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NEW JERSEY, Bordentown-on-the-Delaware. Bordentown Military Institute

The first aim of school life here is the building of character. We are endeavoring to make Bordentown Military Institute unexcelled in the training of boys -to give them that mental, physical and moral equip ment which will fit them for the work of the world. Three courses-Scientific, Classical and English. No compromise on liquor, tobacco or hazing. Write for illustrated book and school paper. Summer camp in Ontario woods, Canada. Rev. T. H. LANDON, A.M., D.D., Prin. Lieut.-Col. T. D. LANDON, Com.

NEW JERSEY, Hightstown, Box 5-N. An endowed school. Peddie Institute Strong teachers. 250 boys. Prepares for all colleges. Business course. Music. Sixty acre campus, athletic field, gymnasium, swimming pool. Rates. $400. Lower school for boys 11 to 14 years. Forty-sixth year opens Sept. 20. Catalog. R. W. SWETLAND, A. M., Prin.

NEW JERSEY, Montclair, 24 Walden Place."
Has a distinct personality and

Montclair Academy method. Fine equipment. Col

lege or business preparation. Write for booklet "Your Boy and Our School," with direct message to all boys' parents. Address JOHN G. MacVICAR, A. M.

NEW JERSEY, Lakewood.

Boarding School for Girls

Opens Oct. 3, 1911. College preparatory course and general course. Special facilities for riding and other out-of-door activities. Particular attention given to girls under fourteen.

Head of school, ETHEL M. WALKER, A.M., Bryn Mawr College. Address 137 East 40th Street, New York City. NEW JERSEY, Orange. FOR A country school, Miss Beard's School GIRLS. 13 miles from New York City. College preparatory and special courses. Music, Art, and Domestic Science. Illustrated catalogue on request. Address MISS LUCIE C. BEARD. NEW JERSEY, Morristown. A Home and Day FOR School. Established in Miss Dana's School GIRLS. 1877. Graduate and college preparatory courses. Unusual advantages in Music, Art, Languages. Gymnasium, Out-door sports. Year opens Oct. 4, 1911. For circular apply to Miss LOUISE L. NEWELL, Principal. NEW JERSEY, Summit. Ages 14 to 19. College FOR Preparatory and AcaKent Place School GIRLS. demic Courses. Certificates admit to Vassar, Smith, and Wellesley. 20 miles from New York. Catalogue. MRS. SARAH WOODMAN PAUL, Principal. HAMILTON WRIGHT MABIE, LL.D., Prest. Board of Directors.



Ogontz School P. O., Box A, Pa. In the suburbs, 20 minutes from Philadelphia; two hours from New York. Park of 65 acres. The buildings, the late Mr. Jay Cooke's fine property, afford ample accommodations. The appliances for the promotion of the welfare of the pupils, mentally and physically, are all that could be desired. Every real advantage of the city is secured, together with the beauty, freedom and healthfulness of country life. The social and family life at Ogontz is a special feature. Catalogue and views on request. MISS SYLVIA J. EASTMAN, MISS ABBY A. SUTHERLAND, A.B., Principals.


49th Year. Civil

Pennsylvania Military College Engineering (C.E.); Chemistry (B.S.); Arts (A.B.). Also Preparatory Courses. Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry. National reputation for excellence of system and results. Catalogue of COL. CHARLES E. HYATT, Pres

PENNSYLVANIA, Philadelphia, Germantown.

Walnut Lane SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. Prepares fer Wellesley, Vassar, Smith. Holyoke and Bryn Mawr. Modern language and special courses. Music, domest science. Tennis, basket-ball, horseback riding. MISS S. EDNA JOHN STON, A. B., Prin. MISS EDITH HOLMES GREGORY, A.B., Registra i PENNSYLVANIA, Philadelphia, Oak Lane. Miss Marshall's School FOR GIRLS Departments. College Preparatory and Special Courses. Idea location. New building. Comfortable home life and outdoor sports. For catalogue, address Miss E. S. MARSHALL

Academic and Must

PENNSYLVANIA, Hollidaysburg, P. O. Box G.

At picturesque

Miss Cowles School for Girls Hollidaysburg

EMMA MILTON COWLES, A.B., Head of School. Recently associated with Milwaukee-Downer College. Preparatory to Bryn Mawr, Radcliffe, Wellesley, and other colleges. Healthful location in heart of Alleghany Mountains-100 feet altitude. Large Main stone building, all modern improvements. private baths. Gymnasium and swimming-pool in charge of residen: physical director. Diplomas in academic and college preparatory courses. Resident specialists in all departments. Special care to younger pupils. For catalogue address, THE SECRETARY

NEW JERSEY, Englewood. College preparatory and special
FOR courses. Certificates accepted

Dwight School GIRLS by leading colleges. Limited

number of pupils insures individual attention. Spacious grounds.
Suburban to New York. Gymnasium. Tennis, riding. Address Box
VIRGINIA, Sweet Briar. Box 105. A COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, of
the grade

Sweet Briar College ley, Smith and Bryn Mawr.
Four years of collegiate and two years of preparatory work are given.
On Southern Railroad south of Washington. Catalogue and views
sent on application to DR. MARY K. BENEDICT, Prest.

VIRGINIA, Hollins.

HOLLINS A college for young women. Founded 1842. Col-
lege, Elective and Preparatory Courses. Music,
Art, etc. Located in Valley of Virginia. 500 acres. Seven miles
north of Roanoke. Invigorating mountain climate. For catalogue
MISS MATTY L. COCKE, President, Box 302.

VIRGINIA, Staunton.
Stuart Hall (Formerly the VIRGINIA FEMALE Institute.)
A Church School for Girls in the Blue Ridge
Mountains. Diploma for General and Music Courses. College Prep-
aration. Separate residence for little girls. Catalog 125 on request.
68th session Sept. 21, 1911. MARIA PENDLETON DUVAL, Principal.
INDIANA, Connersville, Box 3, R.D. 6. Charmingly situated in
Elmhurst School for Girls the country, excellent
opportunities for quiet
study. golf, tennis, boating, etc. Academic, Preparatory and Fin-
ishing Courses, with Diplomas. Preparation for Foreign Travel.
Music. Physical Training. Open June and July for girls' camp.

PENNSYLVANIA, Bryn Mawr. Preparatory to Bryn Mawr The Baldwin leges.


Smith, Vassar, and Wellesley FOR GIRLS Colleges. Certificate priv Also a strong general course. Fire-proof stone building Address P. O. Box D. JANE L. BROWNELL, A.M., Head ELIZABETH FORREST JOHNSON, A.B., Associate Head PENNSYLVANIA, Bryn Mawr.

Miss Wright's School for Girls Preparatory to Bryn Mawr College. Diploma in College Preparatory and Finishing Course. Certificate admits to Vassar, Smith and Wellesley. Circular upon request.


Preparatory to Bryn Mawr College

Specially designed Colonial building with every
improved appointment.


Educational and social opportunities of situa-
tion opposite Bryn Mawr College.

Diploma in College Preparatory and Aca demic courses. Certificate admits to Vassar, Smith, and Wellesley. Two resident French teachers. Specialists in all departments.

Athletics-Resident athletics director.

Younger Pupils

receive special attention. For circular,
with views of the school, address

MARYLAND, Port Deposit.

An Endowed Preparatory School
Enrolment limited to boys of high character. Tuition, $700. Elabor
ately illustrated book on request. THOMAS STOCKHAM BAKER, Ph.D.

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Taconic School for Girls Overlooking a beautiful lake in the Berkshire Hills. Girls taught how to study.

Miss LILIAN Dixon, A.B.

Miss Bertha BAILEY, B.S. CONNECTICUT, Litchfield Co., New Milford. INGLESIDE-A School for Girls

Founded by Mrs. Wm. D. Black.
School year opens Tuesday, October 3d, 1911.

Mrs. William BLACK Pell, Pafroness. CONNECTICUT, Cornwall, Litchfield County. RUMSEY HALL A home school for young boys in

the Berkshires. Careful preparation for secondary schools. Particular attention to the formation cap manly character and good habits. Athletics and gymnasium.

For catalogue address Louis H. SCHUTTE, Headmaster.
CONNECTICUT, Washington.
A Country School for Girls.

Miss Davies, Principal.
CONNECTICUT, Washington, Litchfield County,
The Gunnery School for Boys

Founded in 1850 by Frederick W. Gunn. Upper and Lower Schools.

JOHN C. BRINSMADE, Headmaster. NORTH CAROLINA, Asheville. Asheville School


CAROLINA near Asheville. A wellequipped, high-grade school for boys. Climate unexcelled. Scholastic advantages equal to the best Eastern preparatory schools. Property containing seven hundred acres gives opportunity for healthful outdoor life. Graduates now in Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Williams, Amherst, Cornell, Rensselaer, Lehigh, Michigan, Wisconsin, Leland Stanford. Boys attending are from Missachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, California, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma. For Year-Book, address Recorder.

CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles. California Hospital SCHOOL FOR NURSES. Three years learning profession without expense in California's beautiful city. Medical, Surgical, Maternity, Eye and Ear Departments. Illustrated booklet free. Write, Medical Director.

CALIFORNIA, Oakland. (Near Oakland). The only Woman's ColMills College lege on the Pacific Coast. Chartered 1885. equal to those of Stanford and University of California. Twenty-two departments. Ideal climate. President, LueLLA CLAY CARSON, A.M., Litt.D., LL.D. For catalogue address Secretary, Mills College P.O. MICHIGAN, Detroit.

Established 1878. The Detroit Home and Day School Thirty received in the school-family. Prepares for College. Well-equipped gymnasium and laboratories for physics, chemistry, and domestic science. The Misses LIGGETT, Principals.

Michigan, Houghton. Michigan College of Mines F. W. MệNAIR, Located in Lake Superior district. Mines and mills accessible for college work. For Year Book and Record of Graduates apply to

President or Secretary. MICHIGAN, Detroit, No. 14 Adelaide St.

STAMMERING CURED Reputation world-wide. Established 17 years. Trial lesson explaining Home Instruction with 204-page book FREE. GEORGE ANDREW Lewis, Founder and Principa).

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Washington, Columbia Heights.
A HOME SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Playground adjoining.
Catalogue on request.

MARYLAND, Forest Glen.


Washington, D. C. (Suburbs)
A unique school for the education of girls by rational,
effective means. Congenial groups and small classes,
in Academic Studies, Languages, Art, Music, Domestic
Science, Arts and Crafts, Library and Secretarial Work.
Outdoor life. Pure air, pure water, perfect sanitation.
For illustrated book, address Box 10.

District of Columbia, Washington, Mt. St. Alban. National Cathedral SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Fire

proof Building. Park of 40 acres. Unrivaled advantages in music and art. Certificate admits to College.. Special Courses. The BISHOP OF WASHINGTON, President Board of Trustees.

MRS. BARBOUR WALKER, M.A., Prin. Dist. of COLUMBIA, Washington, Mintwood Pl. and 19th St. Bristol SCHOOL FOR Girus. French Residence. Special Pre

paratory, Academic and two years' Collegiate Courses. New $50,000 fireproof building connecting French and English houses. Gymnasium, swimming pool. Basket-ball, tennis. Location high, healthful - park of 5 acres. Miss ALICE A. Bristol, Prin.

District OF COLUMBIA, Washington, 2103-19 S Street. Washington Seminary Academic, College Prepar

. Culture class for Post-Graduates, offering advanced English, Civics, Ethics, Music, Art, Languages. Travel Class. Gymnasium. Tennis.

Mrs. G. T. SMALLWOOD, Mrs. WM. A. Wilbur. Principals. Thompson - Baldasseroni School of Travel.

For Girls. 11th Year. Eight months' travel and study abroad. Usual courses. Outdoor life. October sailing.

Mrs. HELEN T. SCOTT, Sec’y, Dover. N. H. MUNICH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS Winter Term-October to June. Summer Term-July, August. American Secretary : Principals : Miss Weaver and Miss Pattec Miss Mellen,

Friedrichstrasse 9, 1548 Tribune Building, Chicago. Munich, Germany.

Maine, Lake Messalonskee, near North Belgrade. YOU PROBABLY REALIZE THAT AN OUTDOOR LIFE of two months in a well-conducted boys' camp gives the growing boy the best possible summer vacation.

CAMP MESSALONSKEE on Lake Messalonskee, near North Belgrade, Maine, offers the splendid combination of good food, clean sports, good companions, experienced leaders, camp, physician, and complete equipment. Base-ball, basket-ball, foot-ball, swimming, tennis, track, fishing, canoeing, motor-boating, and mountain-climbing. Tutoring by college graduates. Number of boys positively limited to 25. Booklet. FRANK H. SCHRENK, B.S. 126 N. 18th St., Philadelphia, Pa.


SEVENTH SEASON. Swimming, canoeing, sailing taught under safest conditions. Exçeptional training in land sports. Original musical comedy under able leadership. Send for illustrated booklet. MRS. E. A. W. HAMMATT. New HAMPSHIRE, Plymouth.

Ninth season.

Lake A squam, Camp Wachusett

Boating, canoe

Holderness, V.H. ing, fishing, swimming, water and land sports. Ins ruction by a specialist in Natural History. Tutoring if desired. H ghest references. Serd for circular to the Rev. LORIN WEBSTER, L.H.D., Holderness School.

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Helen R. Martin's "When Half-gods Hichens stands high," wrote C. H. Gaines
Go" is not to be missed by those who appre- recently in Harper's Weekly. “None of

ciate fine and delicate them is superior in keen, witty, analysis of
dealing with big prob- character, in subtlety of feeling, in all the
lems of the heart. In arts of modern story-writing.” And Lilian
the estimate of the Whiting, praising "The Dweller on the
Chicago Evening Post Threshold,” queries, “Is not the greatest
Mrs. Martin is one of writer of fiction to-day to be found in Robert
the few American wri- Hichens?"
ters who do not seem "It is but natural," writes still another
cynical, or cowardly, critic, “that one should measure any new
or ignorant in regard fiction evolved by the clever brain of Robert
to literature. "She Hichens with his one huge success, “The
seems to be aware of Garden of Allah,' which is probably the
the process which is novel of highest appeal and best sustained

going on, chiefly under interest of our generation. There are more continental auspices, by means of which fic- genuine thrills in 'The Dweller on the tion is being expanded to take account, not Threshold,' and probably the mystic spell so much of new portions of life as of life thrown around the reader is greater." under new aspects. It is notorious that nearly every living novelist writes of love In charm of setting and in gripping story and marriage, for instance, in a way that interest, "Miss Livingston's Companion, ignores some of the most definite and con- Mary Dillon's new rotemporary feelings of men and women on mance of life and love these subjects. Mrs. Martin writes of in old New York, is love and marriage not as one who has read by far the best thing ‘Romola' and 'Sapho' and 'The Scarlet Let- the author of "The ter' and 'Madame Bovary,' but as one who Rose of Old St. Louis" has observed American domestic life.” has done. While Mrs.

So she makes her people and her situa- Dillon has endeavored tions real and vital and always humanly to reproduce the atmointeresting.

sphere of the times and

to portray in their esDr. S. Weir MITCHELL'S new novel, “John sential qualities the hisSherwood, Ironmaster," originally toric personages who

nounced for June is- take their stately way
sue, will be published through the pages of the book, there are
in May. Like all of some few slight deviations from history
Dr. Mitchell's books, which are necessary to the dramatic in-
"John Sherwood” was terest of the tale but which do not detract
the pleasant compan- from historical accuracy as a whole. And
ion of the writer's lei- she has done her work in delightful fashion,
sure of some three blending the historical and the romantic so
summers, and will be deftly that each one helps the other to the
printed from the third working out of a complete and satisfying
private copy-a trial impression.
print. The story is one
of unusual situations A New novel of unusual quality by a new

and character; and the writer is promised in Mrs. Russell Codtelling is put into the mouth of John Sher- man's “An Ardent American.” It tells the wood, who finds himself and wins his life's experiences of a young American girl visithappiness out of seeming failure and wreck. ing her own country for the first time.

Though born and educated abroad she is a "AMONG the authors of to-day who have real and ardent American; and her story, written stories that are wholly romantic, while delightfully light and humorous in yet compel our serious attention, Robert touch, is yet of real dramatic interest.



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Children Like
Fairy Soap

Its whiteness suggests its purity and appeals
to them. It floats always within easy reach the
youngster doesn't have to dive for it. The shape of the
cake is oval-it fits the hand to a nicety.

Being made from edible products, Fairy Soap agrees
with even the tender skin of a babe, and cleanses
thoroughly without irritating.

Try Fairy Soap in your nursery and learn why
-though its price is but 5c-it possesses more
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