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look after your great grandchildren. I He concluded with his usual tenderused you know to hanker after parliament, heartedness: police magistracies & so forth- but no “And so God bless my dearest old ones occupation I can devise is so profitable as and young ones in this and all succeeding

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that wh. I have at my hand in that old years. Have you & the girls any favoured inkstand."

poor? Give them 100 francs with thanks After an amusing account of a “Da- to God for our abundance." guerreotypist" who requested that Thack- Early in 1853, Thackeray wrote the eray "would step over" and have his "mug following letter to Dr. John Brown: taken off," which he “declined with thanks,” and of an alarm of fire at the Charleston, S. C. March 25, 1853. Buffalo hotel, he added, “Fancy how I “MY DEAR BROWN-I thought this very clutched at the desk and the sermons.” day how I would write a letter to Rutland


Street, Edinburgh, and shake hands with but at seventy-two my mother will not some friends there: and behold this morn- like to be away from him nor the children ing your letter comes and remembrances to be away from her, and when I go home pleasant and sorrowful of you all. I hope it must be to them. So Dr. Last drives indeed and indeed your wife is better. I in his chariot now! so lui fais mon com

the day after the

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After the ball this morning Minuny day, Well, Papa, I think it was very imprudent of us to think of arting to bring parties to such a

ball .

Why it was the most beautiful
Thing I ever saw.

And I was pretty wale fu the It! ham this even so long and
thought of going . Lucky I didul. Had refused Sheriff, a


From the original, owned by Major William H. Lambert


have been inventing plans for coming to pliment, I wish it was driving to the railScotland in the summer, but who knows way to meet me. What is this about my how Fate will lead a man so many weeks being in love Miss Mackenzie has told hence. The same post brings me news you? That was but a very mild attack of that my dear old stepfather has had a the disease; or an infinitesimal dose of brain attack from which he has recovered, similia similibus, I defy the fever pretty much now, and rather wish I could catch me easy against the day when work will it.

be over, and then, and then who knows "I have no time to write letters scarcely, what Fate will bring. The idleness of the much more a book. I eat as usual 7 din- life is dreary and demoralizing though;

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ners a week, at other folks' charges, the and the bore and humiliation of delivering lectures do pretty well, and I have laid these stale old lectures is growing intoleraby but at 8 per cent. (that is the common ble. Why, what a superior heroism is interest here) £200 a year; 6 weeks more Albert Smith's, who has ascended Mont will give me £50 a year more, and next Blanc 400 times ! year – I come home of course interea- "It 's all exaggeration about this country will help to £150 more. This will make – barbarism, eccentricities, nigger cruelties, and all. They are not so highly edu- - not that there are not hundreds of pleascated as individuals, but a circle of people ant people and kind, affectionate dear peoknows more than an equal number of ple, but O for Kensington and home! GoodEnglish (of Scotch I don't say: there in bye, and how do you do, my dear Mrs. Edinburgh, you are educated). The ne- Brown, and remember, Sir and Madam, groes are happy whatever is said of them, that I am always yours affectionately, at least all that we see, and the country

W.M. Thackeray."

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This and the three following pictures were redrawn in outline, and somewhat differently, for “Our Street."

planters beg and implore any Englishman Soon after his return from the first visit to go to their estates and see for them- to the United States, Thackeray writes to selves. I think these four sides of paper Miss Holmes, adding a postscript on the might contain all I have got to say re- inside of the envelop, and on the third garding the country, which I can't see for sheet draws a sketch of Bulwer and himthe dinners, etc. To-morrow I go to Rich- self standing behind a lady seated at a mond on my way to New York and thence piano. He writes: into Canada; and in July or before I hope “There is a comfortable Hotel in this to see that old country again which is street kept by a respectable family man, after all the only country for us to live in, the charges are Beds gratis, Breakfast,

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