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"Recognized to be the finest in the United

States, in point of roadbed, equipment and service."



One of the most eloquent arguments for the advertising merits of a publication is the character and amount of business it carries.

In this relation we would suggest that

you examine the advertising pages of

The Forum

The Forum

is the one magazine which is equally useful to the states

man, the lawyer, the busi

ness man, the student, the

clergyman, and the general


Its contributors are chosen for their special knowledge in their respective subjects; and the information it contains is valuable to every citizen, no matter what his occupation may be.

Its discussions of political,

and compare them with those of any other educational, and labor prob

first-class publication.

lems appeal to every citizen; while its articles on literature, music, art, the drama, and religion, together with papers by women about women, make its pages inter

Every reader of THE FORUM is

a possible patron of yours by reason of the esting and instructive to all

members of the family.

Its price-35 cents a copy, or by subscription $3 a

year-commends it to all

fact that its entire constituency is composed of people who combine with intelligence and good taste the means to purchase a firstclass article.

purses and makes it the

cheapest review in the world.

No well-informed person should fail to read

The Forum

Do you wish to see a copy

The Forum Publishing Company

III Fifth Avenue, New York


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