Puslapio vaizdai

been the inventor; but according to the Author of the book of Jalkut, it was only transmitted by him to his descendants, being one of the things which he received by revelation.

How then shall these Chapters be annominated ? Intercalary they shall not. That word will send some of my readers to Johnson's Dictionary for its meaning; and others to Sheridan, or Walker for its pronunciation. Besides I have a dislike to all mongrel words, and an especial dislike for strange compounds into which a preposition enters. I owe them a grudge. They make one of the main difficulties in Greek and German.

From our own Calendars we cannot borrow an appellation. In the Republican one of our neighbours, when the revolutionary fever was at its height, the supplemental days were called Sans-culottedes. The Spaniards would call them Dias Descamisados. The holders of liberal opinions in England would term them Radical Days. A hint might be taken hence, and we might name them radical chapters, as having the root of the matter in them;–Or ramal, if there were such a word, upon the analogy of the Branch Bible societies. Or ramage as the king of Cockayne hath his Foliage. But they would not be truly and philosophically designated by these names.

They are not branches from the tree of this history, neither are they its leaves ; but rather choice garlands suspended there to adorn it on festival days. They may be likened to the waste weirs of a canal, or the safety valves of a steam engine ; (my gentle Public would not have me stifle the afflatus .:)interludes ;-symphonies between the acts ;voluntaries during the service ;-resting places on the ascent of a church tower; angular recesses of an old bridge, into which foot passengers may retire from carriages or horsemen; houses-of-call upon the road ; seats by the way side, such as those which were provided by the Man of Ross, or the not less meritorious Woman of Chippenham, Maud Heath of Langley Burrel,-Hospices on the passages of the Alps,-Capes of Good Hope, or Isles of St. Helena,-yea Islands of Tinian or Juan Fernandez, upon the long voyage whereon we are bound.

Leap-chapters they cannot properly be called; and if we were to call them Ha Has ! as being chapters which the Reader may leap if he likes, the name would appear rather strained than significant, and might be justly censured as more remarkable for affectation than for aptness. For the same reason I reject the designation of Intermeans, though it hath the sanction of great Ben's authority.

Among the requisites for an accomplished writer Steele enumerates the skill whereby common words are started into new significations. I will not presume so far upon that talent (modesty forbids me—) as to call these

-intervening chapters either Interpellations or Interpositions, or Interlocations, or Intervals. Take this Reader for a general rule, that the readiest and plainest style is the most forcible (ifthe head be but properly stored ;) and that in all ordinary cases the word which first presents itself is the best ; even as in all matters of right and wrong, the first feeling is that which the heart owns and the conscience ratifies.

But for a new occasion, a new word or a new composite must be formed. Therefore I

will strike one in the mint of analogy, in which alone the king's English must be coined, and call them Interchapters-and thus endeth

[blocks in formation]

Perque vices aliquid, quod tempora longa videri
Non sinat, in medium vacuas referamus ad aures.





These are my thoughts; I might have spun them out into a greater length, but I think a little plot of ground, thick sown, is better than a great field which, for the most part of it, lies fallow.


“ Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old his feet will not depart from it.” Generally speaking it will be found so; but is there any other rule to which there are so many exceptions ?

Ask the serious Christian as he calls himself, or the Professor (another and more fitting appellative which the Christian Pharisees have chosen for themselves) -ask him whether he has found it hold good ? Whether his sons when they attained to years of discretion

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