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the price of your five-cent candy?' just that way, and so

"It is very lovely of you to say so, but to tell the truth, I do think she gets her cast of mind from me; for her father is n't that way at all. I would be the last person in


Drawn by Mark Fenderson


the world to run him down, but, still, I must say he and I are very different. Now, I can't bear to waste anything-though, by the way, they do say nothing in the world is really wasted. I've just been reading the most charming piece in the 'Ladies' Companion'

"Time? Oh, I don't know; I suppose that 's included, but the piece was about rags and bones and old bottles and cigar-ends and peanut shells and tin cans, and things like that-perfectly fascinating, showing how clever people are getting about disposing of everything.

"Yes, that is what I think-one of the most valuable of all arts; for all of us do sometimes have things on our hands

piece; you would be just charmed with it. "Yes, indeed! I must bring you that Not, of course, that it shows how we ourselves can turn peanut shells and things to account, which must be done on a large scale and in regular factories; but it is so interesting and full of information about the way people do things now, so different from old times. Progress is a wonderful thing, is n't it? And so rapid! Oh, not always, of course, and not in every case-I am getting almost discouraged about flying-machines

"Do you really? Rapid transportation is a very important thing, of course, but I can't agree with you that it is the most important. There's education, now. Only yesterday, my little Gladys came to me and asked me to hear her say her Presidents, which I thought astonishing in a child not eight years old until the twenty-sixth of next month. It is true she said Washington, Adams, Cleveland, Indigo, and Violet, but it shows


"Oh, I don't mean at all to undervalue rapid transportation, you understand. never lose an opportunity of riding in an automobile, though I'm always literally scared to death, and, as I was saying, I'm always wishing they would hurry up with the flying-machine, which, of course, would be more perfectly charming still; but there are so many lovely inventions nowadays, and I'm so interested in everything new

"A new latch? On the front gate? Yes, I must see it. I did n't notice it as I came in. What sort is it? That kind! Why, I got one like that ages ago! If the agent told you it was new

"No, nothing under the sun, of course, as Solomon says; for they say the Chinese know all about everything and. always have; though of all the stupid-looking people! The simplest plan, it seems to me, would be to go straight to them for anything anybody wants to invent, and get it ready-made. Think what a lot of time it would save, and how-

"Can't bear to think of time! Why, how strange! Though we all realize, of course, how quickly it is passing and

“Oh, yes, I do-often! Though I can't say I ever get wild about it.

"Yes, indeed, I understand how that is. Sometimes it seems that you positively can't stand things that at other times you don't mind at all. There 's everything in a person's mood-and the weather. I myself am as sensitive as a flower; the least hint or suggestion of a thunder-storm, for example

"Why, no, indeed! Did you? But you think it might have been thunder?


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