Shogi Japan's Game of Strategy

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Tuttle Publishing, 2011-12-20 - 100 psl.
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Master the game of Japanese Chess—or shogi with this easy to follow shogi guide.

The game of shogi is a chess-like game of strategy long played in Japan. This book is the ultimate strategy guide on shogi for beginners and experienced players alike. The step-by-step instructions an easy to follow diagrams lead the reader through the strategies and intricacies of one of Japan's most popular war games.

The book includes explanations of:
  • The shogi board
  • The moves of the different pieces
  • The effective use of the various pieces in game situations
  • The use of "paratroopers" (pieces captured from an opponent)
  • Defenses against attacks
  • The relative value of each of the pieces
  • A sample game and commentary
  • various possible openings and their results
  • How to read a Japanese score
The books author, Trevor Leggett, head of Japanese-language broadcasts for the BBC, is an expert guide, holding a rank of fourth dan in shogi making him the ideal teacher for a Western audience.

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Apie autorių (2011)

Trevor Legett holds the rank of fourth dan in shogi, a major achievement since first dan is considered excellent for an amateur. For many years the author was the head of Japanese-language broadcasts for the BBC, and is the compiler and translator of A First Zen Reader, A Second Zen Reader, and the author of Zen and the Ways, all published by Tuttle.

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