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a solid piece

of Porcelain


The leading hospitals use the "Monroe" exclusively, and it is found in a large majority of the best homes.

The "Monroe" is never sold in stores, but direct from the factory to you on our liberal trial offer, Freight Prepaid.

Easy Payments. We are making a radical departure this year from our rule of all cash with order, and sell the Monroe" on our liberal credit terms, to all desiring to buy that way.

Just say "Send Monroe Book" on a postal card and it will go to you by next mail.

Monroe Refrigerator Co., Station A, Lockland, O.

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Artistic Light for 30 Years Here

the Home

Reg. U. S. Pat. Off.

Merely to have light is not enough the light must be refined, evenly dif fused and artistic.

A good electric light for reading or playing the piano must not be glaring -but it will be unless it has the right globe.

That is why I make over 2,000 styles of electric lighting glass. These globes and shades not only control the light and make it effective as illumination, but they make it decorative as well.

They mellow the brilliancy-they tone the harsh, bare light, making it blend agreeably with the room as a whole, and greatly enhancing its beauty.

Write for my catalogue and learn about my 2,000 styles of electric lighting glass, in all shapes and colors and in silk, satin and velvet finishes.

This catalogue will help you select the right glass for every electric light, so that you can get just the effect you Send for it-then buy of your


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