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The mobile color of her chee I

And on this world of wonder, prii LL fatherless and motherless she came, Her guileless, so sweet eyes w A wind-blown blossom from the

wide. forest-side;

The rest? It was upon a day in It was as though a rose, changed into flame, Fate brought her to the castle of

1 Adapted from the Polish of L. Rydel, a contemporary poet.


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And when the hunt was up, and forth he

With men and hounds, to chase the

fleeing deer, What was it to the attic Kasha sent, Save that the woody country, far and


Behind a screen of pleached vine and

thorn She hid herself and wept - the mossy


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It was no deer his arrow stru But straight it flew upon its d And lodged it was within poo breast!

VII She sinks, half-swooning, in th

warm stream That from the seat of life w

apace; She sees her kneeling prince

dream) And all the pale, pale passic

face. “Ask what thou wilt, thy wish

preme, And would that I might pe

place!" "A kiss, my prince, my falcon

said And past their meeting lips a

“Oh, never on thy beauty will he look! A drudge thou art, and he shall wed a

queen." Perchance the thicket with her sobbing

shook: The prince's eye-alack! 't was passing

keenHe saw the shaken bough, the cause mis


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THEN Melinda Westaway took and comfort and outside show went; while

Bassett, everybody said 't was Melinda, with her views, liked to see a doubtful feat on her part, and the hope- everything smart and slap up and a ful believed it would turn out right and thought ahead of the neighbors. He'd the experienced did n't see how it well fallen in with that when courting, of could. She was a proud girl, you must course, and gone to her in his best, and know, with a rather mistaken idea of what bought a new coat or two and looked to it was to be a Westaway; and Noah had the blacking on his boots and the starch in a different nature, and held that a man's his collar; but when he 'd got her, he very haveage was nought, but the man every- soon fell back to his easy and untidy ways, thing. He judged of everybody by them- and he did n't care no more about the selves and said that we must form our house-place than himself, and did n't mind judgment on the value of each man or litter and confusion and dirt, which was woman by studying their characters, not all gall and wormwood to her. Your red their grandfathers and grandmothers. All women generally be tidy, particular creathe same, he took Melinda for her outside tures; but you 'll find oft enough that if looks, because love has a trick to play the cleanliness be next to godliness o one side, fool with a man's opinions and make him 't is close kin with a devil of a temper on eat his words and go back on 'em in his t'other. And Melinda were n't no exdeeds. Noah just fell in love with her ception there, I believe, and certain 't is skin and shape and blue, brave eyes and she was a fiery thing, with a very uncommane of chestnut hair and pretty voice, mon sense of what she owed to herself like a good few had afore him; and since and what other people owed to her. She he was well-to-do, a master carpenter with was exacting, and she had a will of iron three men in his shop, and well set up, and where her dignity was at stake; and against well thought of by the bettermost people this passion Noah put up a dogged and a round about, she took him.

sulky obstinacy; so it ended, as it do in But there was a pretty deep-seated dif- such cases where two linked creatures pull ference in their point of view, and when different ways, in neither getting what there's that, a pair must be more than they wanted, and both finding the chain common wise to keep off trouble. Noah gall 'em into living sores. prided himself on his sense, and reckoned And, when that happens, whether the himself a bit of a philosopher where clothes sufferers yowl about it, or whether they



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