Original poems, in the amatory, heroic, pathetic, and other styles. By a traveller [signing himself J.H. 13 pt. with various imprints and a collective title-leaf].

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11 psl. - Tho' dear a Female's face, or form ; Tho' elegant her attitude ; We fly, as from the winged storm — If she pours forth INGRATITUDE.
25 psl. - Bowling too short, you but obstruct the Green, Like him who loiters on Life's public scene; Whoe'er at bowls, or business causes strife Will rubs on Greens receive — and eke in Life ; One bowling trick avoid in moral play, Ah, never, never block your neighbour's way. These rules observed, a Man may play his game, On Bowling Greens, or through the World, with fame.
25 psl. - Life, like the Game of Bowls, is but an end, Which to play well, this moral verse attend. Throw not your bowl too rashly from your hand, First let its course by reason's eye be plann'd ; Lest it rolls useless o'er the verdant plain, Like heedless Life — that finishes in vain. Know well your bias ; — here the moral school Scarce needs a comment on the bowling rule ; Play not too wide, with caution eye your cast, Use not extent of Green, or Life, to waste : Nor yet too straight — in Life observe...

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