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grouped on the turf behind, was an eager marvellous genius and skill and enterprise crowd watching intently, in perfect still- have directed labor to the development ness, every evolution of the cadets. The of our national wealth! When, with the fascination was in the sense it gave you of growth of better knowledge, there is added abounding life, of youth and strength and to this stimulus among the great leaders of vigor, brought to perfect unity in willing industry a sincere desire for the common subordination to authority. Here was the good and a purpose to make the conditype of highest organization, the voluntary tions of employment the means of achievsubmission of those who are fit to follow ing this good, how far greater must be the to those who are fittest to lead.” So much industrial results, and how far better the has civilization achieved for the purpose lives of the workers ! of self-defence. The mission of many of I felt aglow with this idea as I walked, these young officers will be to take such in the afternoon, down the road below men as those with whom I have been Highland Falls. It was a warm mid-sumworking, and teach them the manly mer day, and in keeping with its restful lesson of obedience, and awaken in them quiet the air moved gently among the the feelings of courage and loyalty and leaves in the tree-tops. I was disturbed esprit de corps. Civilization is yet a long by the sound of music from the deck of an way from such organization for industrial excursion steamer, and, seized with sudends, if ever such corporate action will be den desire for a glimpse of the river, I possible or good ; but certainly it will not vaulted a low stone wall, and quickly made be long before civilization gives birth in in- my way over the mossy carpeting of a wood creasing numbers to “ captains of indus- which covers the bluff above the water. try," who will feel with their men other I did not see, at first, the abrupt ending ties than the “ nexus of cash payment,” of the wood and the sweep of an open and who will attack the problems of pro- lawn, and when I caught sight of that I duction with other aims than selfish ac- was only a few yards from a rustic bench. cumulation. Under the direction of such There two persons sat, with their backs towleaders, working-men will be led to far ard me, but I recognized the girl at once greater conquests over the resources of as an acquaintance, and I knew that I was nature than any in the past, and, sharing a trespassing vagrant. The man I knew consciously in these victories as the fruits well, for he was a college classmate and of their own labors, there will open to a charming fellow, and I longed to ask them a new life of liberty and hope in will. his views on the question of the improveing allegiance to true control.

ment of the lot of unskilled laborers by The intense satisfaction I felt in the rest means of organization. of yesterday (Sunday) was heightened by But I grew painfully conscious of my a feeling of hopefulness as I thought of work-stained clothes, and my faded flannel the future of working-men in a country like shirt, and the holes in my old felt hat, and ours. Here are almost boundless natural of how all these marked me as belonging resources, capable of supporting many now to another world. And so I quietly times our present population. Under the stole away and returned to “mine own stimulus of private accumulation, what people.”

(To be continued.)

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It was a special-delivery letter, and Le- of the tiny lawn, of the rich colors of the roy, after he had receipted for it and the cannas in the pyramid near the house, of boy's red wheel was twinkling down the the shifting of the burnished greens of the street, eyed the superscription a moment oak-trees under a light breeze, of the soft before he took out his pocket-knife and blending and melting of many hues in the very neatly opened the envelope.

angles made on either hand by the shady The time was five o'clock of a Saturday street before him, of the flowers and shrubs afternoon. The foreman in the foundry in the yards and the fanciful architecture of at Cochrane's always came home earlier the wooden houses, of the rattle of passing Saturdays, the whistle blowing release at vehicles over the brick pavement, and the four. Harry had come up on the cars, noiseless flash of bicycles. The Leroys and was resting a moment on his piazza owned their house, a new house, painted before cleaning himself for supper. He cream color, with gables and a large piazza. was tired with a hard, warm, dirty day's They were very proud of the house. Years work ; and he waited a moment in a pleas- had been spent planning it. There were ant daze, conscious of the splash of the im- as many as three large closets, and a garret, provised hose fountain on the green plush and a bath-room, upstairs. When Harry


used to emerge from the cleansing minis- livery envelope. He frowned.

" I hope trations of that temple of tidiness, he felt Jay ain't in a scrape again!” he muttered, that now, indeed, he was living in luxury with an uneasy quaking of his pulses. Then and that the grime of the foundry was a he unfolded the sheet and read ; and the trivial thing Harry, his wife and their color drifted out of his bronzed face, for three children, had watched the hewing of this is what he read: the joists and admired the mortising. They

HARRY: I guess you will think I am a scounthought few carpenters could have turned

drel ; but I was dead frozen sure that I had a sure such beautiful round pillars, or so dexter- tip on a wheat deal, and if I'd won out we would ously beaded the piazza railing ; and the all have been rich, for I meant to do the genersunburst carved over the north gable as- ous thing by Effie. But I was fooled. I had to sured Mrs. Leroy that their dwelling was

put up margins you know, and I had raised all

I could, and they wouldn't take my note without not merely a house but a mansion.

your endorsement. Now a man that used to be " I do wish Jay would come and see it,” a friend of mine, but has quarrelled with me on she would say twenty times a month. She politics, is out gunning for me, and has got that never added, “ Now, maybe, he'll be will

note, and it is likely he will send it to your town ing to stay with us!” She never distinctly for collection, as it is due to-day. I believe the

Harry, it's the penisaid it to herself ; that were to reflect on tentiary, no less. Harry, if you let me be arrest. Jay's affection; Jay, who was so amiable to ed, I swear I will blow my brains out. But if the children and often brought her a pretty you will save me this once I will never forget it as trifle from Chicago and always praised the long as I live! And I will pay you up certain

sure, and pay the other money you have lent me, cooking, although he lived in a hotel in

Every cent! There's another thing. I Chicago, where they had ice-cream every know R well. I've filled him up with your day for dinner. Yet the unavowed percep

great influence with the workingmen. Both tion of his discomfort over their humble

States are so confoundedly close this year that

the managers are opening their hearts. They are conditions moved beneath the current of willing to plank down $2,000 for your campaign her thoughts like an undertow. It sailed expenses (between ourselves they won't be any. openly through Harry's thoughts. But he thing to speak of) if you will do your best for us,

on both sides the river. Now, Harry, the note is never showed it to his wife, not even when

only $1,342 ; so if you accept you will have the Jay borrowed money of him for his hotel

money to meet it, in hand.

And it's sure; they bill. He lent the money silently, only tell- will pay half in advance, and half in November. ing himself that it were cheaper for him

Don't leave me in the hole, old man, for God's

sake! It would break Effie's heart. Burn this. did Jay come to his own house. • Oh,

— well, I must put up with his foolishness, Effie's so fond of him,” he said, tolerantly. Leroy sat perfectly still for a few minJay was Effie's only brother, younger than utes. His face continued to grow paler. she ; and she had stinted herself, all her Suddenly the tide turned in his heart. He youth, to earn him the education that she clinched his fists and crumpled the letter felt his abilities deserved. He was a young in them, while the blood began to color his Chicago lawyer and politician now, whose cheeks and forehead until they were a dull, fluent speech and fine clothes filled his sis- painful red. ter with a pride that she tried to believe His first distinct thought came as a bisatisfied all her hopes. He bowed to peo- cycle glided athwart his vision and the ple in Fairport that she only knew by name, child on it touched his little cap to him. and talked familiarly of all the great ones in He thought, "I can't get Tommy his bike

“ her little world. And once, at a political For me one, either.” He laughed : an meeting, she saw him on the platform American always laughs when he gets a among the vice-presidents, in his black sudden blow. "The $600 in the bank will

“ frock coat and white tie, stroking his mus- have to go. And—I guess I'll have to put tache and smiling, quite at home.

It was
a mortgage on the house.

I thought it so a glorious moment. Possibly Harry was awful fine when I got the other paid off. not so happy ; but he loved his wife, and Well, it will be more natural with one on. he had been a good friend to Jay. Oh, Lord!

Being so good a friend--a friend in need, His patient face contracted. If this one may say—he did not like the looks of was the first time,” he muttered, “ his brother-in-law's hand on a special de- I could be sure it would be the last !”


or if

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Drearily his memory took up the squalid minded at supper ; but he was gentle as roll of Jay's “troubles.” Jay had been always. grateful after each escape ; and came the After supper (and during the meal he more easily at the next peril.

couldn't help speculating whether they It was somehow wretchedly nagging to needed to have both eggs and meat at the remember Jay well dressed, jocose, lightly same time ; and how ever he should expushing his misdemeanors behind him. plain the need of minute frugalities to Ef“He to say I ought to get Effie a wheelfie without lying) he went down town. He like his ”—somehow Harry harped on this thought of riding; but withdrew his foot one string of his grievances—“when I got from the step of the car.

I'm getting her a good wheel, a pretty wheel that was extravagant,” said he. The same reflecten dollars more than she thought I was tion made him replace his tobacco-bag in going to pay! D - his airs !"

his pocket. “ Hullo, Harry !” a man called to him. The hall was a bare room, up two flights The man carried a tin dinner-pail and a of stairs. It was already filled with men, carpenter's kit. “You going to the meet- most of whom came in their working ing to-night? Big meeting. Darcy's go- clothes. There were so many dark flan

? ing to talk.”

nel shirts that the room wore a dismal air “ Politics, I suppose," said Harry. in spite of the raw white walls and the flar

· Yes, he'll skin the Shylocks alive. ing gas-jets. Most of the men were smokBetter come. Darcy was wonderful the ing, and an odor of stale beer, from the last time I heard him."

saloon below, mingled with the tobaccoThen Harry felt the same rush of blood smoke. A shout greeted Leroy's appearat his heart which he had felt before ; but, this time, he did not repel the thought in- He had never been there before. stinctively; he said : "All right, I don't


“I only came to see what you fellows mind hearing what you fellows have to would make out of it ! ” said he, brushing

the jubilant congratulations and welcomes " That's right,” said the other, evidently aside. “Oh, they all say that,” he heard. pleased. “You can answer if you want “ Just listen to Darcy ! “ I'll listen," to, you know."

said Leroy; "but I've been reading and He walked off, humming a tune. thinking a good while, and I am more than

Darcy was a smart fellow ; Harry was half of the opinionnot so sure as he would like to be. that he Yes? Yes? ” cried two or three at was honest.

He did not agree with him on the question that was in everybody's "I'm more than half of the opinion that mind ; he himself had been studying it you fellows haven't a leg to stand on!” for months in the laborious, thorough-go- “Aw, come off,” cried the most eager ing workingman's fashion. He had talked man, yet not angrily ; it was plain that it over with, his comrades at the shops ; Leroy was a great favorite. with 'Race Battles, the grocer, who had " I've knowed Harry to be right six given him a very fair abstract of Mr. Har- times," said another man, “ and I ain't court T. Wells's economical reasoning;with knowed him to be wrong once." Cochrane, and with Alderman McGinnis ; Well, that's a record.” slowly, his opinions had hardened. But “ Jest let him listen to Darcy!” cried he had held his tongue. Now, suppose the first speaker ; " Darcy is the boy!” Jay and his friends were right. A great Leroy sat as if he did not hear ; but it many people believed that they were right; was quickly passing through his consciousand that the triumph of their party would ness, like a vibration to that first thrill of make poor people rich.' Just suppose they gratified vanity, that there were other men were; he could easily—he hadn't commit- with whom his words would have equal ted himself to any party--well, where was weight. Suppose what the one party were the harm in hearing Darcy?

continually declaring should be true, and He shook his head and went upstairs to the defeat of their cause meant cruel hard his bath and his Saturday-night toilet. His times for workingmen, as well as paralysis wife fancied that he was rather absent- of the industries of the country, and na



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tional dishonor, what would those who had what hard times mean to laboring men. followed him over the precipice have the He did not need to imagine, he had only right to say to him? He listened without to remember. The drops were pricking interest to the early speakers, men who had his brow. He was roused by frantic not yet learned to marshal their ideas in cheers. Darcy had risen. connected and effective speech. One of Quietly he stood, his hand in the breast them was a man in his own shop, a good of his coat, waiting for the applause to subworker, but slow and unready ; he never side. He was slim, pale, with wavy

black would get any higher wages than he got hair and melancholy black eyes. He wore now; he was growing old ; he had a great a slender black mustache, his face otherfamily and a sickly wife. “I don't know wise being clean shaven. He was neatly, what's the matter, boys,” he mumbled, for almost foppisnly dressed, and his hands, in he had not many teeth, “I know I've particular, were most carefully kept. They worked hard for forty-two years, ever since were very white. As he talked he moved I was a boy of ten, and it does look like easily about, and his gestures, even in his things is gittin' harder every year.” most impassioned moments, never became Wages aren't. They're higher !

grotesque or violent. Darcy never tries called Leroy.

to scoop up the planks of the floor !” Dick “ And things to eat is cheaper !” called Williams expressed it. His chief oratorical the man who had known Harry to be right charm, however, was his voice, a beautisix times. He had a loud, cheerful voice, ful, magnetic organ that could deepen and a cheerful young face with many without growing harsh, and ring without freckles.

flattening on its highest notes. His tones “I ain't denying it ; but times is hard- floated, sweet, full, and thrilling into the er,” reiterated the speaker, turning his dim silent listener's ears. He began very quiand anxious eyes on Leroy. “I tell you, etly. He gave the ordinary arguments of gentlemen, we're ground under by the his political creed, but with a deft and fanmoney power, that's what's the trouble. I ciful turning of his own.

Then he sympagot ten children myself -"

thized with the old man who had spoken, “ That ain't the fault of the money pow- describing his honesty and industry so er,” observed the irrepressible cheerful warmly that he was between grins and

sobs ; from him Darcy fell upon an unde" And I had to borry fifteen dollars last fined and rather hazy money power ” May, and I had to give a morgige on my with such vehemence and glowing metawife's sewing-machine, and I've been pay- phors that the hearers yelled and shrieked ing ten per cent. a month on that, one hun- their delight. But honest Dick, after a dred and twenty per cent. a year. What sharp poring over his hero's face, observed, do you think of that? I ain't got it all dryly, “ Big talk; but say, where do we paid yit. I tell you, boys, I'm willing to

come in ?" vote any way to stop them kind of things." Harry shook his head. His heart sank

He sat down amid applause and cries, within him like a waterlogged boat. He " It's a shame !” “That's right!” “ Down had come to be convinced, to hear logic, with Shylock!” Two or three of the facts, what he himself called “the horse light-minded, however, were calling sono- sense of the situation." What he heard rously on Dick !” Dick Williams !” was a hash of exaggeration and falsehood, “ Dicky boy!” The cheerful man (he was gilded platitudes, hysterical wrenchings at Dick Williams) was whispering eagerly in the emotions, and frantic appeals to the Leroy's ear.

immemorial and wolfish prejudices of class “Wait for Darcy,” said Leroy. But against class. But how magnificently the while the next man rambled through the orator acted his sorry part ! Convincing “crimes” of the opposite party, by the himself with his own molten passion ! aid of notes, which he could not always Swaying himself and his audience in the read—in these intervals of embarrassing same breath! study being encouraged by Dick, with a “I call upon you to rebuke these Shyshout of “ Louder ! louder !”—Leroy set locks who eat the poor as it were bread !” his teeth and thought. He was thinking he shouted; “I might - so powerfully



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