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FTER I had for a war between Germany and France. I

year been com was anxious to observe the conflict, if it manding the Di- was to occur, but reports made one day vision of the Mis- concerning the beginning of hostilities souri, which em- would be contradicted the next, and it braced the entire was not till I reached Helena that the Rocky Mountain despatches lost their doubtful character, region, I found it and later became of so positive a nature

necessary to make as to make it certain that the two naan inspection of the military posts in tions would fight. I therefore decided northern Utah and Montana, in order by to cut short my tour of inspection, so personal observation to inform myself that I could go abroad to witness the of their location and needs, and at the war, if the President would approve. same time become acquainted with the Having received word from General salient geographical and topographical Sherman that there would be no objecfeatures of that section of my division. tion to my going to Europe, I began Therefore in May, 1870, I started west making arrangements to leave, securing by the Union Pacific Railroad, and on passage by the steamship Scotia. arriving at Corinne Station, the next be President Grant invited me to come to yond Ogden, took passage by stage- see him at Long Branch before I should coach for Helena, the capital of Montana sail, and during my brief visit there he Territory. Helena is nearly five hundred asked which army I wished to accommiles north of Corinne, and under or- pany—the German or the French. I dinary conditions the journey was, in told him the German, for the reason that those days, a most tiresome one. As I thought more could be seen with the the stage kept jogging on, day and night, successful side, and that the indications there was little chance for sleep, and pointed to the defeat of the French. there being with me a sufficient number My choice evidently pleased him greatly, of staff officers to justify the proceeding, as he had the utmost contempt for Louis we chartered the “outfit,” stipulating Napoleon and had always denounced him that we were to stop over one night on as a usurper and a charlatan. Before the road to get some rest. This ren we separated, the President gave me the dered the journey more tolerable, and following letter to the representatives of we arrived at Helena without extraordi- our government abroad, and with it I nary fatigue.

not only had no trouble in obtaining Before I left Chicago the newspapers permission to go with the Germans, but were filled with rumors of impending was specially favored by being invited to * Copyright, 1888, by P. H. Sheridan. Personal Me

accompany the headquarters of the King

of Prussia :
Copyright, 1888, by Charles Scribner's Sons. All rights reserved.


moirs of P. H. Sheridan.

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