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Beaumont Sir John, Bart. Bofworth Field, with other
8vo, 1629
Blener Haffet Thomas, In The Mirrour for Magiftrates.
Boyle Roger, Earl of Orrery. Black Prince, a Trag.
fol. 166.9
fol. 1693
fol. 1668

Guzman, a Com.
Hiftory of Henry V.
Tragedy of Muftapha
Tryphon, a Tragedy.

fol. 1658
fol. 1669

Brandon Samuel, Efq; Tragi-Comedy of The Vertuous
12mo, 1598
Brewer Anthony, Efq; Love Sick King, an English
Tragical Hiflory, with the Life and Death of Car-
tefmunda, the fair Nan of Winchester.
4to, 1655
Brome Richard, Gent. Antipodes, a Com. acted 1638
and printed
4to, 1640
City Wit; or, The Woman wears the Breeches,
a Com.
8vo, 1653
Covent Garden weeded; or, The Middlesex Justice
of Peace.
8-v0, 1658
Damoiselle; or, The New Ordinary, a Com. 80,

1653 English Moor; or, The Mock Marriage, a Com. 8 ve,


Love Sick Court; or, The Ambiticus Politick, a

*8No0, 1653

Mad Couple well match'd, a Cons
New Academy; or, The New Exchange,.

80, 1858
and Printed

Novella, a Com. Ated in 1632,

Acted in

Queen and Concubine, a Com.
Queens Exchange, a Com.
Sparagus Garden, a Com. Acted in


Svo, 1653 8vo, 1659 1635, and 4to, 1657 1635, and 4to, 1640

Brome Alexander, Gent. Cunning Lovers, a Com.

4to, 1654


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Songs and other Poems, 3d Edit. 8vo, 1668 Brooke Lord, Fulk Grevile. Tragedies of Alaham and Muftapha, with other Poems fol. 1632 Browne William, Esq; Britannia's Paftorals, in two Books. fol 1616 Burnel Henry, Efq; Landgartha, a Tra. Com. Printed at Dublin. 4to, 1641



Ampion Thomas, Defcription of a Mafque, prefented at Whitehall, at the Marriage of the Earl of Somerfet, and the Lady Frances Howard. 4to, 1614 N. B. Never feen by any Writers on our Dramatic


Carey Lady Elizabeth. Mariam, the Fair Queen of Jewry, her Tragedy. 4to, 1613 Carew Thomas, Efq; His Poems, 3d Edit. 8vo, 1651 Coelum Britannicum, a Mafque, at Whitehall. 800, 1651 Cartwright Rev. Mr. William. Lady Errant, a Tra. Cam. Royal Slave, a Tra. Com. The Siege; or, Love's Convext, a.La Com. with other Poems. 8-vo, 1651 I take this to


Cavil In the Mirror for Magiftrates.
be a Miftake far Sackville, Earl of Dorfet.
Chapman George, All Fools, a Com.
Alphonfus, •Emperor of Germany,

4to, 16c5 a Tragedy. 4to, 1654 4to, 1598

4to, 1640 4to, 1613 of Byron, 4to, 1625

4to, 1631

Blind Beggar of Alexandria, a Com.
Buffy D'ambois, a Trag.
Buffy D'ambois, his Revenge, a Trag.
Confpiracy and Tragedy of Charles Duke
Marshal of France, in two Parts.
Cæfar and Pompey, a Roman Tragedy.
Humorous Day's Mirth, a Com.
May Day, a witty Com.
Monfieur D'Olive, a Com.

4to, 1599

4to, 1611

4to, 1606 Revenge

4to, 1654 4to, 1612 Eastward 410, 1605

The fame, and James Shirley. Ball, a Com. 4to, 1639
The fame, and James Shirley. Tragedy of Chabot,
Admiral of France.
4to, 1639

Churchyard Thomas, In the Mirrour for Magiftrates.
Cleveland John, Gent. His Works. 8vo, 1687
Cook John. Green's Tuquoque, a Com. 4to, no Date.
Corbet Dr. Richard, Bishop of Norwich.


Revenge for Honour, a Trag.
Widow's 'Tears, a Com.

The fame, Ben. Johnson, and John Marston.

Hoe, a Com.

3d Edit. 12m0, 1672 Crown John, Gent. Andromache, a Trag, 4to, 1675 Ambitious Statefman; or, The Loyal Favourite,

4to, 1679 4to, 1698

a Trag. Caligula, a Trag. Califto; or, The ChafteNymph, a Mafque, 4to, 1675 Charles the Eighth of France; or, The Invafion of Naples by the French, a Hiftory. City Politicks, a Com. Darius, King of Perfia, a Trag. Destruction of Jerufalem, by Titus Vefpatian, in two


English Fryar; or, The Town Sparks,

4to, 1677 a Comedy, 4to, 1690

4to, 1680

4ta, 1683 4to, 1680

Henry the Sixth, the First Part, with the Death of the Duke of Gloucester, a Trag.

4to, 1681

Henry the Sixth, the Second Part; or, The Mifery
of Civil War, a Trag.
4to, 1671
Juliana; or, The Princefs of Poland, a Tra. Com.
4to, 1671
Married Beau; or, The Curious Impertinent, a Com.

Regulus, a Trag.
Sir Courtly Nice; or, It cannot be, a Comedy.

4to, 1694
4to, 1694

4to, 1685

410, 1681

4to, 1616


Thyeftes, a Trag.
Cupid's Whirligig, a Comedy.

a 5


Bancer John, Efq; Poems annexed to his Taffo's Amynta. 8v0, 1660 Daniel Samuel, Efq; Poetical Works, viz. Civil War, and other Poems, with Cleopatra, a Trag. Hymen's Triumph, a Paftoral Tra. Com. Philotas, a Trag. Queen's Arcadia, a Paftoral Tra. Com. Vifion of the Twelve Goddeffes, a Mafque, published by his Brother John Daniel. 410, 1623 Dauborne Rev. Mr. Robert. Chriftian turn'd Turk; or, The Lives of Ward and Danfiker, a Tragedy. 4to, 1612 Poor Mans Comfort, a Tra. Com. 4to, 1655 D'avenant Sir William, Knt. Poet-Laureat, His Works, confifting of Albovine, King of the Lombards, a Trag. Cruel Brother, a Trag. Diftreffes, a Tra. Com. Fair Favourite, a Tra. Com. Juft Italian, a Tra. Com. Law against Lovers, a Tra. Com. Love and Honour, a Tra. Com. Man's the Master, a Tra. Com. Platonick Lovers, a Tra. Com. Playhoufe to be Let. Siege of Rhodes, two Parts. Siege, a Tra. Com. News from Plymouth, a Com. Unfortunate Lovers, a Trag. Wits, a Com. With bis Gondibert, Madagascar, and other Poems. Publifhed together by bis Widow. fol. 1673 Davenport Robert, Gent: City Night-Cap, a Tra. Com.

King John and Matilda, a Trag.

4to, 1661 4to, 1655 This Author wrote in the Reign of Charles I. Davies Sir John, Knt. Attorney-General in Ireland, under James I. Author of feveral Works in Poetry and Profe; among which the most famous is his Nofce Teipfum, which he Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth, 3d Fdit. Re-published by Mr. Tate, 1715, under the Title of The Immortality of the Soul.


Day John. Lived in the Reign of King James I. and
wrote feveral Comedies, whereof thefe here used are
Humour out of Breath, a Com.
Ifle of Gulls, a Com.

4to, 1637 4to, 1633 4to, 1638

Law Tricks, a Com.

Deker Thomas, Gent. Honeft Whore, the First Part, a Com.

4to, 1635

Honeft Whore, the Second Part, a Com. 4to, 1639
Match me in London, a Com.
Satiromaftix; or, The Untruffing the Humorous
Poet, a comical Story.

4to, 1631

4to, 1602

Wonder of a Kingdom, a Tra. Com. 4to, 1636 The fame, and John Webster. Weftward Hoe, a Com.

410, 1607

Denham Sir John, Knight of the Bath. Sophy,

a Trag.

Poems and Tranflations.

fol. 1642 8-v0, 1672

Donne Dr. John, Dean of St. Pauls.

Poems on feveral 8vo, 1635

Occafions. Dover John, Efq; The Roman Generals; or, The Diftreffed Ladies, a Play, written in Heroic Verfe.

4to, 1677 Drayton Michael, Efq; Poet-Laureat, Poems, viz. Baron's Wars. England's Heroical Epistles, and Legends of feveral Perfons. 1270, 1637



Ane Sir Francis, Knight of the Bath. the Dark; or, The Man of Bufinefs, 4to, 1657. Sacrifice, a Trag. Faulkland Lord Viscount Henry, Cary.

Love in

a Com. 4to, 1686 The Marriage

415, 1664

Night, a Trag Ferrers George, In the Mirrour for Magiftrates. Field Nathaniel. Amends for Ladies, with the Merry Pranks of Moll Cut Purfe; or, The Humour of Roaring, a Com. 4to, 1639 Ford John, Gent. Broken Heart, a Trag. 4to, 1633

a 6


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