needs every possible vote so that the will of the real majority may be known. No one else can speak for you on Election Day. Speak for yourself. Vote. HALEY FISKE, President.

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