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By GEORGE BARR McCUTCHEON “What's-His-Name" is the story of a man who is overshadowed by circumstances, overshadowed by his wife, overshadowed by New York -- a man who thinks he is "no good, and yet it is the story of a man who distinctly and emphatically makes good." A great many, many readers are going to feel, as they turn the last page, that here is a truly wholesome and charming story, a story that does one good to read.

Illustrations in color by Harrison Fisher.

12mo, $1.20 net. Postpaid, $1.32.

By LOUIS JOSEPH VANCE On a certain sultry morning, say as lately as last summer, there were residing in New York, among four and a half million other people, four individuals, who were strangers to each other, and within two days they are together on an outward-bound steamship. And what a voyage that is! What a drama of adventure and sudden death, of secret treachery and unexpected heroism, of love-making and villainy, right to the deplorable words, “The End!" Illustrations by A. I. Keller. 12mo, $1.25 net.

Postpaid, $137

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By MORRIS B. WELLS A book to have at hand when the chauffeur, or some one else, is lying on the road under one's own machine, engaged in tinkering; or when one's machine is temporarily at the repair shop, at so many dollars per day. This story will take the edge off such misfortunes.

Illustrated. 12mo, $1.20 net. Postpaid, $132. ESSAYS


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Alarms and Discursions How to

How to Visit the Great

Picture Galleries

By GILBERT K. CHESTERTON Chesterton at his best, which means that it is inexhaustibly sprightly and witty, abounding in pills of truth coated with delightful nonsense, and altogether inimitably clever and entertaining

12mo, $1.50 net. Postpaid, $1.03.

By ESTHER SINGLETON Within the 500 pages of this compact and convenient little volume is contained just the information which the average tourist needs and desires when he visits one of the great picture galleries of the world. Illustrated. Handy Pocket Size, Cloth, $2.00 net.

Postage extra

The Patchwork Papers

The New Art of Flying

There could be no more characteristically fresh, simple,

By WALDEMAR KAEMPFFERT and delightful book from the author of "The City of Beauti- The science of aviation has opened a whole vast and ful Nonsense. Not formal enough for essays, nor sufficiently hitherto unexplored field to civilization. If you want to constructed to be called short stories, they are just pictures understand it, and be abreast of the times, read "The New of life.

Art of Flying." 12mo, $1.20 net. Postpaid, $132.

Illustrated. 8vo, $1.50 net. Postage extra. Publishers DODD, MEAD & COMPANY New York 24ะง DXC


A Book to Give to Your Best Friend, Be That Friend Boy or

Girl, Youth or Maiden, Young or Old.

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“One man, one girl, and then another girl — that is all. But there is a rare charm in the telling.

Miss Abbott has her own inimitable style, as those who have found her occasional stories in the magazine are aware.

“And then the Molly who is introduced to us is about as winsome a figure as one ever finds flitting across the pages of print. ... That most of it is impossible is one of its charms, for it is

A STORY OF LOVE'S FAIRY-LAND where things do not happen as they do in the world which is the world of all of us,' but as the heart eternally wishes them to happen."

Pictures by Tittle. Price $1.00 net, postage 8 cents.





Miss Livingston's Companion

By Mary Dillon

Author of The Rose of Old St. Louis," In Old

Bellaire," etc.

Sir Lionel, a gallant young Englishman, and "Mademoiselle Desloge,” of rare charm and beauty, play the chief parts in

this dramatic and picturesque comedy; and Alexander Hamilton, Robert Fulton, Washington Irving, Gouverneur Morris, and Aaron Burr move through its delightful pages.

The setting is old New York and its near-by country homes, with glimpses of the Indian wilderness and of England.

It is the old, old-yet eternally new-story of young life and young love, with a pretty touch of mystery which keeps the reader guessing to the end; and Mary Dillon tells it with the sympathy and color of an artist.

The eight full-page illustrations by E. A. Furman are unusually attractive.

12mo, 434 pages. Price, $1.30 net ; postage, 13 cents.

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“The age-old parable of the struggle between good and evil, light
and darkness, strength and weakness. ... Mr. Hichens gives it a
new turn, an ultra-modern setting."

“Mr. Hichens handles this theme with perfect art. From
beginning to end the interest accumulates."

“Told with the consummate art of a Hichens, ... gripping the
reader's attention and possessing the same sort of thrill to be re-
called in Stevenson’s ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.'”

12mo, 273 pages. Price, $1.10 net; postage, 10 cents.






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g The chronicles of chivalry, of

g In thousands of American homes to-day is a Froissart and of Monstrelet record cherished heirloom—a crudely fashioned uniform no more valiant deeds than those

of faded blue or homespun gray, a battered can performed by these plain American citizens from the farms and work.

teen or musket-all that is left to remind the pres shops of the North and the planta

ent generation of some loved one who in response tions of the South, who under the to the call of country played a hero's part the inspiration of love of native land bloodiest conflict recorded in the pages of history. were transformed into the grim warriors who contested the bloody

A half century has passed since the guns trained issues of Shiloh and Gettysburg.

on Sumter boomed their message of defiance, and

Death has taken heavy toll of the actors in the great Civil War drama, but the men who led the armies and fleets of the North and Soutb, and who fought the battles, have left an imperishable record of their experiences in "The Century War Book," of which they were the authors. In these personal narratives will be found a well-rounded history of the Civil War by the men who fought on both sides, and such a history as can never be produced again. No hero tales of ancient times excel in romantic and dramatic qualities these stories of camp life and battle-field told by both officers and privates who wore the Blue and the Gray. g Had one of our ancestors who fought at Crécy, or Agincourt, or even in more recent times; had one who had shared the miseries of Valley Forge, or the glories of Yorktown, bequeathed to us a narrative of his daily experiences written by some comrade in arms would we not prize it above almost all other earthly possessions? Is it, therefore, toe much to say of the great “ Century War Book," "Battles and Leaders of the Civil War," | that it is the one book of all books that will be handed down with pride and veneration in American homes from generation to generation, and that Ameri can youth in all ages will draw their loftiest inspirations of patriotism from the examples of the great dead whose deeds adorn its pages?

A GREAT HUMAN DOCUMENT G“Battles and Leaders of the Civil War” has rightly been called a “Cyclopedia of the Civil War," but it is more than this: it is a great human document through which throbs the life and passions of a great people in the supreme hour of their existence. It is a vast canvas on which the smallest details of the military, social, and even the domestic life of the period are painted with the minuteness of a miniature.

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To the Soldiers and the Sailors of the Civil War-Union and Confederate and to their descendants, a special discount of 20%. See opposite page.

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