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Poems Now First Collected

By EDMUND CLARENCE STEDMAN, author of Victorian Poets,” • Poets of

America,” etc. 12mo, gilt top, $1.50. A handsome volume containing the noble poems written by Mr. Stedman in the last twenty years. A welcome addition to the best American verse.

Aldrich's Works

Complete Poetical and Prose Works of
side Edition, thoroughly revised by the
author. (Sold only in sets.) Poems in
2 vols., 12mo, with portrait, $3.00; Prose
Works in 6 vols., 12mo, with another
portrait, $9.00; Complete Works, 8 vols.,
12mo, $12.00.
Large-Paper Edition, limited to 250 copies,

$32.00 a set, net. This is an entirely new and complete edition of Mr. Aldrich's admirable Poems, Novels, Short Stories, and Travel Sketches. All have been carefully revised, and the edition presents in unusually attractive form these delightful writings. Cambridge Burns

The Complete Poetical Works of Robert Burns. Uniform with the Cambridge Editions of Longfellow, Whittier, Holmes, Lowell, and Browning. With a Biographical and Critical Essay by W. E. HENLEY, Notes and Indexes to Titles and First Lines, Glossary, etc.

With a fine portrait of Burns and an engraved title-page containing a view of Burns's home. 8vo, gilt top, $2.00; half calf, gilt top, $3.50; tree call, or full levant, $5.50.

The Ruins and Excavations of An

cient Rome
By Rodolfo LANCIANI, author of "An-
cient Rome in the Light of Modern Dis-
coveries,” “Pagan and Christian Rome,”
etc. With numerous Illustrations and

17 Maps and Plans. Crown 8vo, $4.00. A book of remarkable value and interest, especially to students and travelers. Life and Letters of Harriet Beecher

A biography of very great attraction,
and worthy of its illustrious subject. By
Mrs. JAMES T. Fields, author of "Au-
thors and Friends.” With a Portrait.
12mo, $2.00. Large-paper Edition, uni-
form with the Large-paper Edition of

Mrs. Stowe's Works. 8vo, $4.00 net.
Memories of Hawthorne

A book of very uncommon personal and literary interest. By his daughter, Rose HAWTHORNE LATHROP. With a new portrait of Hawthorne. Crown 8vo, gilt

top, $2.00. Emerson-Sterling Letters

A little book of singular interest, containing twenty Letters of Ralph Waldo Emerson and John Sterling. Edited, with a Sketch of Sterling's Life, by EDWARD Waldo EMERSON, author of "Em

erson in Concord,” etc. 16mo, $1.00. Gleanings in Buddha-Fields

Another volume of acute and sympa. thetic interpretation of Japanese life and character. By LAFCADIO HEARN, author of “ Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan," etc.

16mo, $1.25. Seven on the Highway

A group of seven capital stories by BLANCHE Willis Howard, author of “ One Summer," The Open Door,” “Guenn," "A Fellowe and his Wife," etc. 16mo, $1.25.

Our Poetical Favorites

By A. C. KENDRICK, D. D. New Edition,

with Illustrations. Svo, $2.00, A delightful anthology, containing the best and most popular poems in a wide range of literature. King Arthur and the Table Round

Tales chiefly after the Old French of Crestien of Troyes. With an Introduction and Notes. By WILLIAM WELLS NEWELL.

2 vols., large crown 8vo, gilt top, $4.00. A charming work, giving in attractive modern form, with judicious comment, the original tales of King Arthur and the Round Table.

Nature's Diary

Compiled by FRANCIS H. Allen. With

eight full-page Illustrations, $1.25. This is a new and delightful kind of year-book. It comprises quotable sentences for very day in the year from the writings of Thoreau, Burroughs, Torrey, Emerson, Whittier, and many others. Stories and Sketches for the Young

By HARRIET BEECHER STOWE. Holiday Edition. In decorative binding. 12mo, $1.50.

Sold by all Booksellers. Sent, postpaid, by HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & CO., Boston ; 11 E. 17th St., New York 比 Xut ft of of

oft of




Tuscan Songs

Collected, edited, and illustrated by
perb, highly artistic full-page designs.
Large quarto, $25.00 net.
Eddition de Luxe, limited to 50 numbered
copies, each with Miss Alexander's auto.
graph and artist's proof Illustrations.

Large quarto, $75.00 net.
One of the most important and attractive publica-
tions since Vedder's great illustrated edition of The
Rubaiyát of Omar Khayyam appeared.
The Critical Period of American

History, 1783-1789
By John FISKE. Holiday Edition. With
about 170 illustrations, comprising Por-
traits, Maps, Facsimiles, Contemporary
Views, Prints, and Other Historical
Materials. 8vo, $4.00; half calf, gilt top,

or half polished morocco, $6.25. This edition follows the same lines of illustration which were adopted in the Illustrated Edition of " The American Revolution." Nothing is done merely for decoration, and every illustration has a positive historic character and value. Walden

By Henry D. THOREAU. Holiday Edition, A very interesting edition of Thoreau's most characteristic book, with an Introduction by BRADFORD TORREY, and 30 full-page photogravure Illustrations, in. cluding Walden Views, Concord Views,

Portraits, etc. 2 vols., 12mo, $5.00. Evangeline

By HENRY W. LONGFELLOW. This Holi. day Edition of Longfellow's world-fa. mous poem contains an Introduction by Miss ALICE M. LONGFELLOW, 10 full-page Illustrations in color and 12 head and tail pieces, by VIOLET OAKLEY and JESSIE Willcox SMITH, pupils of HOWARD

PYLE. 8vo, handsomely bound, $2.50. Gondola Days

A charming book on Venice and its at. tractions. By F. HOPKINSON SMITH, author of "Tom Grogan." Colonel Carter of Cartersville," “A Day at Laguerre's," "A White Umbrella in Mexico," etc. With Illustrations by the

author. 12mo, $1.50. Being a Boy

Introduction and 32 capital full-page Il-
lustrations from photographs by CLIFTON
JOHNSON. 12mo, gilt top, $2.00.

Aaron in the Wildwoods

A delightful new Thimblefinger story of
Aaron while a "runaway,” by JOEL
CHANDLER HARRIS, author of Little
MR. Thimblefinger and His Queer Coun-
try,” “Mr. Rabbit at Home," The
Story of Aaron,' etc. With 24 full-page
Illustrations by OLIVER HERFORD.

Square 8vo, $2.00.
Little Folk Lyrics

By FRANK DEMPSTER SHERMAN. Holiday Edition. A new and enlarged edition of Mr. Sherman's delightful book of wonderfully attractive poems for children, with 16 exquisite full-page Illustrations by Misses MAUDE A. and GENEVIEVE

COWLEs. Handsomely bound, $1.50. The Young Mountaineers

Short Stories. By CHARLES EGBERT CRADDOCK (Mary N. Murfree), author of “In the Tennessee Mountains," etc.

With Illustrations. 12mo, $1.50. Stories of adventure in the mountains of East Tennessee. They all have boys for heroes, and are told in a highly dramatic manner. An Unwilling Maid

A capital story of the Revolution, for girls. By JEANIE GOULD LINCOLN, author of Marjorie's Quest,” “A Genuine Girl," etc. With Illustrations. 16mo,

$1.25. Old Virginia and Her Neighbours

By JOHN FISKE. 2 vols., crown 8vo,

gilt top, $4.00. These volumes cover the settlement and growth of Virginia, Maryland, the Carolinas, and Georgia nearly to the Revolution. It is a most interesting story, and has never before been told with the critical insight, the philosophical grasp, and the distinct literary charm with which it is here told by Mr. Fiske. The Western Movement

The Colonies and the Republic west of the Alleghanies, 1763-1798. With full Cartographical Illustrations from Contemporary Sources. By Justin WINSOR.

8vo, gilt top. $4.00. This volume completes the story begun by Dr. Winsor in " Cartier to 'Frontenac" (1534-1700), and continued in “ The Mississippi Basin (1697-1763), illus. trating American History in its Geographical Relations from the time of Columbus to the beginning of this

The three volumes are eloquent witnesses to Dr. Winsor's tireless research; they are very rich in old maps and they form a repository of historic material of great and permanent value.


Sold by all Booksellers. Sent, postpaid, by HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & CO., Boston; 11 E. 17th St., New York



THE STORY OF JESUS CHRIST An Interpretation. By ELIZABETH STUART PHELPs, author of “A Singular Life,"

etc. With many Illustrations selected from the best works of modern masters. Crown 8vo, $2.00. A book of very remarkable interest and significance. It is not a formal biography, but presents very effectively those shining acts and experiences in the life of Jesus which most signalized the loftiness of his nature, the depth of his sympathy, the loyal adjustment of his will to the Supreme. It is written with wonderful torce and feeling; it is picturesquely imaginative, yet in a bigh degree accomplishes the writer's high purpose and ardent hope to enable the reader to realize more vividly and appreciate more keenly the marvelous Life or Jesus Christ.

The Theology of an Evolutionist By LYMAN ABBOTT, D.D., author of Christianity and Social Problems," etc.

16mo, $1.25. In this striking book Dr. Abbott's object is not to convince orthodox believers that Evolution is true, but to convince believers that they need not give up their Christian faith because they have become evolutionists.

Seven Puzzling Bible Books A Supplement to Who Wrote the Bible ? By WASHINGTON GLADDEN, D.D. 16mo, $1.25. Familiar and very luminous lectures on certain books of the Bible which in various ways puzzle their readers-Judges, Esther, Job, Ecclesiastes, the Song of Songs, Daniel, and Jonah.

Inequality and Progress By GEORGE HARRIS, D.D., author of “Moral Evolution." 16mo, $1.25. Dr. Harris sustains with great force the thesis that inequality is an indispensable condition of human progress.

Sold by all Booksellers. Sent, postpaid, by HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & CO., Boston; 11 E. 17th St., New York

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2:2 22:22:2:2:2 The Atlantic Monthly

Some of the important features of early issues in 1897-8 : Root and Branch—A New Serial.

GILBERT PARKER The National Parks and Reservations

American Historical Novels

Author of "The Hon. Peter Stirling."

“ The Story of an Untold Love," etc. The True Basis of American Art and Letters HENRY G. CHAPMAN The Coming Literary Revival. II.

J. S. TUNISON The Negro and the Trade Unions

JOHN STEPHENS DURHAM Our Immigrants and Ourselves


F. HOPKINSON SMITH Penelope's Progress

KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN The Greatest of These-A Short Story.

The Greater Novels of the Year-A Review and Summary.
SPECIAL OFFER of three months. Upon receipt of $4.00 the magazine will be sent for 1898, and the

Upon receipt of 50 cents THE ATLANTIC Monthly will be sent for a trial subscription
October, November, and December issues of 1897 will be sent free. The October number, the Fortieth Anniversary
Issue, contained the opening installments of F. Hopkinson Smith's new serial, “ Caleb West,” and Kate Douglas
Wiggin's “ Penelope's Progress."
35 cents a copy. Sample copy free upon appplication.

$4.00 a year. 4 Park Street HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & CO.

Boston, Mass. eeeeee eeeeeeeee:a::eek

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Special Souvenir Issue of the Fine Essays in Literary

Interpretation from the

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Vol. I.-The Philosophers

Signalling the extraordinary success of CHARLES DU'DLEY WARDARWIN, by Prof. E. Ray Lan

NER'S NEW LIBRARY, Harper's Weekly Club, through which the kester; ARISTOTLE, by Prof.

LIBRARY is being distributed, has issued in Little Classic form, as a sou

venir, a representative series of the fine critical and interpretative studies Davidson ; BACON, by Charl- which formi so notable a feature of this monumental publication. ton T. Lewis ; NEWMAN, by

The series consists of four handsome little volumes, containing fourteen R. H. Hutton.

essays, and bound in two different styles, one in cloth, and the oiher in full

leather. They are sold at a merely nominal price, and are intended to acquaint Vol. II.-The Novelists

lovers of literature who have not yet had occasion or opportunity to examine

the LIBRARY itself, with its high character, and the wondertul variety and HAWTHORNE, by Henry interest of its contents. James ; BALZAC, by Prof. W.

The studies here reprinted have been specially prepared for Mr. War

ner's LIBRARY by the foremost living men of letters alike in America and P. Trent; GEORGÉ ELIOT,

Europe. Each has been written by a recognized authority upon the subject by Prof. Chas. Waldstein.

or author treated.

Charles Dudley Warner bimself writes of Byron ; Henry James has dealt Vol. III.-The Poets

with the subtle genius of Hawthorne with his accustomed exquisite felicity; BYRON, by Charles Dudley

and that distinguished Harvard scholar, Prof. Charles Eliot Norton, has

given a masterly review of Dante. Warner; DANTE, by Chas. Then again, both Prof. Lankester of Oxford, who writes upon Darwin and Eliot Norton; TENNYSON, by Huxley, and Prof. Waldstein of Cambridge (England), who writes upon Dr. Henry van Dyke.

George Eliot, were personal friends of those of whom they treat, and

their essays are a charming combination of reminiscence, exposition, and Vol. IV.-Historians and Essayists


The historian Lecky, whose own studies have lain in the period covered GIBBON, by W. E. H. Lerky; by the Decline and Fall." is peculiarly fitted to write of Gibbon, and the CARLYLE, by Leslie Stephen ;

same might be said of Leslie Stephen, who portrays Carlyle. The examples EMERSON, by Richard Gar

we give will suffice to indicate the quality of all.

These studies, chosen from over a thousand of like quality and character nett; MATTHEW ARNOLD, comprised in the LIBRARY, have, as their general aim, sympathetic interpre. by Prof. Woodberry.

tation such as will stimulate a more general reading of the world's greater authors. They are delightfully free from pedantri-at once scholarly and popular in the best sense : while manv are of truly brilliant workmanship.

The volumes are embellished with costly engravings of the subjects of each essay-many of these being from rare sources, and beautiful examples of the engraver's art; likewise fine hall-tone portraits are given of the writers of the essays.

None of the studies requires more than half an hour for its perusal : the volumes are of such handy size that they may be slipped into the pocket and read on the train or to and from business, and in their handsome and tastetul bindings are an admirable addition to the library or drawing-room table.

This series is not to be had at the book stores, but through Harper's Weekly Club only. The four volumes will be sent to any address, postage prepaid, for $1 00 for the cloth binging, and $2.00 for the full leather. As the edition is limited, and the demand for so notable an issue will undoubtedly be large, it will be necessary to restrict this offer, and but one set will be sent to any one address. Remittance should be made to




HOLIDAY BOOKS The Great Stone of Sardis. A. Novel, The French Revolution. By JUSTIN H. Mo By FRANK

CARTHY. Vol. II. R. STOCKTON. Illustrated by PETER NEWELL. Post completing the work. Post 8vo, Cloth, $1.50. 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1.50. “ All Hands.” Pictures of Life in the United The Shepheard's Calender. Twelve DiaStates Navy. By RUFUS FAIR

logues. By CHILD ZOGBAUM, Author of "Horse, Foot, and Dra. EDMUND SPENSER. Newly Adorned with Twelve goons.” Large 4to, Cloth, Ornamental, Colored Top. Pictures and Other Devices. By WALTER CRANB. $5.00.

Square 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental.

A Year from a Reporter's Note-Book. Ars Recte Vivendi. Being Essays Written for

“The Easy Chair.". By By Richard HARDING DAVIS, Author of “The Prin- GEORGE WILLIAM CURTIS, Author of • Prue and I," cess Aline," “Three Gringos in Venezuela," etc. etc. Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, Uncut Edges and Illustrated. Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1.50. Gilt Top, $1.25.

By John Fox, Jr.: Hell fer Sartain,”' and Celebrated Trials. By Henry LAUREN CLINOther Stories. Post 8vo,

TON, Author of "ExtraorCloth, Ornamental, Uncut Edges and Colored Top, dinary Cases." With Nine Portraits. Crown 8vo, $1.00.

Cloth, Uncut Edges and Gilt Top, $2.50.
The Kentuckians. A Novel. Illustrated by W. T.
SMEDLEY. Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1.25.

Alan Ransford. A Story. By ELLEN DOUGLAS
DELAND, Author of

" Oak

Post A Legend of Camelot. Pictures and Verses of leigh." Illustrated by Harry' c. EDWARDS.

English Society. By 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1.50.
GEORGE DU MAURIER, Author and Illustrator of The
Martian," " Trilby," etc. Large 4to, Cloth, Orna-
mental, $5.00.

John Leighton, Jr. A Novel. By KATRINA

TRASK. Post 8vo, Cloth,

Ornamental, $1.25. Flowers of Field, Hill, and Swamp. By CAROLINE A. Crkevey, Author of "Recreations in Botany;" Illustrated by BENJAMIN LANDER. Crown Picturesque Sicily. By WILLIAM AGNEW , $

Photographs. Crown 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, Uncut

Edges and Gilt Top, $2.50. Stuart and Bamboo. A Novel. By Mrs. S.

P. MCLEAN GREENE, Author of "Vesty of the Basins.” Post 8vo, Cloth, Lorraine ! A Romance. By ROBERT W. CHAMOrnamental, $1.25.

Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental,

$1.25. A History of Methodism. By JAMES M. Two Volumes. With over 100 Portraits and Views. The Painted Desert. A Story of Northern

Arizona. By KIRK 8vo, Cloth, $5.00.

MUNROE, Author of "Rick Dale," "The Fúr-Seal's

Tooth," etc. Illustrated. Post Svo, Cloth, Ornamental, Jimty, and Others. Stories. By MARGARET $1.25.

SUTTON BRISCOE. Illustrated. Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1.50.

Lochinvar. A Novel. By S. R. CROCKETT, Author

of “The Men of the Moss-Hags.” Lin McLean. By OWEN WISTER, Author of “Red "The Gray Man," etc. Illustrated by T. DE THULMen and White,' etc. Illustrated.

Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1.50. Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1.50. School-Boy Life in England. By JOHN COR- The Rock of the Lion. A Story. By MOLLY

, ted. Post Svo, Cloth, Ornamental, Uncut Edges and Author of "A Virginia Cavalier, etc. Illustrated by Gilt Top, $1.25.

A. I. KELLER. Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1.50.



Harper & Brothers, NewYork and London

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