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Printed by S. POWELL, For GEORGE Risk, at Shakespear's-Head,

GEORGE EWING, at the Angel and Bible, And WILLIAM SMITH, at the Herculesz Booksellers in Dame's-Streetg. 1728.

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HEN I send you thisVolume,

I am rather to make you a Request than a Dedication. I

must desire, that if you think fit to throw away any Moments on it, you wou'd not do it after reading those excellent Pieces with which you are usually conversant. The Images which you will meet with here, will be very faint, 'after the Perusal of the Greeks and Romans, who are your ordinary Companions. I must cönfels I am obliged to you for the Taste of many of their Excellencies, which I had not obA 2


- ferved till you pointed them to me. I am very proud that there are some Things in these Papers which I know you pardon; and it is no fmall Pleafure to have one's Labours suffered by the Judgment of a Man who so well understands the true Charms of Eloquence and Poesie. But I direct this Address to you; not that I think I can entertain you with my Writings, but to thank you for the new Delight I have from your Conversation in those of other Men.

MAY you enjoy a long Continuance of the true Relish of the Happiness Heaven hath bestowed upon you.

I know not how to say a more affectionate Thing to you, than to wish that you may be always what you are; and that

you may ever think, as I know you now do, that


have a much larger Fortune than you want, SIR,

Your most Obedient and

most humble Servant,

I am,

Isaac Bickerstaff


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N° 51.

Saturday, August 6, 1709.

White Chocolate House, Auguft 5.
The History of Orlando the Fair. CHAP. II.

ORTUNE being now propitious to the

gay Orlando, he dress’d, he spoke, he moF

ved, as a Man might be suppos'd to do in a Nation of Pygmies, and had an equal Value for our Approbation or Dislike. It

is usual for those who profess a Contempt of the World, to fly from it and live in Obfeurity; but


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