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HAVE pleasure in giving a word of introduction to the work of my friends, Major Whittle and Doctor Goodwin, in presenting to the public the memoirs of my dear friend and brother, P. P. Bliss. I regret the little time at my disposal prevents my writing more fully concerning the man and his work. I could probably add nothing to the facts of his life that are here compiled, but I would like to tell something of how I loved and admired him. I believe he was raised up of God to write hymns for the Church of Christ in this age, as Charles Wesley was for the church in his day. His songs have gone around the world, and have led and will con tinue to lead hundreds of souls to Christ. In my estimate, he was the most highly honored of God, of any man of his time, as a writer and singer of Gospel Songs, and with all his gifts he was the most humble man I ever knew. I loved him as a brother, and shall cherish his memory, giving praise to God for the grace manifested in him, while life lasts.

BOSTON, February 19th, 1877.


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