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1889. In June, to Seascale (last "Præterita ");

Age 70.

returning to

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1860. [Unto this Last], four essays on the first principles of Political Economy (Cornhill Magazine); reprinted as “Unto this Last," 1862 (Smith, Elder, & Co.), and five subsequent editions (George Allen). With this may be named : "The Rights of Labour according to John Ruskin," arranged by Thomas Barclay (extracts from "Unto this Last," with a letter from Mr. Ruskin), 1887 (C. Merrick, Leicester); edition 2 (n. d.); edition 3, 1889 (W. Reeves).

1861.Tree Twigs" (Proceedings of the Royal Institution), reprinted separately; also in "On the Old Road."

1862-63.[Munera Pulveris]: Essays in Political Economy (Fra

ser's Magazine); reprinted as "Munera Pulveris ; "three

editions (George Allen).


1863. Forms of the Stratified Alps of Savoy" (Proceedings of the Royal Institution), reprinted separately: also reprinted with variations in "The Geologist" for July, 1863; and reported fully in French in the Journal de Genève, Sept. 2, 1863; also in "On the Old Road."


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"Sesame and Lilies;" four editions (Smith, Elder); and six editions (Allen) in original form. Revised and enlarged by the addition of lecture on "The Mystery of Life" (printed in Dublin Afternoon Lectures, 1869), in which form five editions have appeared (Allen). The Lecture on the Queens' Gardens was printed as a pamphlet in aid of the St. Andrew's Schools Fund, 1864.

1865. "Notes on the Shape and Structure of some parts of the Alps," etc. (Geol. Mag. for Feb. and May).

1865-66." The Cestus of Aglaia; " nine papers in the Art Fournal, partly reprinted in "On the Old Road" and in "The Queen of the Air."

1866. "The Ethics of the Dust" (Smith, Elder), and four subsequent editions (Allen).

1866. "The Crown of Wild Olive;" three editions (Smith, Elder), and five subsequent editions (Allen). Of these lectures were printed separately: 66 War," 1866; and "The

Future of England," a paper read at the Royal Artillery

Institution, Woolwich, 1869.

1867.—"Report on the Turner Drawings in the National Gallery" (Annual Reports, Nat. Gall.).

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1867. "Time and Tide by Weare and Tyne;" twenty-five letters first published in the Manchester Examiner and the Leeds Mercury; two editions (Smith, Elder), and three subsequent editions (Allen).

1867-70. - "On Banded and Brecciated Concretions; 99

papers in the Geol. Mag.


1868. - Introduction to “German Popular Stories," illustrated by Cruikshank (John Camden Hotten).

1868. — (First) “Notes on the General Principles of Employment for the Destitute and Criminal Classes;" two issues in the same year.

1869. Catalogue of Pictures sold at Christie's.

1869. — Catalogue of Pictures in Illustration of Lecture on the Flamboyant Architecture of the Valley of the Somme. 1869. -"The Queen of the Air;" two editions (Smith, Elder), and three subsequently (Allen).

1870. "Verona and its Rivers" (Proceedings of the Royal In" also stitution), reprinted in "On the Old Road;

"Catalogue of Drawings and Photographs" (illustrating the above lecture), reprinted in "On the Old Road." 1870.- "Lectures on Art; " three editions (Clarendon Press), and small edition (Allen).

1870."Catalogue of Examples arranged for Elementary Study.

in the University Galleries" (Clarendon Press). With this may be named: "Catalogue of the Reference Series " (1871); Catalogue of the Educational Series " (1871 and 1874); and "Instructions in Elementary Drawing" (1872), five editions. 1871.—“The Range of Intellectual Conception proportioned to the Rank in Animated Life;" a paper for the Metaphysical Society; also printed in the Contemporary Review for June, and in "On the Old Road."


"Fors Clavigera." Letters 1-84 published monthly


from Jan. 1, 1871, to Dec. 1, 1877. Letters 85-96 (1-12 of the New Series) published at intervals from 1878 to 1884; afterwards collected in eight volumes (Allen). With this may be named: "Index to Vols. I. and II.," 1873; "Index to Vols. III. and IV.,” 1875 (Allen). Article on J. D. Forbes chiefly from "Fors " No. 34, in Rendu's "Glaciers of Savoy," translated by Alfred Wills, Q. C. (Macmillan). "Letter to Young Girls," from "Fors" Nos. 65 and 66; eighteen editions up to 1890 (Allen). Also the following publications relating to St. George's Guild: "Abstract of the Objects and Constitution," 1878; "Memorandum and Articles of Association," 1878; "Master's Report" for 1879, 1881, 1884, 1885; "General Statement explaining the Nature and Purposes," 1882, two editions (Allen); "Contents of large sliding frames" (in Museum), 1879; "Catalogue of Drawings made for the Guild and Exhibited at the Fine Art Society's Gallery," 1886; and "Catalogue of Minerals in the Museum."

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"Aratra Pentelici," three editions (Allen).

1872. "The Relation between Michael Angelo and Tintoret," three editions (Allen).

1872.The Eagle's Nest," three editions (Allen).


1872. "Monuments of the Cavalli Family, Verona" (Arundel Society); reprinted in "On the Old Road."

1872. — Preface to "Christian Art and Symbolism "by the Rev. R. St. J. Tyrwhitt (Smith, Elder), reprinted in "On the Old Road."


1873. The Nature and Authority of Miracle:" a paper for the Metaphysical Society, reprinted privately; published in the Contemporary Review for March, 1873, and in “On the Old Road."

1873."Love's Meinie," Parts I. and II. published separately, two editions; Part III. was issued in 1881. The complete volume in 1882 (Allen).

1873. — “Ariadne Florentina," six lectures issued separately; subsequently as one volume, in two editions (Allen).

1874. "Val d'Arno," ten lectures issued separately; subsequently as one volume, in three editions (Allen).

1875."Notes on .. the Royal Academy," four editions (Allen, and Ellis & White).

1875-77. — “Mornings in Florence;" six parts issued separately, in three editions (Allen). With this may be named: "The

Shepherd's Tower" (photographs of Giotto's Campanile), 1881 (William Ward).

1875-86."Proserpina," ten parts in several editions; collected into two volumes (Allen).

1875-83.-"Deucalion,” eight parts, some of which ran to two editions; collected into two volumes (Allen). With this may be named: "Yewdale and its Streamlets," reprinted from the Kendal Mercury, 1877; "The Limestone Alps of Savoy," by W. G. Collingwood; edited with introduction by Mr. Ruskin as supplement to “Deucalion,” 1884 (Allen).

1876. Modern Warfare" (Fraser's Mag. for July), reprinted in "Arrows of the Chace."

1876. Preface and Notes to "The Art Schools of Mediæval Christendom," by Miss A. C. Owen (Mozley & Smith); reprinted in "On the Old Road."

1876. Preface to "A Protest against the Extension of Railways in the Lake District," by Robert Somervell (J. Garnett, and Simpkin & Marshall); reprinted in "On the Old Road."


"Bibliotheca Pastorum," Vol. I.; "The Economist of Xenophon," translated by A. D. O. Wedderburn, and W. G. Collingwood; edited with preface by Mr. Ruskin (Ellis & White, and G. Allen).

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1877. "Bibliotheca Pastorum," Vol. II., "Rock Honeycomb; Sir Philip Sidney's "Psalter," with Preface and Commentary by Mr. Ruskin (Ellis & White, and G. Allen). Vol. III. was not published.

1877. — “Guide to the Principal Pictures in the Academy of Fine Arts at Venice," in two parts; two editions (Venice, and G. Allen).

1877-84. "St. Mark's Rest" in three parts; together with

Appendix, "Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus," by A. D. O. Wedderburn, 1882; First Supplement, "The Shrine of the Slaves" by Mr. Ruskin (also translated into Italian by Conte Cav. G. P. Zanelli, 1885); and Second Supplement, "The Place of Dragons" by J. R. Anderson, 1879 (the above published by G. Allen); and "Illustrative Photographs" (William Ward).

1877-78. "The Laws of Fésole," in four parts in various editions; collected into one volume, 1879; edition 2, 1882 (Allen). 1878. — “An Oxford Lecture" (Nineteenth Century for Jan.), reprinted in "On the Old Road."

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