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The United States Tire Company

has inaugurated a

Co-operative Service Bureau

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This Bureau will supply motorists with the most authoritative information obtainable concerning the best known methods of increasing tire mileage and decreasing tire trouble and cost.

The tire manufacturer knows-just as dealers and garage men know-that where proper care is exercised in the use of tires there is a surprising reduction in the amount of the annual tire bill. The United States Tire Company will see to it that this lack of care is not due to lack of information.

As the first step in the service which the Bureau will render its members, it has prepared and is ready to distribute the most exhaustive treatise on the care of tires that has ever been published.

The practical, non-technical information contained in this book, together with the supplementary data that will be sent out by the Bureau from time to time, will, in hundreds of cases, result in an actual saving of one-third in tire expense.

This co-operative service will be unique in the history of Motor Tires and it is fitting that it should be inaugurated by a tire company that is unquestionably in a better position today through its five immense factories, its five laboratories and its exceptional equipment - to furnish the motorist extra serviceable tires, than is any other tire manufacturer in the world.

United States Tires are today America's Predominant Tires (selling at the same price asked for other kinds), and the inauguration of the Service Bureau is only another argument in their favor. FILL OUT THE COUPON BELOW and get the initial Instruction Book and all subsequent information to be issued by the Bureau. Please send all literature issued by your Co-operative Service Bureau tó Name

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AVE you ever noticed, when men are talking "cars," how some of them are rather shy about mentioning the name of the machine they own? They probably did not take the precaution of carefully comparing values before they bought and their car fell sadly short

of the advertised claims they made for it.

¶There are more than 25,000 Overlands in use in this country, and we have never found an Overland owner who was not proud of his car and its record of reliability. Each one is over-anxious to tell you about the wonderful way in which his machine has "stood up.' They know for a positive fact that for the price the Overland is by far the best car in America.

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¶ Anyone can prove this by taking our Model 51, priced at $1250, and comparing it with any other make priced up to $1500. Take the measure of this machine as against all others. Take the entire list of specifications-compare item for item and see what better value you get in this Overland. Don't refuse to give yourself a square deal. Handle your automobile purchase as you would one of your toughest business problems. Get the cold facts. Sift out the generalities. If you do not feel capable of passing judgment take some friend along who knows automobile values. See that you get the best quality in the lowest market. That's business.

Look up the Overland dealer in your town. He will be glad to explain the greater Overland values. Overlands are priced from $775 to $1675. Drop us a line and we will send you an Overland book which illustrates the complete line-gives specifications, prices, and the complete story.

The Willys-Overland Company

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