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There's Whores enough, and Want would make thee onea Enter a lufty Servant.

Ser. O Sir, what Deeds are these?

Huf. Bafe Slave, my Vaffal,

Com'st thou between my fury to question me?
Ser. Were you the Devil, I would hold you, Sir.
Huf. Hold me? Prefumption, I'll undo thee for it.
Ser. 'Sblood, you have undone us all, Sir.
Huf. Tug at thy Mafter?

Ser. Tug at a Monster.

Huf. Have I no Power? fhall my Slave fetter me?
Ser. Nay then the Devil wraftles, I am thrown.

[Husband overcomes him.
Huf. Oh Villain, now I'll tug thee, now I'll tear thee,
Set quick Spurs to my Vaffal, bruife him, trample him;
So, I think thou wilt not follow me in hafte.
My Horfe ftands ready fadled, away, away,
Now to my Bart ati Nurse, my fucking Beggar;
Fates, I'll not leave you one to trample on.

[The Mafter meets him. Maft. How is't with you Sir, methinks you look of a di ftra&ted Colour.

Huf. Who, I Sir? 'tis but your fancy,

Please you walk in, Sir, and I'll foon refolve you,
I want one fmall part to make up the Sum;
And then my Brother shall reft satisfied.

Maft. I fhall be glad to fee it, Sir, I'll attend you.

Ser. Oh I am scarce able to heave up my self, He has fo bruis'd me with his devillifh weight, And torn my Flesh with his Blood-hafty Spur, A Man before of eafie Constitution,


'Till now Hell's Power supplied, to his Soul's wrong,
Oh how Damnation can make weak Men ftrong.
Enter Mafter and two Servants.

Ser. Oh the moft piteous Deed, Sir, fince you came. Maft. A deadly greeting; hath he fumm'd up thefe To fatisfie his Brother? here's another,

And by these bleeding Infants, the dead Mother.
Wife. Oh, oh.

Maft. Surgeons, Surgeons, the recovers Life,

Vot. VI.



One of his Men all faint and bloodied.

I Ser. Follow, our murderous Mafter has took Horfe to kill his Child at Nurfe, oh follow quickly. Maft. I am the readieft, it shall be my charge To raise the Town upon him.

I Ser. Good Sir follow him.
Wife. Oh my Children.

[Exeunt Master and Servants.

1 Ser. How is it, my moft afflicted Mistress?
Wife. Why do I now recover? why half live?
To fee my Children bleed before mine Eyes,
A fight, able to kill a Mother's Breaft without
An Executioner; what, art thou mangled too?

1 Ser. I, thinking to prevent what his quick Mifchiefs
Had fo foon acted, came and rusht upon him,
We ftruggled, but a fouler Strength than his
O'erthrew me with his Arms, then he did bruife me,
And rent my Flesh, and robb'd me of my Hair,
Like a Man mad in Execution,

Made me unfit to rife and follow him.

Wife. What is it hath beguil'd him of all Grace,
And ftole away Humanity from his Breaft?

To flay his Children, purpos'd to kill his Wife,
And fpoil his Servants.

Enter two Servants,

Both. Please you leave this accurfed Place, A Surgeon waits within.

Wife. Willing to leave it;

'Tis guilty of fweet Blood, innocent Blood, Murder hath took this Chamber with full Hands, And will not out as long as the House stands.

[Exeunt. Enter Husband, as being thrown off his Horfe, and falls. Huf. Oh ftumbling Jade, the Spavin overtake thee, The fifty Diseases stop thee:

Oh, I am forely bruis'd, Plague founder thee,
Thou run'ft at cafe and pleasure, Heart of chance,
To throw me now, within a flight o'th' Town,
In fuch plain even Ground,

'Sfoor, a Man may Dice upon it, and throw away the
Meadows, ah filthy Beaft.

Cry within. Follow, follow, follow!


Huf. Ha! I hear founds of Men, like Hue and Cry;
Up, up, and fruggle to my Horfe, make on,
Dispatch that little Beggar, and all's done.

Cry within. Here, this way, this way.
Huf. At my Back ? oh,

What Fate have I, my Limbs deny me to go,
My Will is bated, Beggary claims a part,

Oh I could here reach to the Infant's Heart.

Enter Mafter of the College, three Gentlemen, and others with Halberds.

All. Here, here, yonder, yonder.

Maft. Unnatural, flinty, more than barbarous,
The Scythians in their marble-hearted Fates,
Could not have acted more remorfelefs Deeds
In their relentless Natures, than thefe of thine:
Was this the answer I long waited on,
The Satisfaction for thy Prifon'd Brother?
Huf. He can have no more of us than our Skins,
And fome of them want but fleaing.

I Gent. Great Sins have made him impudent.
Maft. He's fhed fo much Blood, that he cannot blush?
2 Gent. Away with him, bear him to the Juftices;
A Gentleman of Worship dwells at hand,

There shall his Deeds be blazed.

Huf. Why all the better,

My glory 'tis to have my Action known,
I grieve for nothing, but I mifs'd of one.
Maft. There's little of a Father in that Grief:
Bear him away.

Enter a Knight, with two or three Gentlemen.
Knight. Endanger'd fo his Wife, murder'd his Children &
I Gent. So the cry goes.

Knight. I am forry I e'er knew him.

That ever he took Life and natural Being

From fuch an honour'd Stock, and fair Descent,

'Till this black minute without Stain or Blemish.

I Gent. Here come the Men.

Enter the Master of the College, and the reft, with the Prisoner. Knight. The Serpent of his Houfe: I'm forry for this time, that I am in place of Juftice.

[blocks in formation]

Maft. Please you, Sir.

Knight. Do not repeat it twice, I know too much. Would it had ne'er been thought on.

Sir, I bleed for you.

1 Gente Your Father's Sorrows are alive in me: What made you fhew fuch monftrous Cruelty? Huf. In a word, Sir,

I have confum'd all, plaid away long Acre,

And I thought it the charitableft Deed I could do
To cozen Beggary, and knock my Houfe o'th' Head.
Knight. I do not think, but in To-morrow's Judgment,
The Terror will fit clofer to your Soul,

When the dread Thought of Death remembers you:
To further which, take this fad Voice from me,
Never was Act plaid more unnaturally.

Huf. I thank you, Sir.

Knight. Go lead him to the Jayl.

Where Juftice claims all, there muft Pity fail.
Huf. Come, come, away with me.

[Exit Prifoner.

Maft. Sir, you deferve the Worship of your place,
Would all did fo; in you the Law is Grace.
Knight. It is my with it fhould be fo;

Ruinous Man, the Defolation of his Houfe,
The blot upon his Predeceffor's honour'd Name:
That Man is nearest shame, that is past shame.


Enter Husband with the Officers, the Mafter and Gentlemen, as going by his Houfe.

Huf. I am right againit my Houfe, Seat of my Anceftors; I hear my Wife's alive, but much endangered; let me intreat to speak with her before the Prifon gripe me.

Enter his Wife brought in a Chair.

Gent. See here fhe comes of her felf.

Wife. O my fweet Husband, my dear diftreffed Huf band, now in the Hands of unrelenting Laws,

My greatest Sorrow, my extreameft Bleeding;

My my Soul bleeds.

Huj. How now? kind to me?

Did not I wound thee, leave thee for dead?

Wife. Tut, far greater Wounds did my Breaft feel, Unkindness ftrikes a deeper Wound than Steel.


You have been ftill unkind to mic.

Huf. Faith, and fo I think I have;

I did my Murders roughly out of hand,'
Defperate and fudden, but thou haft devis'd
A fine way now to kill me, thou haft given my Eyes
Seven wounds apiece; now glides the Devil from
Me, departs at every joint, heaves up my Nails.
O catch him new Torments, that were ne'er invented:
Bind him one thousand more, you bleffed Angels,
In that bottomlefs Pit, let him not rise

To make Men act unnatural Tragedies,
To spread into a Father, and in fury,
Make him his Childrens Executioners,
Murder his Wife, his Servants, and who not?
For that Man's dark, where Heav'n is quite forgot.'
Wife. O my repentant Husband!

Huf. My dear Soul, whom I too much have wrong'd For death I die, and for this I have long'd.

Wife. Thou should'ft not, be affur'd, for thefe Faults

Die, if the Law could forgive as soon as I.

Huf. What Sight is yonder?
Wife. O our two bleeding Boys

Laid forth upon the Thefhould.

[Children laid out.

Huf. Here's weight enough to make a Heart-ftring crack,

O were it lawful that your pretty Souls

Might look from Heav'n into your Father's Eyes,
Then should you fee the penitent Glaffes melt,
And both your Murders fhoot upon my Cheeks.
But you are playing in the Angels Laps,
And will not look on me,

Who void of Grace, kill'd you in beggary.
O that I might my wishes now attain,
I should then with you living were again;
Though I did beg with you, which thing I fear'd,
O'twas the Enemy my Eyes fo blear❜d.

O would you could pray Heav'n me to forgive,
That will unto my End repentant live.

Wife. It makes me e'en forget all other Sorrows,
And leave part with this.

Off. Come, will you go?

KK 3


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