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beckons to you, what do you answer?

"Some day I'll start" "I'd like to, but I'm busy." So it is that many who really have writing ability never learn how to make it count.

Today thousands of practical people are meeting the challenge that writing offers by taking instruction from the Newspaper Institute of America. They are finding out things about writing and about themselves that they would never otherwise learn .. what sort of style they have, what specialized training they need, how to write and how to sell their output.

Mr. Arthur S. Pettit, 536 So. Hope St., Los Angeles, California, is but one of the many men and women trained by the Newspaper Institute of America to make their gift for writing pay prompt dividends. He writes:

"You may be interested to know that since enrolling with the N. I. A. I have written several articles for health publications that have been accepted and printed. I am now engaged in the preparation of some articles on church music and on business.

'Again I want to assure you that I am well satisfied that I decided to learn to write by your copy-desk method."


Another of our student-members who tried is Miss Alice S. Fisher, Eyebrow, Sask., Canada. "Sold my first short story the other day," she writes. 'Last summer an old lady told me a happening of pioneer days which interested me. I wrote it up, and that's the result. You can understand that I'm delighted, even though the cheque was not large.'

Fact-writing, the basis for fiction writing

N. I. A. instruction is based on journalism journalism because the recent history of American literature demonstrates that an overwhelming majority of the day's greatest writers are products of newspaper training.

The greatest virtue of the N. I. A. method is that it starts and keeps you writing; you get experience with the very first lesson. You write, on assignment, just as you would for a great metropolitan daily. You send what you write to the N. I. A. editors, who analyze, correct, criticize and suggest. Collectively, these copy-desk men have had more than 200 years' experience in newspaper work.

We expect, upon your part, a practical attitude toward writing, one which, at the outset, aims not so much at fame and royalties as at the $25, $50, $100, etc. to be earned by articles, short stories, and a great variety of other material such as you see published every day.

Test us and test yourself, with our Writing Aptitude Test. Mail us the coupon and, without obligation, learn how our training will fit your case. Newspaper Institute of America, 25 West 45th Street, New York.

Newspaper Institute of America 25 West 45th Street, New York

James McAlpin Pyle, Pres.

Send me, without cost or obligation, your Writing Aptitude Test and further information about writing for profit, as promised in the Atlantic Monthly - October.





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may depend upon its brevity, its clarity, its tone of convic tion, or the superb salesmanship of its author, but well chosen words are vital. A rich stock of words brings power and force for accomplishment. Form the habit of using

"The Supreme Authority"

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452,000 entries, including 408,000 vocabulary terms; 32,000 geographical subjects; 12,000 biographical en tries. Over 6,000 illustrations and 100 valuable tables.

Send for new richly illustrated pam-.
phlet containing sample pages of the
New International FREE if you
mention this magazine.

Springfield, Mass.

CASH for Your Spare Time

A NEW feature of the Literary Guild enables you to earn a liberal commission by enrolling members and at the same time build a permanent business for yourself.

Spend a few minutes of your spare time daily in this pleasant and dignified pastime. Your efforts backed by $80,000.00 advertising program this fall. No previous experience necessary. We have prepared a booklet which tells you how to present the Guild plan and make selling easy. Send for a copy TODAY. Address

Mr. Michael Shepard, Dept. 0-1 THE LITERARY GUILD OF AMERICA, INC. 55 Fifth Avenue, New York

Is there some friend, or friends, of education in the Atlantic circle willing to invest this sum in the future of a young woman who will be able to enter Radcliffe on a scholarship, if she has the amount mentioned for necessary traveling and other expenses? For particulars address CHRISTINE LOWELL, 8 Arlington street, Boston, Massachusetts.

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in Southern California


The power situation in Southern California
is very attractive to industry.

At a cost of $335,000,000, this company has developed one of the greatest electric power generating and distributing systems in America.

It serves an area of 55,000 square miles... from Visalia to San Juan Capistrano... a population of 2,900,000 people.

Wherever you locate your plant within this
great area, Southern California Edison service
is almost immediately available to you...and
at very low rates.

A series of 20 water power hydro-electric
generating plants, developing 475,400 H. P.
and 3 steam plants, generating 572,900 H. P.
...a total of 1,048,300 H. P. is today
serving Southern California indus-
try in the name of "Edison".

We invite inquiries regarding industrial opportunities and power rates in Southern California


Southern California Edison Company

For complete information, address W. L. Frost, Gen. Commercial Mgr., 1000 Edison Bldg.,
Los Angeles, California

You Save $300 MORE if You Join the GUILD NOW!

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Now, to allow the Guild to incorporate some new advantageous features of servici for its members and to maintain the same high standard in the selection of manuscripts for publication as well as in the paper, tration, printing and binding of its books, it has been found necessary to raise the sub scription fee from $18 to $21. This amounts to an increase of only twenty-five cents per book. Yet even that small sum is well worth saving.

The price raise goes into effect very soon. Only a short time remains for you to take advantage of the extremely low price that has made the Guild plan the most economical method of book buying in America.

The reputation of the Literary Guild is supported by its membership of nearly

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60,000 discriminating readers. Thousands of letters have been received praising the books chosen as well as the service and aims of the organization.

The Guild Editorial Board is headed by Tarl Van Doren. ssisted by Henrik Willem van Loon, Elinor Wylie, [oseph Wood Krutch and Burton Rascoe, he selects nemanuscript each nonth from the lists of America's leadng publishers. This ook is issued in a pecial edition and s sent postpaid to Guild members on he same day that he regular trade dition of the same itle is sent to the ookstores.

from the price advance for one full year. Check the coupon in the spaces provided to indicate the books you want, fill in your name and address and mail it at once. Each book you select reduces the duration of your


Even with the crease in price, the Guild plan will remain he most economical way to keep abreast of he best writing and leading thought of the ay. You can start your subscription with any f the previous Guild books. By accepting ee membership now you protect yourself

membership one month only- -regardless of the regular trade price of the titles you choose.

You take no chance in joining the Literary Guild. Membership may be cancelled any time a month's no


tice. In case of cancellation we charge you only the retail price of books already received and refund the unused balance to you.

Your bookseller will tell you about

the Guild and accept your subscription if you prefer. You may have your books sent to his store or directly to your home. THE LITERARY GUILD OF AMERICA, Inc. 55 Fifth Ave., Dept. 61. M., New York City

The Literary Guild of America, Inc.,

55 Fifth Ave., Dept. 61. M., New York City.

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Gentlemen: You may enter me as a subscriber to the Literary Guild of America for one year. I will pay you $4.00 on receipt of your first book and $3.00 a month for five months only. You will send me one new book a month. I may cancel this subscription by giving one month's notice. In this case you will charge me only the retail price of books received and refund the balance. (If more than one book is chosen from list below, add $3.00 per title to the initial payment. This amount will be deducted from the balance of your subscription fee.)


Save $1.00 If you prefer to pay all at once you can save $1.00 by sending $18.00 with this coupon.

Antedate my subscription...... months and send me:

Trader Horn, Volume Two

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....Trader Horn .... Great


There was prosperity in 1450, too

They knew why Venice was great the Doge and the people of Venice in the year 1450!

Gratefully they turned out, on Ascension Day, to an impressive pageant in which the Doge, by dropping a golden ring into the water, took the Adriatic for his bride.

The great wealth of Venice, then the richest city in the world, it owed to the sea. And when the sea dwindled in importance, when the bulk of the world's trade was diverted elsewhere, Venice dwindled too.

Perfectly predictablewouldn't it have been?-if in 1450 one had been permitted a glance at the map of the world as we know it today.

Then try a little predicting of your own! You have the map. You know where the wealth of the world now lies. You know what changes are taking place.

Airplane transportation, for example. The Panama Canal.

The vast undeveloped resources
of Russia. The Westernization
of Japan. Revolution in mighty
China. The exploitation of
Northern Africa. The penetra-
tion of American and European
capital, railroads and the auto-
mobile, in the Near East.

The old engraving reproduced
above is witness that the Doge
and the people of Venice held
the prestige of their city and
the bounty of their sea to be
secure. Are you as sure as they?

Look at the map! You will
find it fascinating in the possi-
bilities it suggests.

Map Headquarters

536 S. Clark Street, Chicago Washington

Dept. C.-22

San Francisco

270 Madison Avenue, New York
Los Angeles

You will find geographical speculation one of the most stimulating of intellectual pastimes. Like so many others made possible by the study of maps as interesting to read and as full of cultural value as the world's best books.

Have you an atlas in your library? By all means get onel Or better still, a globe, decorative, instructive, inspiring.

Rand McNally Maps, Globes and Atlases are always scientific, accurate, up to date. Obtainable at leading booksellers' and stationers', or direct.

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