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3 Keep our haughty passions bound; Save us from our foes around;

Going out, and coming in,

Keep us safe from every sin.

4 When our work of life is past,

O! receive us then at last,

Night of sin will be no more,

When we reach the heavenly shore. HARTFORD COL

HYMN 16. C. M. Zion. [b]


1 O Lord! another day is flown,
And we a little band,

Are met once more before thy throne,
To bless thy fostering hand.

2 And wilt thou bend a listening ear,
To praises low as ours?

Thou wilt, for thou dost love to hear
The song which meekness pours.

3 And, Jesus! thou thy smiles will deign,
As we before thee pray;

For thou didst bless the infant train,
And we are less than they.

4 O! let thy grace perform its part,
And let contention cease;
And shed abroad in every heart,
Thine everlasting peace.

5 Thus chasten'd, cleans'd, entirely thine,
A flock by Jesus led;

The Sun of holiness shall shine,

In glory on our head.

6 And thou wilt turn our wandering feet,
And thou wilt bless our way;

Till worlds shall fade, and faith shall greet
The dawn of lasting day.


HYMN 17. L. M. Portugal. [*]
Morning or Evening.

1 My God, how endless is thy love!
Thy gifts are every ev'ning new,
And morning mercies from above,
Gently distil like early dew.

2 Thou spread'st the curtains of the night,
Great Guardian of my sleeping hours!
Thy sov'reign word restores the light,
And quickens all my drowsy pow'rs.

3 I yield my powers to thy command,
To thee I consecrate my days;
Perpetual blessings from thine hand
Demand perpetual songs of praise.


HYMN 18. C. M. Reading. [b]

1 Lord of my life! O, may thy praise
Employ my noblest powers;
Whose goodness lengthens out my days,
And fills the circling hours.

2 Preserv'd by thine almighty arm
I pass'd the shades of night,
Serene and safe from every harm,
And see returning light.

3 O! let the same almighty care,
My waking hours attend;
From every danger, every snare,
My heedless step defend.

4 Smile on my minutes as they roll,
And guide my future days,

And let thy goodness fill my soul

With gratitude and praise.


HYMN 19. C. M. Hymn Second. [*]


1 Indulgent God, whose bounteous care
O'er all thy works is shown!

O! let my grateful praise and prayer
Ascend before thy throne.

2 What mercies has this day bestow'd!
How largely hast thou blest!

My cup with plenty overflow'd,
With cheerfulness my breast.

3 Now may soft slumbers close my eyes,
From pain and sickness free;

And let my wakeful thoughts arise
To meditate on thee.

4 Thus bless each future day and night,
Till life's vain scene is o'er;

And then to realms of endless light,

O! let my spirit soar.



HYMN 20. C. M. Mear. [*]


1 To thee, Great God! in thankful song

My morning vows shall rise;

Thy goodness made my slumbers sweet,
And cheers my waking eyes.

2 With joyful heart, I now behold
The sun's enlivening beams;
I might have waked in wild affright,
Amidst devouring flames.

3 How many, dear to thee, opprest
With cares, and fears, and pain,
Sleepless, have wish'd returning day,"
And day return'd in vain;

4 Still on their restless beds they lie,
Their woes bewailing still;

Whilst I rais'd up from soft repose,
A thousand comforts feel.

5 Through whate'er trying scenes this day,
I may be called to pass;
Lord! grant me in the needful hour,
Thy all-sufficient grace.

6 Thus every morning shall my song

As holy incense rise,

Propitious, in thy Son, accept

The willing sacrifice.


HYMN 21. S. M. Watchman. [*]

1 The day is past and gone,
The evening shades appear;
O may we all remember well,
The night of death draws near.
2 We lay our garments by,
Upon our beds to rest;

So death will soon disrobe us all}
Of what we here possess.

3 Lord! keep us safe this night,
Secure from all our fears;

May angels guard us while we sleep,
Till morning light appears.

4 And, if we early rise

And view the unwearied sun, May we set out to win the prize, And after glory run.

[blocks in formation]

HYMN 22. L. M. Sicilian. [*]

1 How should the morning of my days,
Be spent in humble prayer and praise,
To him who gave my life and breath,
And still preserves my soul from death!
2 God has from sleep restor'd my sight,
I'll praise him for the morning light,
For his protecting grace I'll pray
To guard and keep me all the day.
3 To him I'll dedicate my days,
Then shall I prosper on my ways;
And while my calling I pursue
His praise shall terminate my view.
4 O! may his condescending love,
Still draw my heart to things above,
That I, among his saints, may know
The joys of heaven begun below.


HYMN 23. C. M. Hymn Second. [b]

1 Dread Sov'reign! let my evening song,
Like holy incense rise;

Assist the offerings of my tongue

To reach the lofty skies.

2 Through all the dangers of the day,
Thy hand was still my guard;
And still to drive my wants away
Thy mercy stood prepared.

3 Perpetual blessings from above
Encompass me around;

But, O! how few returns of love
Hath my Creator found.

4 What have I done for him, who died

To save my wretched soul!

How are my follies multiplied,

Fast as my minutes roll!

5 Lord! with this guilty heart of mine, To thy dear cross I flee,

And to thy grace my soul resign

To be renewed by thee.

6 Sprinkled afresh with pard'ning blood, I lay me down to rest,

As in the embraces of my God,

Or on my Saviour's breast.


HYMN 24. C. M. St. Martins. [*]

1 God of our lives! our morning songs,

To thee we cheerful raise, Thine acts of love 'tis good to sing, And pleasant 'tis to praise.

2 Guardian of man! thy wakeful eyes Nor sleep, nor slumber know;

Thine eyes pierce thro' the shades of night, Intent on all below.

3 Sustain'd by thee, our opening eyes, Salute the morning light;

Secure we stand, unhurt by all

The arrows of the night.

4 Our lives renewed, our strength repaired To thee our God are due;

Teach us thy ways, and give us grace,
Our duty to pursue.

5 From every evil way defend,
But guard us most from sin;
Direct our goings out, O Lord!
And bless our comings in.

6 O may thy holy fear command,
Each action thought and word;
Then shall we sweetly close the day,
Approv'd of thee, O Lord!


HYMN 25. 7s. Hotham. [*]
Saturday Evening.

1 Safely through another week,

God has brought us on our way;
Let us now a blessing seek,
On the approaching Sabbath day;
Day of all the week the best,
Emblem of eternal rest.

2 Mercies, multiplied each hour,
Through the week, our praise demand;

Guarded by Almighty Power,

Fed and guided by his hand;

Though ungrateful we have been,
Only made returns of sin.

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