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It happened that, one Saturday, Belinda

went to spend A week-end in the country with a little

school-girl friend.

Now, just as luck would have it, Belinda's

friend that day
Had caught the measles; so of course

Belinda could n't stay.

The next-door neighbors, when they saw The time was speeding merrily, the game Belinda drive away,

was at its height, Dropped in that evening, “quite by chance," When suddenly Pa dropped his cards and a game of bridge to play,

Mother's face turned white.

It pleased Belinda's parents to see the

neighbors throng; They had n't had a game of cards for

goodness knows how long.

The neighbors rose without a word, and

melted from the place, Leaving the wretched parents with Belinda

face to face.




[blocks in formation]


"HREE things make the island of day of sunshine when the atmosphere is

Mount Desert unique-its beauty, softened by a little haze, one sails into its altruism, and its variety.

view of a fairy-land bubbling up from the “This is the most beautiful place in water in a heap of misty, delicate, softly the world," a well-known artist assured rounded domes. Presently appear smooth, me last summer. "I 've been all round, bright lawns sloping back from the red - Italy, Greece, Syria, but I 've never crags of the shore-line to tree-embowered found anything to equal it."

villas. And from the heights peep out the This beauty impresses the stranger from towers and gables of Bar Harbor's foliageafar. As he coasts eastward along the veiled cottages, many of which are so in Maine shore, thirteen mountains that seem love with the trees that one often has a to rise directly out of the sea compose

better view of them from the water than themselves into three main masses, stand- ashore. ing out in noble relief in the clear atmo- By some happy chance one of my first sphere. The morning I first saw them experiences after landing was of a concert the westernmost mass was heavy, black, by the Kneisel Quartet in one of the most and solemn. The others, divided by those charming spots ever dedicated in any land delightful little twins, the Bubbles, were to the spirit of beauty, and certainly the fitmore friendly, with fleecy clouds stooping test conceivable setting for chamber-music. over them and letting through a few Here, in the Building of Arts, the Amersplashes of sunlight here and there to gild ican has made the Greek temple his own their peaks and sides.

and set it in natural, wild scenery as fair By the opposite approach, through as that of an Ægean isle. In fact, this Frenchman's Bay, the effect, though building, seen from the summit of Newwholly different, is no less striking; for port Mountain, is strongly reminiscent of Mount Desert is the one spot in the whole the temple of Theseus as it shows from sweep of the Atlantic coast from Labrador the Acropolis, only that, with its lovely to Mexico where the mountains go down background, the modern temple stands to the sea. Coming from this side on a out more strikingly than the ancient one,

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seen against the ugliness of modern the home-making cottager, the beauty Athens.

loving spirit of its painter-pioneers has The Building of Arts stood open, so never ceased to dominate the island. that we might look out upon sward and As the desire for artistic expression grew wood and the changing lights and shadows in Bar Harbor, and a series of chamberon the mountains while hearing an ideal concerts in private cottages developed organization interpret Beethoven under musical taste, the question arose: If Gerideal conditions. The audience seemed as many might have its Bayreuth for such a far removed in spirit from the light mood hybrid thing as music-drama, why should of the usual watering-place as was the not America find at least as fit a setting building itself. The musicians responded for the simpler, purer art of chamberat once to that almost telepathic sympathy music? Half a dozen years ago this idea of their hearers which is so essential a fac- was taken up by five enthusiastic and detor of a successful performance anywhere. voted summer residents, and grew in scope And when one of the cottagers came for- until out of it there came not a building ward, playing with them his own splen- for music only, but the Building of Arts. didly conceived quintet, players and audi- For, besides concerts, dramatic performence seemed one in their enthusiasm.

ances are given both there and in the adAfter the concert, while tea was being joining open amphitheater, modeled on old served on the lawn, it was a memorable Greek lines. And every summer the thing to watch from the slopes of the building glows with a pageant of flowers grassy amphitheater about the building which, according to competent critics, is the groups of charming costumes and the of unique wealth and rarity. faces Aushed with music and the spirit of This horticultural exhibition is the dithe moment, outlined against the tender, rect outcome of Bar Harbor's well-known creamy tones of that home of loveliness, development of the art of gardening. Due, framed in its turn by the strength of the first of all, to the esthetic spirit of the hills.

place, this art has had other stimuli as It seemed too good to be true that such well. For because the island is a meetinga thing should come to pass in an Amer- ground for the vegetation of the arctic ican summer resort. The experience was and the temperate zones, and because the a strange introduction indeed to a spot hardy herbaceous plants grow here as luxuwhich I had vaguely expected to find a riantly as in Switzerland, it is a paradise center of fashion and summer gaiety, and for the gardener. Nowhere else in the little more. But it was soon evident that

land does the procession of the flowers this concert was nothing sporadic, that it move from month to month with such actually stood for a love of beauty almost legato grace, with such abundant, unGreek in its sincerity, and one in harmony broken consistency. Another boon to garwith the constant tradition of the place. deners is the rapid recuperative power For Mount Desert, the summer resort, nature. A certain gravel-pit near Newwas discovered about the middle of the

port Mountain, for example, has been allast century by that famous group of most completely reclothed in green since American artists headed by Church and it was excavated twelve years ago. And Cole, who thus proved themselves pioneers this quality of youthful vitality keeps the in more than landscape-painting. So the wild land fresh and interesting. public first came to learn the spell of this The chief impression one receives among Northern landscape through the eyes of the gardens of Mount Desert is that their artists before they sought the Maine coast owners have a strong feeling for wild nato enjoy it with their own eyes.

ture. Thirty years ago, when President Many another watering-place has been Eliot built at Northeast, he said to his discovered by the appreciative, only to be guest Frederick Law Olmsted, “Olmcompletely spoiled by the sudden inrush of sted, you 've been here a week now and popularity and wealth. Through the have n't told me what to do to my place.”' boarding-house period, through the time “Do to it?" cried the landscape-archiof enormous wooden hotels, and into the tect, “For Heaven's sake, leave it alone!" present day, when, in Bar Harbor, at

Since that day “Leave it alone!" has least, the transient guest has given way to become a sort of watchword, and has


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