State Papers and Publick Documents of the United States from the Accession of Thomas Jefferson to the Presidency: Exhibiting a Complete View of Our Foreign Relations Since that Time ...

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T. B. Wait & sons. David Hale, agent for the States of Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, 1815
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359 psl. - Discontinuance of his, her or their Action or Suit after the Defendant or Defendants shall have appeared, or if upon Demurrer Judgment shall be given against the Plaintiff or Plaintiffs, the Defendant or Defendants shall have Treble Costs, and shall have such Remedy for the same as any Defendant or Defendants hath or have for Costs of Suit in any other Case by Law.
105 psl. - It is agreed that it shall at all times be free to his Majesty's subjects, and to the citizens of the United States, and also to the Indians dwelling on either side of the said boundary line, freely to pass and repass by land or inland navigation, into the respective territories and countries of the two parties, on the continent of America...
80 psl. - States in all articles of which the importation and exportation respectively to and from the said territories shall not be entirely prohibited — provided only that it shall not be lawful for them in any time of War between the British Government and any...
40 psl. - But if not sent back within three months from the day of their arrest, they shall be set at liberty, and shall not be again arrested for the same cause.
458 psl. - States ;' the President is authorized to declare the same by proclamation, after which the trade suspended by the said act, and by an act laying an embargo on all ships and vessels in the ports and harbours of the United States, and the several acts supplementary thereto, may be renewed with the nation so doing.
129 psl. - It is agreed that a line, drawn due north or south, (as the case may be) from the most northwestern point of the Lake of the Woods, until it shall intersect the forty-ninth parallel of north latitude, and from the point of such intersection, due west, along and with the said parallel, shall be the dividing line between his majesty's territories and those of the United States...
80 psl. - And they shall pay no other or higher duties or charges, on the importation or exportation of the cargoes of the said vessels, than shall be payable on the same articles...
89 psl. - It shall be lawful for the ships of war and privateers belonging to the said parties respectively, to carry whithersoever they please, the ships and goods taken from their enemies, without being obliged to pay any fee to the officers of the admiralty, or to any judges whatever ; nor shall the...
81 psl. - There shall be between all the dominions of his Majesty in Europe and the territories of the United States, a reciprocal and perfect liberty of commerce and navigation.
458 psl. - Given under my hand and the seal of the United States, at Washington, the...

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