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I CERTIFY, that the extracts the “ Moral Theology of Peter Dens,” translated by the Rev. J. F. Berg, have been compared by me with the original Latin, and that I have been unable to discover any

They are faithfully rendered into English; and in idiomatic sentences the sense is strictly preserved. The paragraphs or lines under quotation marks are literal translations; those not so marked give the sense, or the sense abbreviated, where the detail at large might not be equally interesting. And thus the title of this work is maintained throughout, "A Synopsis of the Moral Theology of Peter Dens.' It is such a translation or Synopsis, however, as fully warrants our congratulating the English reader, as he may now thus readily possess the means of ascertaining what are the doctrines and peculiar tenets of the Roman Church; and that too from a work authorized and sanctioned as orthodox by the Hierarchy itself. Thus “fas est doceri ab hoste;" beyond which, in this case, there is no appeal.


The Author is the more fortunate in securing this endorsement of the correctness of his translation, as Mr. Parker is the person whom Mr. Hughes designated as an umpire in a dispute relative to the translation of a Latin quotation, in the course of his controversy with the late Dr. Breckenridge.

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