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cheek to hers and kissed her again and "I carp at you and judge you; I condemn again. He did not seem in the least aware you. You know I do." Her fierceness that he was doing anything unusual. demanded that he meet her with her own When Penny made a faint movement of candor. “How can you love me?" protest, he put her down on the steps, "Well," he thought it out, “yes, you seating himself beside her. Toodles come down on me; but I don't know climbed joyously over them both, and they I like my bath too cold and my towel too watched in silence while the helmeted rough and my food a bit sharp; I 've almen streamed through the building and ways turned to things that hit me. And the great hose went snaking in at the when you do approve-well, you're front door. When, after ten minutes of pretty sweet, you know. Most people are anxious work, the second engine and its soft with one, and then one gets tired of crew were sent away, Stuart leaned back them. You feel sort of good, Penny. more comfortably.

You 're foolish about money, but, hang it! "I 've got about fifty thousand dollars' I even love you for that!” Then sudworth of borrowed rugs up there; have denly they were laughing together, she n't had time to return them,” he observed; helplessly, protestingly, with tears just bebut he was not deeply concerned. In his neath. thoughtful gravity there was a growing The hose was drawn out, the crowd astonishment. He turned now and then drifted away, but still they sat in their for a long look at Penny's immovable shadowy doorway, the dog against their profile, resting on her clasped fingers. At knees. Suddenly Penny burst out again: last he spoke:

"Oh, it 's so hard to understand! Out "Why on earth don't we get married, of the party that you had no right to give, Penny!” Her lips moved as though she you 've got a big commission; and if the caught her breath, but she did not an- forty-dollar dog had n't run away home swer. “Why, look here," — he was grow- and brought me after him, so that I gave ing excited, -"I 've got a ten-thousand- the alarm in time, your whole place would dollar contract, and of course I love you. have burned up. But it was wrong just Why, I 've always known you were the the same, Stuart; you had no right to the finest girl in the world; only I suppose I party or the dog.” have n't been thinking much about mar- He only laughed. riage.” His arm went about her; his

“Have it your

way-Penny radiant face bent down to look into hers. Wise,” he teased her. "Penny, I love you!" he exulted. Then, She was looking ahead with shadowed as she held rigidly away from him, his eyes. Yes, he would make her suffer: voice dropped to pleading: "Ah, Penny, but, compared with the suffering of a life p-lea-se! I do love you!"

without him. She pressed closer, lifting "Oh, I don't see why!" she burst out. her face wholly to his.



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Sir Henry Gaunt was a mighty lord.
He sat in state at the Council board;

The governors were as naught to him.
From one rim to the other rim

Of his great plantations, flung out wide
Like a purple cloak, was a full month's ride.

Life and death in his white hands lay,
And his only daughter stood at bay,
Trapped like a hare in the toils that day.

He sat at wine in his gold and his lace,
And far away, in a bloody place,
Hawk came near, and she covered her face.

He rode in the fields, and the hunt was brave,
And far away his daughter gave
A shriek that the seas cried out to hear,
And he could not see and he could not save.

Her white soul withered in the mire
As paper shrivels up in fire,
And Hawk laughed, and he kissed her mouth,
And her body he took for his desire.



SIR HENRY stood in the manor room,
And his eyes were hard gems in the gloom.

And he said, “Go dig me furrows five
Where the green marsh creeps like a thing alive-
There at its edge, where the rushes thrive."

And where the furrows rent the ground,
He sowed the seed of hemp around.

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