Once a Marine: Collected Stories by Enlisted Marine Corps Vietnam Veterans - Their Lives 35 Years Later

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AuthorHouse, 2005 - 308 psl.
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The Supreme Success of Achievement is a work of genius. Some will love it. Others may hate it. All must read it. It is sure to keep you riveted to your chair. Three glimpses from the inside:

_____ If not to succeed and be happy, why exist. Mankind lives to succeed.

_____Finding your self-purpose is the most urgent task in life. To know yourself you must become a leader of the self.

_____Man is never at peace, for he can rarely meet the needs of .

In this book you will discover ways to uncover how to achieve success and happiness in your life.

The precepts of The Supreme Success of Achievement will spark your life to a greater fulfillment.

The Supreme Success of Achievement is the book that will stand by you in time of adversity, grief, and confusion. This book teaches the values, the techniques that you will need to know throughout your life.

The Supreme Success of Achievement offers information and insight on how to attain success in the world, how to be great and how to leave behind a positive legacy. This book will make you venerate your visions, revere your ideas and ideals, and inspire your ambitions. The ideas in this book revolve around the single concept that has the capability to alter the world and make wishful thinking a reality.

The focus of this book is to build a suc

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