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LANG! Clang! Clang!" rang the bell in the old town hall and at once the whole countryside was alert. The bell meant danger-usually FIRE!

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" goes the pain in your head and it, also, is a warning of danger, perhaps grave danger, somewhere in your body. Can you imagine any villager being stupid enough to cut the bell-rope because the clanging of the bell annoyed him-thus silencing the alarm while the fire raged? When you take a pill, or powder, or wafer to stop a headache, you may deaden the nerves which are carrying an important message of danger to your brain but the "fire" goes on.

Headaches are usually symptoms of unhealthy conditions, perhaps in some totally unsuspected part of the body. There is almost no physical ailment which does not at some stage manifest itself in headache. Disordered kidneys or liver and intestinal difficulties, as well as nervous strain, infectious and contagious diseases often Cuse beadache.

Fortunately the causes of the vast majority of headaches-indigestion, eye-strain, sinus and teeth infections and wrong posture can be located promptly. But some of the obscure Causes of headache can be found only by patient, ilful search. The trouble may come from a use so remote from the head as a bone out of

place in the foot or a toxic condition from a dis-
eased gall-bladder.

It is risky to attempt to diagnose your own head-
ache. You may guess wrong and waste precious
time prescribing for an imagined ailment while the
real trouble grows steadily worse. To still the
voice of pain without finding its
and ignoring the fire.
source is like cutting the bell-rope

Beware of headache remedies
composed of habit-forming drugs
which may injure the digestion,
destroy red corpuscles of the
blood, undermine the nervous
system, depress or over-excite the
heart action, and at best may

give only temporary relief.

Give your doctor a chance to find
the cause. While he is searching
for the cause let him prescribe
something to relieve the pain, if
you must have relief.

A booklet giving helpful informa
tion about headache may be ob

tained free on request to Booklet
Department, Metropolitan Life-
Insurance Company, 1 Madison
Avenue, New York City. Ask
for Booklet No. 78-T.

Haley Fiske, President.

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