The Journal of the Royal Geographic Society of London, 29 tomas

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J. Murray, 1859
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"List of geographical works and maps recently published" in vol. 6-11.

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cxxv psl. - Earl Grey offered him, in 1830, the post of First Lord of the Admiralty, with a seat in the cabinet. He...
329 psl. - He is at once very good-tempered and hard-hearted, combative and cautious ; kind at one moment, cruel, pitiless, and violent at another; sociable and unaffectionate ; superstitious and grossly irreverent; brave and cowardly ; servile and oppressive ; obstinate, yet fickle and fond of change; with points of honour, but without a trace of honesty in word or deed; a lover of life, yet addicted to suicide; covetous and parsimonious, yet thoughtless and improvident.
198 psl. - ... and probably carrying a load of firewood on her head. The medical treatment of the Arabs with salt and various astringents for forty days is here unknown. Twins are not common as amongst the Kafir race, and one of the two is invariably put to death ; the universal custom amongst these tribes is for the mother to wrap a gourd or calabash in skins, to place it to sleep with, and to feed it like, the survivor. If the wife die without issue, the widower claims from her parents the sum paid to them...
334 psl. - When childhood is passed, the father and son become natural enemies, after the manner of wild beasts. Yet they are a sociable race, and the sudden loss of relatives sometimes leads from grief to hypochondria and
lvii psl. - Peaks, Passes, and Glaciers: a Series of Excursions by Members of the Alpine Club. Edited by JOHN BALL, MRIA, FLS, President of the Alpine Club.
242 psl. - At times, when excited by the morning coolness and by the prospect of a good haul, they indulge in a manner of merriment which resembles the gambols of sportive water-fowls : standing upright and balancing themselves in their hollow logs, which appear but little larger than themselves, they strike the water furiously with their paddles, skimming over the surface, dashing to and fro, splashing one another, urging forward, backing, and wheeling their craft, now capsizing, then regaining their position...
242 psl. - otter " of Oman, a triangle of stout reeds, which shows the position of the net. A stronger kind, and used for the larger ground-fish, is a cage of open basket-work, provided, like the former, with a bait and two entrances. The fish once entangled cannot escape, and a log of wood, used as a trimmer, attached to a float-rope of rushy plants, direct* the fisherman.
59 psl. - ... of gnu and antelope prancing and pacing over their pastures. The climate is hot and oppressive, and the daily sea-breeze, which extends to the head of the Mgeta valley, is lost in the lower levels. About Zungomero rain is constant, except for a single fortnight in the month of January ; it seems to the stranger as if the crops must infallibly decay, but they do not. At most times the sun, even at its greatest northern declination, shines through a veil of mist with a sickly blaze and a blistering...
346 psl. - Zanzibar, avers, and his companions bear witness to his words, that on one occasion, when travelling northwards from Unyanyembe, the possession occurred to himself. During the night two female slaves, his companions, of whom one was a child, fell) without apparent cause, into the fits which denote the approach of a spirit. Simultaneously the master became as one intoxicated ; a dark mass, material, not spiritual...
213 psl. - Tanganyika Lake, as it lay in the lap of the mountains, basking in the gorgeous tropical sunshine. Below and beyond a short foreground of rugged and precipitous hillfold, down which the footpath zigzags painfully, a narrow strip of emerald green, never sere, and...

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