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The Conveyancer's Guide ; a Burlesque in the press a small volume, entitled Re. Poem. The second edition, considerably creation for the Young and Old ; an Exenlarged, with numerous Notes.

cursion to Brighton ; a Visit to Tunbridge A Greek and English Prosodial Lexicon, Wells ; and a Trip to Southend, with an with Synonymes and Examples, marked and Alphabetical List of all the Watering scanned in the manner of the Latin Gradus. Places in the Kingdom. By Thomas Webb, author of Greek Pro- A new edition of Neale's History of the sody and Metre.

Puritans, by Toulmin ; 5 vols. 8vo. Care. A Chronological Outline of the History fully Revised by W. Jones, author of the of Bristol. By Mr Evans, printer, of that History of the Christian Church. city.

A Short Treatise on the Summation of In the press, the Eighth and concluding Series by Increments. By the Rev. E. C. Volume of Howe's Works.

Tyson of Cambridge. Dr Reade is preparing for publication a Happiness, a Tale for the Grave and Treatise on Vision, founded on new and the Gay, in 2 vols. small 8vo. Price 12s. interesting experiments.

boards. The Rev. Dr Evans, of Islington, has Mary Nelson, a Narrative, in 1 vol.


Dramas of the Ancient World, by D. ticus Secundus. In one neat pocket volume, Lindsay, will appear in a few days. with Seven Portraits and Vignette Title.

Mr Stark is, we understand, preparing In the press, and speedily will be pubfor press, a Biographia Scotica upon an lished, the Sixth Number of Dr Watts’ Bib. extensive scale. It is meant to be printed liotheca Britannica ; price L.1, Is. in bds. in octavo, and published in volumes. Johnson's Dictionary in Miniature ; im.

Sir Andrew Wylie, of that Ilk, by the proved and enlarged by George Fulton, author of Annals of the Parish, &c. 3 vols. author of a Pronouncing Dictionary, Spel. 12mo. will be published before Christmas. ing-Book, &c. : To which are subjoined,

In the press, and will be published about Vocabularies of Classical and Scriptural the end of November, a I'reatise on the Proper Names ; a concise Account of the Covenant of Works, by John Colquhoun, Heathen Deities ; a Collection of QuotaD. D. minister of the Gospel, Leith.

tions and Phrases from the Latin, French, A continuation of Sacred Harmony, for Italian, and Spanish Languages; a Chrothe use of St George's church, Edinburgh, nological Table of Remarkable Events is preparing for publication. In this con- from the creation of the world till the pretinuation various alterations and improve- sent time; and a brief List of Men of Gements will be introduced. Besides the four nius and Learning, in one vol. 18mo. vocal parts, accompaniments for the organ The Philosophical History of the Origin or piano-forte will be given on separate and Progress of the European Languages. staves. Every tune will have appropriate By the late Dr Alexander Murray, with a words connected with it, taken chiefly from Memoir of his Life, written by himself, is the Psalms, Paraphrases, and Hymns that printing in two octavo volumes. are used in the church of Scotland ; and Colonel David Stewart has in the press while the first stanza will be engraven along Historical Sketches of the Highlands of with the music in the usual way, the whole Scotland, with Military Annals of the High. passage will be presented to the eye of the land regiments, in two octavo volumes. reader on the opposite page in letter-press. The Works of John Playfair, F.R.S.L. The work will consist of Psalm and Hymn and E., late Professor of Natural PhilosoTunes, Sanctuses, Doxologies, Dismissions, phy in the University of Edinburgh ; with and Thanksgivings ; and great care will an Account of the Author's Life. 4 vols. be taken to exclude every thing that is not

8vo. recommended by real excellence. It is to The Works of John Home, Esq., Au. be published in Numbers, for the conve- thor of Douglas, a Tragedy, &c. To which nience of subscribers. Each Number, price is prefixed, an Account of his Life and Three Shillings, will contain sixteen pages Writings. By Henry Mackenzie, Esq. of music, and a proportionate quantity F.R.S.E. 3 vols. 8vo. of letter-press. The first Number we Illustrations of the Geology, Antiquities, appear in March next; and will be enrich- and Scenery, of the Shetland Islands. By ed with the productions of C. Bach, Beetho. S. Hibbert, M.D.F.R.S.E. In quarto, ven, G. F. Graham, C. H. Graun, Handel, with a large Geological Map and other Haydn, Jomelli, Mozart, Rossini, R. A. Engravings. Smith, &c.

The Fairy Minstrel, and other Poems; Letters of Junius; with Preliminary by William Miller, Dumfries; in one vol. Dissertations, and Copious Notes. By Ato post 8vo. price 5s. to Subscribers.




the Laws and Constitution of the Atheni. A Treatise on the Smut in Wheat; the ans and Romans. 8vo. 15s. Nature of the Disease, and Effective Means

MEDICINE. of Prevention, without injuring the Germ A Practical Treatise on Gutta Serena ; of the Raw or Damp Seed. By Thomas illustrated by Cases. By John Stevenson, Blakie. ls. 6d.

Esq. 8vo. 7s. 60

Jackson on Fever in Spain. 8vo. 8s. An Astronomical Catechism. By C. V. Johnson on Tropical Climates. 8vo. 168. Whitewell. With 25 splendid Engravings. Wilson on the Urinary Organs. 8vo. 8yo. 21s.


MISCELLANIES. Notice Necrologique sur John Rennie, Time's Telescope, for 1822; or a Com-' Esq. Par Cha. Dupin. Is.

plete Guide to the Almanack. Being the BOTANY.

Astronomer's, Naturalist's, Botanist's, and A Treatise on Bulbous Roots ; with Historian's Companion throughout the year. Coloured Plates. By the Hon. and Rev. Interspersed with amusing Anecdotes, and W. Herbert. 5s.

Illustrations from our best living Poets. The Botanical Register, No. 81. 4s. With an Introduction containing the Out

lines of Conchology, and a Coloured Plate Selections from Livy ; with Notes by of Shells. 12mo. 9s. Crevier, 12mo. 6s.

Remarks on Mr Godwin's Inquiry ConApuleius's Golden Ass, from the Vati- cerning Population. 3s. can MS. 8vo. 2 vols. 24s.

The History of George Desmond, foundEDUCATION.

ed on Facts that occurred in the East In. Greek ; First Book Simplified. 12mo. dies ; and published as a useful caution 4s.

to young men going out to that country. Retrospection ; a Tale. By Mrs Taylor Post 8vo. 7s. of Ongar. Foolscap 8vo. 5s. 6d.

Third Report of the Committee of the Observations on the Idiom of the He. Society for the Improvement of Prison Disbrew Language. 8vo. 6s. 6s.

cipline, and for the Reformation of JuveA Compendious History of Greece. By nile Offenders. 3s. Edward Baldwin. 12mo. 7s.

Pararınythia, or Mental Recreation; beEssentials of Modern and Ancient Geo. ing Historical, Descriptive, and Humorous graphy. 18mo. 4s.

Anecdotes, collected during a long resi. FINE ARTS.

dence at the Court of Russia. 6s. A Course of Lectures on Drawing, Paint- The Gossip; a Series of Original Essays ming, and Engraving. By W. M. Craig. and Letters :-Literary, Historical, and

With Plates and Wood Cuts. 8vo. 14s. Critical ; Descriptive Sketches, Anecdotes,

A Tour through North Wales ; Descri- and Original Poetry. 8vo. 4s. 6d. bing its Scenery and General Character. Anecdotes, interspersed with ObservaIllustrated with 40 Select Views, engraved tions; intended to furnish Entertainment and elegantly coloured from the originals and Instruction for Leisure Hours. By of Messrs Turner, R. A. £5, 5s. J. Thornton. 12mo. 2 vols.

NATURAL HISTORY. A Picture of Ancient Times, and a A General History of Birds. By John Sketch of Modern History, in a most exact Latham, M.D.F.R.S. 4to. £2, 12s. 6d. Chronological Order, forming a pair of Illustrations of the Linæan Genera of *Maps for the Study of Universal History Insects. By W. Wood, F.R.S. &c. With By S. E. Thomson. 8s. the pair. 86 coloured Plates. 2 vols. royal 18mo.

A Concise History of the Kingdom of £1, 10s. Hanover, from the Earliest Periods to 1813. The Natural History of British Qua5 By W. H. Reid, Esq. 4to. £3, 3s. drupeds ; accompanied by Scientific and

An Inquiry Concerning the Primitive General Descriptions. By E. Donovan, Inhabitants of Ireland ; Illustrated by F.L.S. &c. With Coloured Plates. 3 vols. Ptolemy's Map of Erin, Corrected by the royal 8vo. £5, 8s. aid of Bardic History. By Thomas Wood,

NOVELS. M. D. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Minstrel Love; from the German of the

Author of Undine. By George Soane, Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws A. B. 2 vols. 12mo. . and Constitution of England ; abridged Ancient Spanish Romances, relative to for the Use of Students, and adapted to the Twelve Peers of France, mentioned in Modern Statutes and Decisions. By John Don Quixote. By Thomas Rodd. 8vo. Gifford, Esq. To which are now added, 2 vols. £l.



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£1, 4s.


The Recluse ; a Translation of Le Soli. mestic Use. By the late Rev. J. Hewlett, taire. By M. le Vicombe D'Arlincourt. M. A. 8vo. 10s. 6d. 2 vols. 12s.

Plain Discourses, Doctrinal and Practi. Conversation; or, Shades of Difference, cal; adapted to a Country Congregation. a Novel. By Mrs Heron. 3 vols. 12mo. By the Rev. Charles Hardinge, A. M. 1 s. 6d.

12mo. 6s. The Hall of Hellingsley ; a Tale. By A Charge delivered to the Clergy of the Sir S. E. Brydges, Bart. 3 vols. 12mo. Archdeaconry of London, May 1821 ; with 18s.

Dissertations and Collections Illustrating The Festival of Mora ; a Historical Ro- the same Subject. By J. H. Pott, A. M. mance. By L. S. Stanhope. 4 vols. 12mo. 8vo. 9s.

An Examination of the Charges made

against Unitarians and Unitarianism, and The Fate of Adelaide ; a Swiss Roman- the Improved Version. By Lant Carpentic Tale, and other Poems. By L. E. Lau- ter, L. L. D. 8vo. 14s. der. 12mo. 7s.6d.


Some Account of Kentish Town. 2s. 6d. Essay on the Present False and Unjust The History of Christ's Hospital, from Standard of Value, with an Appendix. By its Foundation by King Edward the Sixth ; the Rev. R. Cruttwell, LL.D.

to which are added Memoirs of the Eminent POLITICS.

Men educated there ; and a List of the GoAn Exposition of the Relations of the vernors. By J. T. Wilson. 8vo. With British Government with the Sultaun and four Plates. 15s. State of Palembang, and the Designs of

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. the Netherland Government upon that A Voyage of Discovery into the South Country; with Descriptive Accounts of Sea and Bhering's Straits, for the purpose Palembang, and of the Island of Banca. of finding out a N. E. Passage, undertaken By Major W. H. Court. 8vo. 8s. 6d. in the years 1815 -16 -17 and 18, at the ex.

Analysis of the Talents and Character of pence of his Highness the Chancellor of Napoleon Bonaparte. 8vo. 8s.

the Empire, Count Romanzoff, in the ship American Slave Trade. By Jessey To Rurie, under the command of Lieutenant ney, jun. ; with Plates. 12mo. 23:

Otto Von Kotzbue, of the Russian ImpeSTENOGRAPHY.

rial Navy. 3 vols. 8vo. £2, 5s. A Historical Account of the Rise and A Voyage to Africa, including a partiProgress of Stenography ; containing an cular Narrative of an Embassy to one of the extensive and interesting examination of all Interior Kingdoms in 1820. By William the Systems which have been published in Hutton, late Acting Consul for Ashantee. Europe, from the first Invention of the Art 8vo. j8s. to the present time. By J. H. Lewis. 18s. Travels in Palestine, through the Coun

tries of Bashan and Gilead, East of the Illustrations of Biblical Literature, ex- River of Jordan; including a Visit to the hibiting the History and Fate of the Sacred Cities of Geraza and Gamala, in the DecaWritings, from the earliest Period to the polis. By J. S. Buckingham, Esq. ; with present Century ; including Biographical Maps and Plates. 4to. £3, 13s. 6d. Notices of Translators, and other eminent Notes relating to the Manners and Cus. Biblical Scholars. By the Rev. James toms of the Crim Tartars ; written during Townley. 8vo. 3 vols. £2, 2s. a four years' residence among that People.

Scripture Antiquities; or a Compendious By Mary Holderness. 12mo. 5s. 6d. Summary of the Religious Institutions, 'Journal of Modern Voyages ar Travels. Customs, and Manners of the Hebrew Na- Vol. VI. Part II. containing Kotzebue's tion. By the Rev. John Jones. 12mo. 5s. Voyage round the World. Part II. with

Sermons adapted for Parochial and Do- numerous Charts and Engravings. 3s. 6d.


EDINBURGH. Address to Christian Parents on the Re- a Journey to Glasgow. A Tale for the ligious Education of their Children. By the Radicals. By the Rev. Henry Dunthe Rev. Andrew Thomson, A. M. minis- can, Ruthwell. 12mo. 3s. ter of St George's Church, Edinburgh. Letters on the Principles of the Christian Third Edition. 18mo. Is. 6d.

Faith. By Hannah Sinclair, daughter of Thomson's Sacramental Catechism.- Sir John Sinclair. Fourteenth Éction. Eighth Edition. 18mo. 6d.

With her Life, by the Rev. L. Richmond. Edinburgh Christian Instructor.–No. 12mo. 2s. 6d. CXXXVI. for November.

A Catechism on the Gospel according to New Edinburgh Review. Published St Luke. Intended chiefly for the use of quarterly.-No. II. for October.

Sabbath Schools. By the Rev. W. A. Edinburgh Review.--No.71.

Thomson, one of the Ministers of Perth. The Young South Country Weaver ; or 12mo. 9d.


Sketches of Upper Canada, Domestic, Decisions of the First and Second Divi. Local, and Characteristic; to which are sions of the Court of Session, from No. added, Practical Details for the Informa- 'vember 1819, to November 1820, collected

tion of Emigrants of every class, and some by J. Wilson, G. Tait, R. Rollo, and M. * Recollections of the United States of Ame. A. Fletcher, Esqs. Adyocates, Folio. 188. rica. By John Howison, Esq. 8vo. 10s. 6d. A System of Pathological and Operative

Letters on the Nature and Tendency of Surgery, founded on Anatomy, illustrated the Gospel. By the Rev. David Russell, by Drawings. By Robert Allan, F. R. S. Minister of the Gospel, Dundee. 12mo. 5s. and F. A. Š. C. Fellow of the Royal Col

Malte Brun's System of Geography. lege of Surgeons, Edinburgh, &c. Vol. Vol. II. Part I. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Ist and 2d. 8vo. £l, 5s. The Affecting History of Tom Bragwell, A Treatise on the Law of Sale. By M. or ar. Antidote to Haggart's Memoirs. 2s. P. Brown, Esq. Advocate. · Koyal 8vo.



COMMERCIAL REPORT.-November 12, 1821. Sugar.--The Sugar market continues unsteady and depressed, particularly for the coarse descriptions. The stock in London is 2100 casks less than at the same period last

year, and the average price about Os. Cd. lower. The price of very fine sugar, comÀ pared to the inferior descriptions, is good ; but the present state of the sugar market,

taking it altogether, affords a very gloomy prospect for the planter. The accounts from all the different Islands, and in a more particular manner from Jamaica, are, as far as regards the ensuing crop, very unfavourable. Excessive dry weather, till a very late period in the season, has scorched the canes to a degree that they cannot recover; and in the Islands which had suffered less severely from that cause, severe gales of wind in the beginning of September have done great injury to many plantations. Provisions, also, are become very scarce in many places, and thus an additional expence, at a period when he can so ill afford it, is heaped upon the planter. The cultivation of the foreign colonies, from the increase of the slave trade, proceeds with great activity, and the French Government are now seriously turning their attention to a plan long since recommended to their attention, namely, to cultivate sugar and other colonial produce by colonies established in Africa.

Cotton. In the London market the inquiry for the home market has been limited, but has increased for exportation. In Liverpool, the market has of late been dull, and prices declined about 1 per lb. The sales are, however, considerable, and in general well attended.

Coffee.-The market for Coffee, after a considerable decline, has become more steady, and a small advance has been maintained in the late sales. Havannah coffee is in request-„St Domingo less so. The public sales in general go off briskly. In Liverpool, however, the coffee market is less brisk than in London.

Corn. The price of grain has declined to nearly the level at which it stood before the "late speculations and unnecessary alarm raised the market. Vast quantities of grain were bought up in Russia, Poland, and the Austrian States, upon the first alarm of a bad harvest in Great Britain, and on these purchases there must be a very great loss. The harvest is now completely concluded, and although the crops in some places are short, and in others have suffered a little from the weather, still upon the whole the crop may be stated as a fair average.

Rum.--The market for Rum is in a ruinous and depressed state. The stock in London is upwards of 35,000 casks, 15,000 more than at the same period last year. Sales can scarcely be effected at any price. · Brandy has advanced considerably, and the market is more steady. Geneva is very lat. Indeed the immense quantity of this latter article smuggled into Great Britain has rendered the sales of the legally imported article altogether impracticable. Logwood remains steady. · Pot-Ashes are in fair demand. The sales of Tobacco are limited. In Oils very little business is doing. Good Hides continue in demand. Palm Oil has declined in price. Dyewoods are steady. Carolina Rice is in limited demand. Other articles of commerce do not require to be particularly noticed from our quotations,

The advices from foreign markets are by no means cheering. The Mediterranean continues to be agitated by civil war and rebellion. Spain and Portugal, from prohibitory decrees, and a pestilential fever in the former, renders all commercial transactions doubtful, insecure, and unprofitable. Spanish South America is agitated throughout with political convulsions and changes ; and in the Brazils the seeds of revolution are so thickly sown, as to leave scarcely any room to doubt that these will produce the most fatal consequences, and a state of anarchy and confusion. The agricultural interests in Great Britain are suffering so severely as to keep the home trade in a depressed and unprofitble state. The troubles in Ireland are also most detrimental to the commercial proserity of that country. VoL, X.

3 P

...... 14s. 6d.

EDINBURGH... November 14.

Oats. Pease & Beans.
1st.......36s. 60. lst, ..... 245. Od. 1st.......19s. 6d. 1st....... 18s. Od.
2d,......31s. Od. 2d,......22s. Od. 28, ...... 178. 68. | 2d, .16s. 6d.
...... 248. Od. 3d, ...... 208. Od. | 3d,...... 16s. 6d. | 3d,
Average of Wheat, £1:10: 10d. 6-12ths. per boll.

Tuesday, November 13.
Beef (17) oz. per lb.) 0s. 4d. to 0s. 70. Quartern Loaf Os. 10d. to

Os. Od Mutton

0s. 4d. to Os. 6d. New Potatoes (28 lb.) 0s. 10d. to Os. Od Veal

Os. 6d. to 08. 8d. Fresh Butter, per lb. Is. 3d. to Os. Od Pork

Os. 5d. to Os. 6d. Salt ditto, per stone 16s. Od. to 18s. Od Lamb, per quarter . 25. Od. to 2s.6d. Ditto, per Ib.

ls. Od. to

Is. 2d Tallow, per stone 18. od. to ås. Od. | Eggs, per dozen

18. 4d. to 08. Od





Beans. 1st, .....36s. Od. Ist, ..... 235. 6d. 1st, ..... 18s. Od. 1st, ...., 17. Od. 1st, .....17s. Od. 2d........33s. Od. | 2d,......21s. Od. | 2d,......168. Od. 2d, ..158. Od. 2d,......158. Od. 3d,......328. Od. | 3d,...... 188. Od. | 3d,...... 15s. Od. 3d,......138. Od. 3d,...... 135. Od


Ist, . 35s. Od. 1st, ... 24s. Od. Ist, ... 18s. 6d. Ist,

Ist, 2d, 31s. Od. 2d, 218. Od. 2d, 16s. Od. 2d,

2d, 3d, 298. Od. 3d, ... 194. Od. 3d, ... 15s. Od. | 3d,



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... -S. Od. ... 8. Od. ... Od.

-. Od ...-8. Od. ...-8. Od.


Average, £1 : 108. 78. 4-12ths.

dverage Prices of Corn in England and Wales, from the Retuins received in the Week

ended November 3d. Wheat, 558. 11.-Rye, 245, 4d.-Barley, 26s. 7d. Dats, 20s. 1d.-Beans, 48$. Id.-Pease, $16. 101.

Beer or Big, Os, Od. Datmeal, Os. Od.

London, Coru Exchange, Nov. 6.

Liverpool, Noo. 6.


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d. 8, d. Wheat, red, new 38 to 45 Hog pease, 26 to 27 Wheat, per 70 lb, Amer. p. 196 lb. Fine ditto. 46 to 30 Maple

28 to 29 Eng, Old 10 0 to 11 6 Sweet, U.S. O to Superfine ditto 64 to 58 White

32 33||Foreign ..4 6 to 6 0 Do. in bond 28 0 to 30 0 Ditto, old. 56 to 72 Ditto, boilers, 34 to 75 Waterford 6 0 to 7 Sour do. . 38 0 to 40 0 White, new 40 to 46 New ditto, .to - Limerick 6. O to 7 4 Oatmeal, per 240 lb. Fine ditto 48 to 55 SmallBeans, new28 to 30 Drogheda ? O to 7 8 English 30 to 320 Superfine ditto 60 to 64 Ditto old 30 to 33 Dublin

5 0 to 6 9 Scotch .. 26 0 to 300 Ditto, old 56 to 78 Tick, new . .21 to 25|Scotch 9 O to 10 9 Irish 24 to 28 0 Foreign, new -to- Ditto, old 30 to 33|Irish Old . 0 to 10 of Bran, p. 24 lb. 1 0 to 1 1 Rye 28 to 29 Foreign

.- to

Barley, per 60 IDS. Fine ditto, -to-Feed oats . . 17 to 20 Eng.

Butter, Beef, ge.

.. 5 to 6 0
22 to 24 Fine .

18 to 22 Scotch
•, 5 0 to 6

Butter,p.cwt. s. d.
Fine, new ,

24 to 26 Poland ditto. 20 to 22||Irish 3 4 to 3.6 Belfast, new 87 0 to 88 0 Superfine 27 to 30 Fine

22 to 26Oats, per 15 lb.

Newry 86 0 to 87 0 52 to 62 Potato ditto 22 to 25 Eng. pota. 2 10 to 32 Waterford 79 0 to 80 63 to 66 Ft

27 to 30||Irish do. , 2 9 to 3 11 Cork,pic.ad, 77 O to

Scotch do. 3 0 to 3 2 3d dry 70 o to

Rye, per qr. to Beef, p. tierce.
Seeds, gee

— Mess 90 0 to 95

Fine. 9 0 to 10 0 Middl. - O to . 3. d.

Middl. 8 6 to 9 0 Pork, p. brl. ast. Brown, 8 to 12 0 Hempseed .

Beans, per qr.

Mess 52 0 to 54 , 5 to 9 0 Linseed, crush. 44 to 50 English.35 0 to 360 - Middl. .50 0 to 52 O sres, new, . - to - O New, for Seed to Irish.. 33 0 to 35 0 Bacon, P. ewt. Turnips, bsh. 30 to 36 0 Ryegrass, 23 to 28 Rapeseed, p. 1. £30 to 31 Short mids. 30 0 to 32 O -Red & green-to-OfClover, red ewt. 30 to 66||Pease, grey28 0 to 33 0 Sides 28 O to -Yellow,

to 0-White 61 to 90-White : 42 0 to 44 0 Hams, dry, 50 0 to 56 Caraway, cwt. 50 to 60 o Coriander 10 to 16|Flour, English,

Green . 20 0 to 98 Canary, gr. 50 to 60 o Trefoil. 16 to 37|lp.2401b.inc44 0 to 46 0 Lard,rd.p.e.46 0 to 50

Rape Seed, per last, £23 to £30. Irish 40 0 to 43 of Tongue, p.jr.-0 to

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