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Monthly Rroposition
Gentlemen x. Ladies.



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Printed for J. Fletcher. at the Caford. Theate

in S." Pauls, Church yard.

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1 OF 1932

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He authors and compilers of this Magazine

profess so strict an impartiality, as to every subject they treat, that they will neither venture to blame, nor to recommend, that spirit of politics, which, during the preceding year, the public of England has chosen for their chief entertainment. The great events that have happened for these twelve-months past, both in the field and the cabinet, in some measure justify that curiosity which is natural to a free people, who think themselves interested in the conduct of their superiors.

It has, during the course of this work, been our endeavour to gratify that curiosity in a candid manner, without attaching ourselves to any party ; and we have all along endeavoured to soften the severity that may arise from the political disquisitions we have exhibited, either by strictures, or pieces of polite learning, in almost every art, and in every branch of science.

As we cannot help flattering ourselves, that the return of Peace may induce readers of all ranks to return to their usual taste for literary entertainments, we will venture to affure them, in the stile of New-set-up-publicans, that we have laid in a good stock of every kind, and Mall always be able to produce such variety of entertainment, that every guest Mall find something to January, 1763



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