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The chronicles of chivalry, of Froissart and of Monstrelet record no more valiant deeds than those performed by these plain American citizens from the farms and workshops of the North and the plantations of the South, who under the inspiration of love of native land were transformed into the grim warriors who contested the bloody issues of Shiloh and Gettysburg.

In thousands of American homes to-day is cherished heirloom-a crudely fashioned uniform of faded blue or homespun gray, a battered can teen or musket-all that is left to remind the pres ent generation of some loved one who in response to the call of country played a hero's part in the bloodiest conflict recorded in the pages of history. A half century has passed since the guns trained on Sumter boomed their message of defiance, and Death has taken heavy toll of the actors in the great Civil War drama, but the men who led the armies and fleets of the North and South, and who fought the battles, have left an imperishable record of their experiences in "The Century War Book," of which they were the authors. In these personal narratives will

be found a well-rounded history of the Civil War by the men who fought on both sides, and such a history as can never be produced again. No hero tales of ancient times excel in romantic and dramatic qualities these stories of camp life and battle-field told by both officers and privates who wore the Blue and the Gray.



¶ Had one of our ancestors who fought at Crécy, or Agincourt, or even in more recent times; had one who had shared the miseries of Valley Forge, or the glories of Yorktow bequeathed to us a narrative of his daily experiences written by some comrade in armswould we not prize it above almost all other earthly possessions? Is it, therefore, too much to say of the great Century War Book," Battles and Leaders of the Civil War," that it is the one book of all books that will be handed down with pride and veneration in American homes from generation to generation, and that Ameri can youth in all ages will draw their loftiest inspirations of patriotism from the examples of the great dead whose deeds adorn its pages?


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¶"Battles and Leaders of the Civil War" has rightly been called a Cyclopedia of the Civil War," but it is more than this: it is a great human document through which throbs the life and passions of a great people in the supreme hour of their existence. It is a vast canvas on which the smallest details of the military, social, and even the domestic life of the period are painted with the minuteness of a miniature.

To the Soldiers and the Sailors of the Civil War-Union and Confederateand to their descendants, a special discount of 20%. See opposite page.



Should Have the Place of Honor
in Every American Home

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The wonderful strategy revealed in the campaigns of GENERAL LEE is described in papers ntributed by commanders of the Army of Northern Virginia and by members of General ce's Staff. GENERAL W. T. SHERMAN writes of "The Grand Strategy of the Last Year of the GENERAL STEPHEN D. LEE, C.S.A., tells of "The First Step in the War," and GENERAL ORACE PORTER describes the simple yet impressive ceremonies attending "The Surrender at Appoattox Court House.' "In the Monitor Turret," by COMMANDER S. DANA GREENE, executive officer the Monitor, and the "Cruise and Combats of the Alabama," by executive officer JoHN MCINTOSH LL, are two of many thrilling stories told in "The Century War Book" by the gallant sailors on both les. MRS. BURTON HARRISON Writes of social conditions in the South and in the capital of the Conleracy. The series of stories, "Recollections of a Private," by WARREN LEE Goss, gives with much vacity the experiences and viewpoint of the private in the ranks. GENERALS MCCLELLAN, LongREET, WHEELER, HOWARD, BURNSIDE, BEAUREGARD, HOOD, FREMONT, MOSBY, are only a few of the any other contributors who tell the story of their greatest battles.

GENERAL GRANT'S four papers on his great campaigns-Shiloh, Vicksburg, Chattanooga, and The Wilderness-became the foundation of his "Personal Memoirs" and have taken their place among the classics in the annals of warfare.



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The nucleus of "Battles and Leaders of the Civil War" was the series of war papers written by disguished participants on both sides and published serially during their lifetime in THE CENTURY MAGIn arranging for book publication the original number of papers was considerably added to, nnecting articles and statistical matter of the greatest historical importance were obtained, the result ing four rather massive octavo volumes of over 3000 pages. A sentiment in favor of a volume of ore convenient size for handling has led to the issue of the new Grant-Lee Edition of "Battles and eaders of the Civil War" in eight instead of four volumes. In the new format there is gained not ly a greater convenience in use, but an added elegance in the appearance of the volumes on the rary shelf. The size of the volumes is 10 by 7 inches. They are printed in a large clear type by e De Vinne Press and mechanically are as perfect as art, skill, and a liberal use of money can ake them. The eight volumes are beautifully bound in Vellum de Luxe Cloth and finished with gilt ps. The price of the set is $20.00.

The Famous

Brady War Photographs
In preparing the illustrations for "Battles and
Leaders of the Civil War," access was had
from the beginning to a complete set of the
Brady and the Gardner photographs and to
many war-time sketches, portraits, etc. The
result has been that the same accuracy aimed
at in the text has to an unusual degree been
obtained in the pictorial features. These
illustrations, which number over 1700, also
include the work of Winslow Homer, E. W.
Kemble, T. de Thulstrup, Rufus F. Zoagbaum,
Harry Fenn, Gilbert Gaul, Joseph Pennell,
and many others equally well known.




Send us only $1.00 now with order written
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If not entitled to discount, send $2.00
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nine months. All charges prepaid
to points within the
States, exclusive of
and island possessions.



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Novels are sweets. All people with healthy literary appetites love them.

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-William Makepeace Thackeray.

When Half-Gods Go

By HELEN R. MARTIN, author of "Tillie: A Mennonite Maid," "The Crossways," etc.

"There is in Mrs. Martin's little story something of the imaginative vigor and tragic truth of certain of the minor Elizabethan dramatists, Heywood, for example, who found in domestic relations many of their most powerful and haunting conceptions."-The Bookman. 12mo, 154 pages. Price, $1.00 net; postage, 7 cents.

Happy Island

By JENNETTE LEE, author of "Uncle William,” etc.

More of Uncle William, "most lovable and inspiring of donothings." "There is a wealth of quaint, dry wit in the story; some quick touches of pathos, and a delightful note of tenderness." Frontispiece in color. 16m0, 330 pages. Price, $1.00.

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The Doctor's Lass

By EDWARD C. BOOTH, author of "The Post-Girl," etc. "Read for yourself of Jane's trials and lovers, and, best of all, of Jane's doctor. You will love him." The witchery of “The Post-Girl” is in the book, too.

A charming frontispiece. 12mo, 370 pages. Price, $1.30 net; postage, 12 cents.

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Sonny's Father


The play of little children, the work of men. the love of women, these are the things on which Sonny's Father moralizes — quaintly, wisely, with delicious, tender humor.

Attractively illustrated. 16mo, 300 pages. Price, $1.00 net; postage, & cents.

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"The plot is as tenuous as gossamer, but the charm of the brave and incorrigible little widow breathes from every page. The laughter and pathos of her kindergarten work; the thrill and horror of the war with Russia, as seen in the military hospitals at Hiroshima; the joy of living, and the unquenchable cry of her own lonely heart-these keep one constantly alternating between smiles and an unexpected mistiness of the eyes." A little book but full of charm. Price, $1.00.

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This is a book of valuable hints and reminders for the college student and for the busy man as well. The correct expressions to be used in any kind of writing, the correct way to punctuate the dialogue in a short story, the correct forms to be used in all kinds of letter writing, are here explained as simply as possible after the best usage of to-day.

It is so small that it can be carried in the pocket. It is essentially a book of reference, and it contains as little theory as possible. For these reasons it should prove invaluable for classes in English composition.

You are requested to write for further information.

The Century Co., Union Square, New York City

For Wedding, Birthday and Graduation Presents nothing surpasses American Art as reproduced in

The Copley Prints

Over 1000 subjects (many new ones) to choose from.
Illustrated Catalogue (practically a handbook
of American Art), sent for 25 cents (stamps).
This cost deducted from a purchase of the
Prints. Fifty cents to $50.00. They make the

"I cannot tell you how delighted I am with
the quality of your celebrated pictures, and
how much I appreciate your giving me a
selection to choose from." This from one
of our thousands of patrons. May we serve
you, either direct or through the art stores?
Family Portraits from daguerreotypes, old photographs, tin-
types, etc., reproduced in the artistic quality of Copley Prints.
Boy with Torn Hat, by Sully, above, copyright by

CURTIS & CAMERON 32 Pierce Building BOSTON

Opp. Public Library


By Francis Arnold Collins

Not a story but a practical and fascinating handbook.

It tells just how to build "a glider," a motor, monoplane and biplane models, and how to meet and remedy common faults-all so simply and clearly any lad can get results. The story of the history and science of aviation is told so accurately and vividly that it cannot fail to interest young and old.

The author has worked out every one of the more than fifty models described, and the interesting and helpful pictures are from photographs and from working diagrams.

A 12mo, of 308 pages. Price, $1.20 net, postage 14 cents.




NEW-YORK, Millbrook, Dutchess County. THE BENNETT SCHOOL for GIRLS

Full academic course. Full two years' course for high school graduates. College preparatory. Voice culture, domestic science, gymnasium work and esthetic dancing open to all pupils. Music, art, and riding the only extras. Fully equipped riding-school. Location in a section noted for its great natural beauty and wonderful winter climate. Twenty-two acres. Golf, hockey, tennis, basket-ball, skating, tobogganing. The Bennett uniform required. Catalog sent on request. MISS MAY F. BENNETT, P. O. Box 401, Millbrook, N. Y. NEW-YORK, New-York. 127 East 62d Street.

Miss Fawcett and Miss Hodge School for Girls.

A school for individual work.

NEW-YORK, New-York, Riverdale Ave., near 252d St., West.

Best features of coun

A Country School for Girls IN NEW YORK CITY. try and city life. Out-of-door sports on school park of 35 acres near the Hudson River. Academic Course Primary Class to Graduation. Music and Art. Terms $1000. MISS BANGS and MISS WHITON. NEW-YORK, New-York, 61 E. 77th Street.


A boarding and day school for girls from sixteen to twenty years of age, corresponding to college, which develops individuality, culti vates the human interests and sympathies, and is abreast of modern thought.

Curriculum includes Psychology, Ethics, Economics, Sociology, Law, English, Living Languages, Music and Art.

New fireproof ten-story building equipped with every appliance essential to safety and comfort. Basket-ball and tennis court.

MRS. JESSICA GARRETSON FINCH, A.B., LL.B., Principal. NEW-YORK, New-York, 241 Central Park West, cor. 84th St.

The Semple Boarding and Day School for Girls. A city school with country advantages. House directly opposite Central Park. Music, Art, Languages. Social recreation. Outdoor sports. MRS. T. DARRINGTON SEMPLE, Principal.

NEW-YORK, New-York, 2042 Fifth Avenue.

Mrs. Helen M. Scoville's SCHOOL FOR


Music, Art, Household Economics. Regular courses and special studies. Outdoor exercise. Gymnasium. European travel parties. Home care and social life.

NEW-YORK, New-York, 338 Lexington Avenue. Miss Louise F. Wickham

will reopen her Home School Oct. 4. Girls received who wish to study Art, Music, Languages, etc. Nineteenth year.

NEW-YORK, New-York, 30 West 55th Street.

SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Number in each class limited to eight pupils.
Removed from 6 West 48th Street to new fireproof building, 30
West 55th Street. Residence 26 West 55th Street.

Spence's Boarding and Day

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NEW-YORK, New-York City, 1000 Madison Ave. The Elinor Comstock Music School A boarding-school for music pupils. Piano, Vocal, Harmony, Reading, Ensemble Playing, Lectures, Recitals. Selective cour ranged for pupils desiring study outside of music. Catalogues. NEW-YORK, New-York, 607 Fifth Avenue.

The Gardner Home School for Girls Exclusive location. Regular and special courses. Music, Art, E cution. Physical Culture, Esthetic Dancing. Individual care, ma outdoor life. All advantages of city with delightful home life. NEW-YORK, New-York, 520 West End Ave. Corner FOR GIRLS building-well equipped Curriculum includes Music, Mathematics, English, Art, Histor Languages, Philosophy, Ethics, Sociology, Sewing, and Cooking MRS. MARY WINSTON SOMERVILLE, A. M

Gordon Winston SCHOOL Specializing.

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Situated on Briar Cliff, overlooking

The HOLBROOK SCHOOL forty miles of the Hudson. 46th year. Fits boys for College. Ample equipment and grounds. Individual care. Satisfactory references as to character necessary. For catalogue, address THE HOLBROOK SCHOOL NEW-YORK, Ossining-on-Hudson, Box 501. Mount Pleasant ACADEMY. Founded in 1814. Has won the reputation of thoroughly preparing boys for college, scientific schools or business. Manual training. Only 31 miles from New York. MOUNT PLEASANT HALL is for boys under 13. Write for catalogue to CHARLES FREDERICK BRUSIE NEW-YORK, Ossining-on-Hudson.

A Superior School for Girls

This school will commend itself to parents wishing to give their daughters a broad, liberal education. It is our aim to

develop each girl, not only

mentally and morally, but

physically also. The influences of an attractive Christian home surround the pupils.

[blocks in formation]

(Suburban to New York City.) Academic, Music, Art, and College Preparatory Courses, Post Graduate and special work. Certificate privileges. Gymnasium. 44th year. HAMPTON HALL, annex of the Ossin ing School, for Younger Girls. Year book with views of the school on request. Principal, CLARA C. FULLER Associate Principal, MARTHA J. NARAMORE

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