Old-world Idylls and Other Verses

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Kegan Paul, Trench, 1883 - 245 psl.

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210 psl. - Love comes back to his vacant dwelling — The old, old Love that we knew of yore ! We see him stand by the open door, With his great eyes sad, and his bosom swelling. " He makes as though in our arms repelling He fain would lie, as he lay before ; Love comes back to his vacant dwelling...
12 psl. - And more, he read it. Once he had loved, but failed to wed, A red-cheeked lass who long was dead ; His ways were far too slow, he said, To quite forget her ; And still when time had turned him gray, The earliest hawthorn buds in May Would find his lingering feet astray, Where first he met her. " In Calo Quies " heads the stone On Leisure's grave, — now little known, A tangle of wild-rose has grown So thick across it ; The " Benefactions " still declare He left the clerk an elbow-chair, And " 12...
234 psl. - — Is nothing but Tennyson thinly arrayed In a tissue that's taken from Morris's store ; That no one, in fact, but a child could ignore That you " lift " or " accommodate " all that you do ; Take heart — though your Pegasus' withers be sore — For the man who plants cabbages imitates, too ! POSTSCRIPTUM.
171 psl. - TIME goes, you say? Ah, no! Alas, Time stays, we go; Or else, were this not so, What need to chain the hours, For Youth were always ours? Time goes, you say? — ah no! Ours is the eyes' deceit Of men whose flying feet Lead through some landscape low ; We pass, and think we see The earth's fixed surface flee: — Alas, Time stays, — we go ! Once in the days of old, Your locks were curling gold, And mine had shamed the crow. Now, in the self-same stage, We've reached the silver age ; Time goes,...
99 psl. - read " three hours. Both notes and text Were fast a mist becoming ; In bounced a vagrant bee, perplexed, And filled the room with humming, Then out. The casement's leafage sways, And, parted light, discloses Miss Di., with hat and book, — a maze Of muslin mixed with roses. " You're reading Greek?" " I am — and you?" " O, mine's a mere romancer ! "
233 psl. - From the stock of the Arnes and the Purcells of yore; That there's nothing, in short, in the words or the score That is not as out-worn as the "Wandering Jew," Make answer— Beethoven could scarcely do more— That the man who plants cabbages imitates, too! If they tell you, Sir Artist, your light and your shade Are simply adapted from other men's lore; That— plainly to speak of a "spade...
97 psl. - If I were you ! Frank. If I were you, who vow you cannot suffer Whiff of the best, the mildest " honey-dew," I would not dance with smoke-consuming Puffer, If I were you! Nellie. If I were you, I would not, sir, be bitter, Even to write the Cynical Review : — Frank.
235 psl. - There is place and enough for the pains of prose; — • But whenever a scent from the whitethorn blows, And the jasmine-stars to the casement climb, And a Rosalind-face at the lattice shows, Then hey!
112 psl. - Tis averred, That the souls of men, released From their bodies when deceased, Sometimes enter in a beast, — Or a bird. I have watched you long, Avice, — Watched you so, I have found your secret out ; And I know That the restless ribboned things, Where your slope of shoulder springs,. Are but undeveloped wings That will grow.
172 psl. - rose" and "snow"; My bird, that sang, is dead; Where are your roses fled? Alas, Time stays — we go! See, in what traversed ways, What backward Fate delays The hopes we used to know; Where are our old desires? — Ah, where those vanished fires? Time goes, you say? — ah no! How far, how far, O Sweet, The past behind our feet Lies in the even-glow ! Now, on the forward way, Let us fold hands, and pray; Alas, Time stays, — we go!

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