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The American Woolen Company -comprising American methods, American machinery, American workmen and American stockholders—is “of the people,” “by the people,” and “ for the people.

The reasonable prices at which we furnish OF AMERICA our fabrics for the clothes of the people are made possible: First, by our great and economical purchases of raw material; and Second, by the magnitude and efficiency of our mills.

We ask your co-operation in demanding American Woolen Company's fabrics, whether purchased by the piece or in the finished garment. By such co-operation you endorse an American industry which offers you a finished product representing substantial economies mies to which you are entitled and which are yours on demand.

Order the Cloth as well as the Clothes




J. CLIFFORD WOODHULL, Selling Agent American Woolen Building, 18th to 19th Street on 4th Avenue

New York


tions. Total length_1500 feet, 125 feet wide, 6 stories high. Total floor space 2,579,351 square feet or nearly 60 acres. 60,000 tons of coal consumed annually. 42 boilers to run engines which generate 25,000 horse-power. Two sets of escalators to convey the help from the

lower floors to the top of the buildings. A restaurant where the operatives are served luncheons at cost. The mill typifies 'the latest and most scientific principles of mill construction as regards the welfare, safety and comfort of its 6000 employees.

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