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"Speaking to yourselves in Psalms, and Hymns, and Spiritual
Songs; singing and making Melody in your Hearts unto the
EPHES. v. 19.


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Church and Congregation



AS very many of you have frequently expressed your wish that I would prepare a Hymn Book for your use, chich should include the majority of Psalms and Hymns of Dr. Watts, and also those which are in general use, from other Authors of eminence, I have at length complied; and although I am conscious of imperfection in the present publication, yet I can assure you that it has cost me very considerable labour and anxiety; but I never have, and I hope never shall, regret the employment of my best energies at the request, and for the welfare of those, to whom I am so cordially attached, and from whom I have received so many proofs of affection and esteem: and it affords me great pleasure to avail myself of this opportunity of leaving on record my fervent prayers for your present happiness, and eternal salvation.

I have inserted many original Hymns, for which am alone responsible. I intended to have distin

guished these by a prefixed or added mark, to har screened them among my Friends, by the exercise ‹ their affection for me, from the rigour of criticism. hope, however, in such company as WATTS, Dor DRIDGE, COWPER, NEWTON, TOPLADY, STEELE and other names of equal veneration and value, the may escape, by serving as a foil to exhibit, with sti. greater lustre, the beauties of Poetry and the charm of Piety, to which, though they aspire, they have no as yet attained.

That the present publication may, by the divine blessing, be made the means of instruction and consolation to many, is the fervent prayer of

Your affectionate Friend,

Palace Street, Pimlico,
May 16, 1818.

For Christ's sake,


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