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IN these scientific days much attention is paid to the care of children. Boys and girls in intelligent families are not al owed to grow "like weeds," but every effort is made that they shall mature with robust constitutions and a wealth of health to see them through later life.

In this process, sometimes, less discrimination is shown in regard to the brain food than in the bodybuilding supplies. Parents decide upon a course of education, and, aside from the selection of the school, oftentimes make little effort to provide the extra ration of information which boys and girls crave. School broadens their point of view and makes them realize the untold riches to be found in books and magazines.

It is difficult for older people to keep pace with the printed matter produced for their own age and in

terest, let alone dipping into that published for children. One chooses by hearsay and off-hand recommendation, sometimes unwittingly and often unwisely.

It is a happy family, indeed, that solves the major portion of this problem by bringing ST. NICHOLAS into the home library. This magazine furnishes food for youthful brains, and, in addition, entertainment, inspiration, and encouragement. ST. NICHOLAS, for forty-nine years, has been the chief joy of the youth of this country, and there are thousands upon thousands of men and women who rise up to-day and bless the benefactor who first brought its treasures to them.

ST. NICHOLAS is a well-balanced, sane, safe, and sensible magazine to bring into your family. It has a good sense of humor and a ready wit. It is very much like welcoming the jolly Saint himself.

If, perchance, your home is one in which ST. NICHOLAS
is missing, make good the lapse of duty to your boys and
girls, and to yourself, by filling in and sending the
attached blank at once.

Concord, N. H., or

THE CENTURY CO. 1353 Fourth Avenue, New York City:


C. 10-22

Please find enclosed $4, for which send ST. NICHOLAS for one year, beginning with the November number, to

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"I didn't know Enamels could be so beautiful. I love these rooms!"

"That's the new Luxeberry Enamel, ma'am. Berry Brothers certainly made a wonderful success with it."

"But how did you get that soft light in it? I was afraid I might not like so many rooms in Enamel-so often they have a hard, icy glare."

"This new Luxeberry doesn't. It dries naturally to that deep, rich lust re. You can wash those panels, just like a china dish. Why, the Luxeberry they make now is so wear resisting

It's the NEW Idea

it can be used outdoors as well as in." "Will it stay white?" "Absolutely! It will hold that snowy white a long time." "You surely must enjoy making rooms so beautiful."

"I'm proud of every job I do in the new Luxeberry. It is easy to handle, too. It flows out nicely, as painters say. It covers a lot of space and hides the old surface completely. It doesn't need rubbing, as most enamels do, but dries of itself to that soft. velvety finish you like."

Luxeberry Enamel also comes in six beautiful tints. Made by Berry Brothers, the makers of Liquid Granite Floor Varnish.



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