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Is embodied in the '96 Model Bull's-Eye Cameras.
Load in daylight with our light-proof film cartridges.
They make photography easy for the novice - de-
lightful for every one.

$8.00 and $12.00. Booklet free.


As a pastime or
A means of a livelihood
photography with



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fault with paper a starp as an evidence of good faith. But if you had all the gold in the world you would still want a good knife. We have 600 patterns.

OUR DAINTIEST AND BEST KNIFE. 3 blades, cut exact size; choicest pearl handle, price, postpaid, $1.25. Equals any $2.00 razor in steel and temper. With 2 blades, $1.00; 4 blades, $1.50; 6 blades, $2.00. No finer

blades can be made. Elegant 3-blade “Congress," $1.50. This (lower) cut is exact size of our 75c. knife, 2 blades, razor steel, and well worth it; but we will mail you one for a while for 480., 5 RAZOR STEEL

for $2.00. Our 7-inch shears, 6oc.;

knife and shears, $1.00. Fine 3blade pen-knife, $1.00. Ladies' 2-blade pearl, 350. Pruning knife, 75C.; grafting, 25c.; budding, 55C.; pruning shears, goc., post-paid. Hollow ground

razor, $1.25. Best strop ever made,
50C. Razor, strop, and 75c. knife for
$2.00. Send for free 80-
page list and “How to Use a
Razor.” Address
631 Adams St., Toledo, Ohio.


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A warm shampoo with Cuticura Soap, and a single application of Cuticura (ointment), the great skin cure, clear the scalp and hair of crusts, scales, and dandruff, allay itching, soothe irritation, stimulate the hair follicles, and nourish the roots, thus producing Luxuriant Hair, with a clean, wholesome scalp, when all else fails.

Sold throughout the world, and especially by English and American chemists in all the principal cities. British depot: F. NEWBERY & Sons, 1, King Edward-st., London. POTTER DRUG & CHEM. CORP., Sole Props, Boston, U. S. A.


PROFESSIONAL MEN Surveying & Mapping Mining & Prospecting TAUGHT YOUNG MEN Electricity

and others who cannot

BY Machine Design

afford to lose time from Mechanical Drawing

work. Send for Free Cir.

MAN cular and References, Steam Engineering

Stating the Subject yos (Stat., Loco. & Mar.)

wish to Study, to Architectural Drawins THOROUGH

The International Plumbing & Heating PRACTICA Correspondence Sehools English Branches

Box 920, Serantoa, Pa. Prof. I, HUBERT'S

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For Beautifying the Complexion. Removes all Freckles, Tan, Sunburn, Pimples, Liver Moles, and other imperfections. Not covering but refios ing all blemishes, and permanently restoring the com. plexion to its original freshness. For sale at Draggists, o sont postpaid on receipt of hos Lee Prof.I. Hubert

SOAP 25 Cents a Cake.


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600 SECOND HAND BICYCLES All makes Must Be Closed Out, $5.00 to $25.00 each. Send for Descriptive Lists

H. S. MEAD & PRENTISS, Chicago, Ill.

The works of Sir E. Burne Jones,
Watts and Rossetti in Platinotype,
by Fred. Hollyer London, England.

free. American agents.

WILLIS & CLEMENTS, 1624 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa

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A Dialogue, including the FULL TEXT of Bryan's Famous Madison Square
Garden Speech, together with Complete Answers to Each Argu-

ment by Various Significant Characters.

Author of “Science of Selling." The large and promiscuous mass of matter - good and bad — written upon the subject of Free Silver is almost bewildering, rather than clearly enlightening to the busy man.

“THE BOOMERANG" has cleared away the rubbish by condensing and popularizing the whole argument on the Sound Money side - taking Mr. Bryan's speech for the whole argument on the Free Silver side, thus enabling every voter for the outlay of A HALF DOLLAR OF MONEY To sum up the whole AND

matter and come to an A HALF DAY OF TIME intelligent decision.

The dialogue is fascinating from beginning to end---nothing dry, nothing tedious: it is the subject of finance simplified and clarified. The Jester, one of the characters of the play, keeps the reader delighted with his wit and timely quotations.

Hon. Robert P. Porter, ex-Commissioner of the Census, says: “My dear Mr. Barcus: You have pricked every one of the Popo-Democratic bubbles.

. It is a complete answer to Bryan. For a popular presentation of the issues of the day it cannot be excelled."

Gen. Chas. H. Grosvenor, Congressman from Ohio, says: “It is an admirable and unanswerable reply and exposé of the great mass of fallacies in the speech, platform, and history of the Demo-Populistic candidate. A great aid to the movement now being pushed to defeat Bryan and rescue the country from the threatened grasp of blatant demagogues and mistaken followers of bad leaders. I cannot too strongly recommend it.”

Our facilities for manufacturing this most desirable volume are unlimited, and orders will be filled promptly by mail or express prepaid to any part of the United States. Send all requests with remittance of 50 cts. to

J. S. BARCUS & CO., 109-111 Fifth Avenue, New-York.

The Young Ladies' Journal

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THE QUEEN OF FASHION JOURNALS, Much Enlarged and improved.

The October Number NOW READY. HE Magnificent Album of Brilliant Colored Fashion Plates, made in Paris, together with the

Gigantic Supplement, gives the new Budget of Autumn Fashions unequaled excellence and variety. No lady wishing to see the very latest Correct Paris Fashions should fail to secure the October part of The Young Ladies' Journal.

This issue contains the beginning of a New Serial Story. There are also short stories; articles on
Fashion and Fancy Work, the Home and Cookery, Poetry, Music, etc., etc.

All in a white cover, beautifully printed in colors.

Price, 30 Cents ; Yearly, $4.00. Including the Extra Christmas Number.
83 & 85 Duane St., New York, ONE DOOR EAST OF BROADWAY.

Subscriptions received for any Periodical, Foreign or Domestic.
For the SEWING Machine where

say you - not a bit. Did you not there is water pressure.

take advantage of the early price and One of our leading physicians writes us

buy your winter's coal? that this motor has done more to save the

It's the same with sleighs and cuthealth of women than all the medicines in

ters. Why not decide on what you the dispensary. Sent on approval to re

want and buy now! Our catalogue sponsible parties. Large motors supplied

will help you; so will our prices. up to ten horse-power. Send for pamphlet.

Waterloo Wagon Co., Ltd. TUERK HYDRAULIC POWER CO.

Waterloo, N. Y. 39 Dearborn St. Chicago. 23 Vandewater St. N.Y.

All you have guessed about life

insurance may



you PAY wish to know the truth, send for

Endorsed by Educators, Scientific, Professional and

Business Men all over the world. Abridged from six books to POST“ How and Why,” issued by the

one. Handsomely bound, with portrait and autograph. Price $2.50, PENN MUTUAL LIFE, 921–3-5

American; nos. ód., English." Prospectus and testimonials sent AGE

FREE. Address, A. LOISETTE, 337 Fifth Avenue, New York, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

or 200 Regent Street, London, England. NOT STAMMER." The PHILADELPHIA INSTITUTE has been in successful operation for twelve years, and in that time hundreds of the most severe cases have been permanently cured. The method used is the fruit of long

and Lead Noises relieved by using personal effort of Mr. Edwin S. Johnston to overcome an impedi

Wilson Common Sense Ear Drum.. ment with which he had suffered for forty years. His treatment

New scientific inventio; diferent from all never fails when the conditions make the cure possible. The School

other devices. The only safe, simple, comfort

able and invisibla Ear Drum in the world. is endorsed by Hon. JOHN WANAMAKER, Ex-Postmaster Gen. U.S., Bishop Cyrus D. Foss, M. E. CHURCH, Phila., and Prof. H. C. Drum in

Helps where medical skili fails. No wire or

string attachment. Write for pamphlet. WOOD, M. D., LL. D., University of Pa. Send for 60-page Book

WILSON EAR DRUM CO., to the PHILADELPHÍA INSTITUTE, 1033 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

$ 105 Trust Bldg., Louisville, By Once3

R. 121, 1122 Broadway, N. Y.


Assimilative Memory System,



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Fruit & Ornamental.

Shrubs, Roses, Etc. FOR FALL PLANTING.


LARGEST AND CHOICEST COLLECTIONS IN AMERICA. General catalogue beautifully illustrated FREE to regular customers, to others 10c. ELLWANGER & BARRY, Mt. Hope Nurseries, Rochester, N.Y.


You Would Use Typewriter

If you could buy it right.

We can sell you any of the standard makes at a saving of from 40 to 60%. Fully guaranteed. Shipped

with privilege of examination. Write us for catalogue. FOUR STORES { %

38 Court Sq., Boston; 818 Wyandotte St., Kansas City. A Novelty

Your name and address, photos, society and trade emblems, eminent men and women, aetresses,

machinery, etc., under durable transparent handles. WARRANTED

best of material and workmanship and free from defects. Knife Knife

same style as cut, $1.20; 3 blades, $1.60; heavy 2 bladed. 81.50:

Carpenter's knife, 3 blades. 2.00; Razor, novelty

handle, $3.50; Ladies' knife, 2 blades, Sle. 3 blades, $1,25; Boy's knife, 2 blades 750.

Special photos in knife each, 250, extra. Stamp photos $1.00 per 100. Circular for stamp


8 Bar Street,



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