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Flaming youth is not original to the jazz age, nor was moral turpitude first written into the record at Ellis Island. All who have strained in the effort to live up to those supposed models of all decorum, the Colonial forefathers, will relish Mr. Lawrence's fruitful excursions into the lighterand wickeder-side of Puritan life here revealed.

Seventeenth Century New England had coquettes and fops and an incorrigible younger generation, whose behavior makes the contemporary sheik and flapper seem mild in comparison. Here is a succession of amusing, quaint and some far graver episodes, out of which emerges a spontaneous, and surprising, portrait of the age. Illustrated $3.00

For Sale at All Booksellers


in terms of Contemporary Pictures


In his earlier volume, "The Gateway to Amer can History," Mr. Adams, through rich and fas nating pictures drawn from old books, described t great voyages of exploration and the settlement the great unknown American continent.

In this new volume, again presenting history means of contemporary pictures and in a way th all ages can enjoy, he carries on h story through the period of th growth of the colonies, the India wars, the exploration of the Missi sippi, the conflict between th French and English for domination and, finally, the American Revo lution. Ready Nov. 10, $3.0



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An Atlantic Prize $5000

for the most interesting


of any kind, sort, or description

Submitted before May 1, 1929

Only six months more to

complete entries for this prize, which carries with it the assurance of distinguished presentation and widest distribution of the book, under hap

been received from every civilized

piest publishing auspices. Inquiries have country in the world, the British Isles and Continental Europe sending hundreds. For pamphlet giving full details and the few conditions (no hampering rules anyone may compete) address the publishers The Atlantic Monthly Press, 8 Arlington Street, Boston.

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An Atlantic Success
in Fiction




By Sylvia Thompson
Author of "The Hounds of Spring"

A Washington girl marries into an English family, thus provoking many international observations. Worth your while. - Life

It has much in common with The Age of Reason. Other inevitable comparisons are with Jalna and Wintersmoon, and it keeps such good company with distinction and charm.-The Forum

In addition to being a charmingly written story, peopled with a number of interesting characters, this novel gives a clear picture of conditions in England, and the mistakes apt to accrue to an international marriage. The New York World

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$2.50 at all booksellers


The Medici Society of America
Ralph T. Hale, Managing Director
Book and Art Publishers

753 Boylston Street, Dept. 5, Boston

nd Steinway Hall, 113 West 57th Street, New York

ousands 'Books at



id less

Delivered at your door. We pay the postage.
Standard authors, fine editions, new books, all at
biggest savings. Be sure to send postcard for
Clarkson's catalog.

FREE Write for our great book catalog. This

catalog is a short course in literature and is so used by some of America's leading universities; 300,000 book lovers buy from it. Free if you write now.


Books on the East

Egypt to Japan: Languages, Philosophy, Religion, MythFolklore, Art in all its phases including Ceramics and Oriental Travel, History, Belles Lettres, Native Texts, Rare MSS., &c. only shop in America that specializes in Oriental subjects. Send cent catalogues.



Family Lineages and Heraldry Researched
Coats of Arms Enlarged in Color.
Member N. E. Historic Genealogical Soc'y
183 Dorset Road, Waban, Mass.

The Copley Prints

Fine Art Reproductions of

Distinguished American Art

(for 33 years a hall-mark of good taste in pictures)

for Gifts, your Home,and Schools

Pictures That Give Beauty and Distinction to your walls. One can live without art- but not so well. Wide range of subjects to choose from.

We Send on Approval. Prices $2.00 to $100.00
For Illustrated Catalogue see below


Also Your Family Portraits Restored and Reproduced

from old daguerreotypes, faded photographs, tintypes, snapshots, etc. Have them reproduced privately in THE COPLEY PRINTS. These little pictures "Before and After" show what we can also



and Other Stories for Boys

Edited by Wilhelmina Harper

It is not only the vogue to have portraits of your ancestors on your walls: they make treasured gifts to your relatives.

Valued originals should be copied, if only to provide against fire, damage, or fading.

Also Portraits Painted in Oils on Canvas.
Send for Free Portrait Circular.

From typical letters: "Finest copies I have ever seen.
Send 25 cents for Illustrated Catalogue
Send Money Order or Stamps NOT COIN
It is a little Handbook of American Art
*From a Copley Print copyright by Curtis & Cameron, Inc.

With Eight Illustrations $2.00 at all booksellers


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Dept. 7-A 221 Columbus Ave.

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2nd Prize
3rd Prize

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1. The Contest is open to all students in classes regularly enrolled on the Atlantic High School list as using the Atlantic Monthly in courses during 1928-1929 term.

2. The type of essay is not restricted but essays must not exceed 2000 words in length.

3. The names of the student and school should not appear on the essay, but must be noted in full with the instructor's endorsement and attached to the manuscript. 4. Envelopes must be distinctly addressed HIGH SCHOOL ESSAY CONTEST, ATLANTIC MONTHLY, 8 ARLINGTON STREET, BOSTON, and must reach the Atlantic office by five P.M. April 5, 1929.

5. The Prize-Winning essays will be announced in the June, 1929, Atlantic Monthly.

6. No manuscripts will be returned.

Special Classroom Rates

The regular price of the Atlantic Monthly is $4.00 a year, but the following reduced rates on orders for ten or more subscriptions are quoted to instructors for their students:

1 month


2 months


3 months


4 months


5 months


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