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Stand any here that question, God's judgminent on a sinner? Behold! Behold a dreadful witness of it!


AUGUST, 1897

NO. 2




OW, a locomotive is, next to a “Where did this thing blow in from?'

marine engine, of course, the he asked, with a dreamy puff of light
most sensitive thing man ever steam.
made; and No. .007, besides “ It's all I can do to keep track of our
being sensitive, was new. The makes,” was the answer,“ without lookin'

red paint was hardly dry on his after your back-numbers. “ 'Guess it's spotless bumper-bar, his headlight shone something Peter Cooper left over when he like a fireman's helmet in a street parade, died.” and his cab might have been a hardwood- .007 quivered, his steam was getting up, finish parlor. They had run him into the but he held his tongue. Even a hand-car round-house after his trial- he had said knows what sort of locomotive it was that good-by to his best friend in the shops, the Peter Cooper experimented upon in the overhead travelling-crane ; the big world far-away thirties. It carried its coal and was just outside and—the other locos were water in two apple-barrels, and was not taking stock of him. He looked at the much bigger than a bicycle. semicircle of bold, unwinking headlights, Then up and spoke a small, newish, heard the low purr and mutter of the steam switching-engine, with a little step in front mounting in the gauges, scornful hisses of of his bumper-timber and his wheels so contempt as a slack valve lifted a little, and close together that he looked like a bronwould have given a month's oil for leave cho getting ready to buck. to crawl through his own driving-wheels Something's wrong with the road into the brick ash-pit beneath him. .007 when a Pennsylvania gravel-pusher tells us was an eight-wheeled " American" loco, anything about our stock, I think. That but a little different from others of his type, kid's all right. Eustis designed him, and and as he stood he was worth $10,000 on Eustis designed me.

Ain't that good the Company's books. But if you had enough guarantee?" bought him at his own valuation, after half .007 could have carried the switchingan hour's waiting in the darkish echoing loco round the yard in his tender, but he round-house, you would have saved exact- felt grateful for even this little word of ly nine thousand nine hundred and ninety- consolation. nine dollars and ninety-eight cents. A “We don't use hand-cars on the Pennheavy Mogul freight, with a short cow- sylvania,” said the Consolidation. “That catcher and a deep fire-box, that came –er-peanut-stand's old enough and ugly down within three inches of the rail, began enough to speak for himself.” the game, speaking to a Pittsburgh Con- He hasn't bin spoken to yet. He's solidation, who was visiting.

bin spoke at. Hain't ye any manners on Copyright, 1897, by Charles Scribner's Sons. All rights reserved.



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the Pennsylvania ?” said the switching- temptuously. “A heap you haul ! It's all loco.

you can do to bunt a cold-storage car up You ought to be in the yard, Poney," the yard. Now, I—"he paused a little to said the Mogul, severely. “We're all long- let the words sink in—“I handle the Flyhaulers here."

ing Freight-eleven cars worth just any“ That's what you think,” said the little thing you please to mention. On the fellow. “ You'll know more 'fore the stroke of eleven I pull out : and I'm timed night's out. I've been down to Track for thirty-five an hour. Costly-perishable Seventeen and the freight there - Oh, -fragile-immediate—that's me! SubChristmas !”

urban traffic's one degree better than " I've trouble enough in my own divis- switching. Express freight's what pays." ion," said a lean, light suburban loco, with Well, I ain't given to blowing, as a very shiny brake-shoes.

My commut- rule,” began the Pittsburgh Consolidation. ers wouldn't rest till they got a parlor-car. “ No ? You were sent in here because They've hitched it on just ahead o' the you grunted on the grade," Poney intercaboose, and it hauls worse'n a snow- rupted. plough. I'll snap her off some day sure, "Where I grunt, you'd lie down, Poney: and then they'll blame every one except but, as I was saying, I don't blow much. their fool-selves. They'll be askin' me to Notwithstandin', if you want to see freight haul a vestibuled next !”

that is freight, moved lively, you should “Made you in New Jersey, didn't see me warbling through the Alleghenies they ?” said Poney. “ Thought so. Com- with thirty-seven ore-cars behind me and muters and truck-wagons aren't any sweet the brakemen fightin' tramps till they can't haul, but I tell you they're a heap better'n attend to my tooter. I have to do all the cuttin' out refrigerator-cars or oil-tanks. holdin' back then, and, though I say it, Why, I've hauled

I've never had a load get away from me “Haul ! You ?” said the Mogul, con- yet. No, sir. Haulin's one thing, but


Then .007 put both drivers and his pilot into it, as the saying is, for he asked what sort of a thing a hot box might be ?—Page 138.

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