How to Say it for Women

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Phyllis Mindell
Penguin, 2001 - 298 psl.
Perhaps the best teacher of how the power of language can transform is an unexpected one: Charlotte the spider of E.B. White's, Charlotte's Web. Mindell demonstrates how Charlotte communicated messages that gained national attention and saved a friend's life. As a model, she combines female strengths of wisdom and compassion with the determination and power to make a difference.

As part of Prentice Hall Press's highly successful How to Say It "TM" series, How to Say It "TM" for Women is packed with practical tips, techniques, and examples that arm women to grapple with every communication issue, from choosing the right word or sentence to speaking, reading, writing, leading, dressing, and interviewing effectively. Readers will learn how to: shun words that weaken messages and make women invisible; sail through interviews; assess and develop leadership skills; say NO, kindly but firmly; respond appropriately to slurs, insults, and harassment; say the one winning word that gets people to follow directions.

True stories about women in every field, along with quotes from Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Carla Hills, Amelia Earhart, Elizabeth Dole and others, enable women to tap the power of words to persuade, motivate, establish authority, and make a difference -- without sacrificing their integrity, their compassion, or their femininity.


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Phyllis Mindell, Ed.D., founded and leads Well-Read, an international communications consulting firm. Dr. Mindell, is the author of the best-selling A Woman's Guide to the Language of Success, Communicating With Confidence and Power (Prentice Hall Press), and has helped thousands of women at every corporate level transform their language and their lives through her Woman Language, Woman Power and Well-Read Woman seminars.

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