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THAT dark day of despair, when we find

priceless health slipping away and with it youth and happiness, is invariably the price of neglect. And no trouble however insidious does more than Pyorrhea to hurry this unwelcome moment.

This condition is rightly called the disease-of-neglect.

Thinking they are secure when teeth are snowy white and seemingly sound, 4 persons out of 5 after forty and thousands younger (many dental clinics give an even higher percentage) suddenly find themselves victims of Pyorrhea. This dread foe ignores the teeth and attacks the gums. It Sweeps through the system often causing a host of serious diseases that ravage health.

There is one sensible way to combat this Common trouble: Have your dentist ex-. amine teeth and gums at least once every Six months. And start using Forhan's for the Gums-every morning, every night.

More Than a Tooth Paste This dentifrice, the proved formula of R.J. Forhan, D. D. S., and compounded with Forhan's Pyorrhea Astringent used

by dentists in treating the gums, is far more than ordinary tooth paste. It does everything a tooth paste should do and more too.

Without the use of harsh abrasives it cleans teeth and keeps them white. Also, it protects them against acids which cause decay.

And in addition it helps to firm and gums keep them sound. As you know, Pyorrhea seldom attacks healthy gums.

Don't wait until gums bleed and recede from teeth, until teeth loosen in their sockets. Start using Forhan's for the gums, today. Teach your children this good habit. They'll thank. you in later years. Get a tube from your druggist, 35c and 6oc. Forhan Company, New York

Forhan's for the gums




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.......in a bank where

18 could do all the work

MOST successful business executives take a just pride in their ability to apply man-power effectively and economically. Yet often these same men will keep an army of papers on the payroll, doing the work that one-tenth of the numberchosen with a genuine understanding of requirements and standards-would accomplish with greater efficiency.

A few months ago, the Paper Users' Standardization Bureau was asked to study the papers used by one of the greatest banks in the Middle West. The letterheads, business forms and records of this company were then on 246 different bonds, ledgers and index bristols, some of which were suitable and some entirely unsuitable for their purpose.

As in many other offices, this multiplicity of papers was due, not to any intention on the part of those responsible, but to lack of system in paper buying.

When a new form was ordered, the choice of the paper to be used was made more or less at random, governed by no definite specifications. As a result the bank was purchasing a variety of papers in insignificant quantities and paying a premium for every pound bought.

Analyzing the uses and purposes of all the business forms employed by this bank, the Paper Users' Standardization Bureau set correct paper standards for every one. And the total number of different papers required—including all the needed bonds, ledgers and index bristols-was eighteen.

This tremendous reduction in brands and grades has now made it possible to buy thes papers in case lots instead of reams and broker reams, and thereby save anywhere from 14 t 54 cents per pound. And most important o all, every paper is absolutely right for the worl it has to perform.

Several hundred firms, including some of the largest corporations in America, have gained in efficiency through having their business form surveyed by the Paper Users' Standardization Bureau.

This confidential service
is yours on request

The service of the Bureau is to make a thorough quality and utility analysis of the paper use for every form you employ. This work is don in one of the most complete paper laboratorie in the world. When it is finished you have comprehensive report which establishes quality standards, fixes price limitations, suggests econ omies and simplifies buying procedure.

Because of the scope of this service, it can be rendered only to a limited number of corpora tions this year.

It is made without charge or obligation of

any sort.



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Eagle-A Bond Papers

Coupon. Agawam. Persian. Contract. Air
post. Chevron, Acceptance. Norman. Tele-

it applies to an individual Eagle-A Ledger Papers
business, and records the
results achieved in a num-
ber of large American
companies. Upon request

Brunswick Linen Ledger. Account Linen
Ledger. Extension Ledger. Massasoit

we shall be glad to send Other Eagle-A Business Papers

a copy to any interested
business executive.

include Covers, Books, Offsets, Bristols, Mimeograph and Manifold Papers. LOOK FOR THE EAGLE-A MARK IN THE PAPER YOU USE

THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY, September, 1928, Vol. 142, No. 3. Published monthly. Publication Office, 10 Ferry Street, Concord, New Hampshire. Editorial and General Offices, 8 Arlington Street, Boston, Massachusetts. 40c a copy, $4.00 a year; foreign postage $1.00. Entered as second-class matter July 15, 1918, at the Post Office at Concord, New Hampshire, U. S. A., under the Act of March 3, 1879. Printed in the U. S. A.


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