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voice, « whom you care for, whom you would don't. But as soon as he began to care about send for now to advise and help you ? » you-just contrariness, I suppose-I began to

« Thank you,» said Letty, calmly, leaning feel that I could kill anybody that took him against the little writing-table, and beating from me, and kill myself afterward! Oh, good the ground lightly with her foot. «I don't gracious! there was plenty of reason for his want anyone. And I don't know why you getting tired of me. I'm not the sort of pershould trouble yourself about it.”

son to let any one get the whip-hand of me, But for the first time, and against its and I would spend his money as I liked, and I owner's will, the hard tone wavered.

would ask the persons I chose to the house; Marcella rose impetuously again, and came and, above all, I was n't going to be pestered toward her.

with looking after and giving up to his dread«When one thinks of all the long years of ful mother, who made my life a burden to me. married life,” she said, still trembling, «of Oh! why do you look so white? Well, I dare the children that may come — »

say it does sound atrocious. I don't care. Letty lifted her eyebrows.

Perhaps you 'll be still more horrified when « If one happened to wish for them. But I you know that they came round this afterdon't happen to wish for them-never did. noon, when I was out and George was gone, I dare say it sounds horrid. Anyway, one to tell me that Lady Tressady was frightneed n't take that into consideration.» fully ill-dying, I think my maid said. And I

«And your husband-your husband, who have n't given it another thought since-not must be miserable, whose great gifts will be one-till now » -- she struck one hand against all spoiled unless you will somehow give up the other— « because directly afterward the your anger and make peace? And instead of butler told me of your visit this afternoon, that you are only thinking of revenging your- and that you were coming again, and I was n't self, of making more ruin and pain. It breaks going to think of anything else in the world one's heart! And it would need such a little but you and George. No; don't look like that, effort on your part-only a few words written don't come near me-I'm not mad. I assure or spoken- to bring him back, to end all this you I'm not mad! But that's all by the way. unhappiness! »

What was I saying? Oh! that George had «Oh, George can take care of himself,» cause enough to stop caring about me. Of said Letty, provokingly; « so can I. Besides, course he had; but if he's lost to me I shall you have sent him away.)

give him a good deal more cause before we've Marcella looked at her in despair. Then done. That other man-you know him, Cathesilently she turned away, and Letty saw that dine-gave me a kiss this afternoon when we she was searching for the gloves and hand- were in a wood together » — the same involunkerchief she had been carrying in her hand tary shudder overtook her, while she still held when she came in.

her companion at arm's length. «Oh, he is a Letty watched her take them up; then said brute-a brute! But what do I care what suddenly, « Are you going away ? »

happens to me? It 's so strange I don't, « It is best, I think. I can do nothing.» rather creditable, I think, -for, after all, I

« I wish I knew why you came to see me at like parties, and being asked about. But now all! They say, of course, you are very much George hates me, and let you send him away in love with Lord Maxwell. Perhaps that from me, why, of course it 's all simple made you sorry for me ? »

enough! I-don't- don't come-Ishall never, Marcella's pride leaped at the mention by never forgive-it's just being tired --->> those lips of her own married life. Then she But Marcella sprang forward. Mercifully, drove her pride down.

there is a limit to nerve endurance, and Letty « You have put it better than I have been in her raving had overpassed it. She sank able to do all the time.) Her mouth parted gasping on a sofa, still putting out her hand in a slight, sad smile. «Good night.» as though to protect herself. But Marcella

Letty took no notice. She sat down on the knelt beside her, the tears running down her arm of a chair near her. Her eyes suddenly cheeks. She put her arms-arms formed for blazed, her face grew dead white.

tenderness, for motherliness-round the girl's « Well, if you want to know,” she said, - slight frame. «Don't--don't repulse me!» she

" 4 no, don't go; I don't mean to let you go just said, with trembling lips, and suddenly Letty yet, -I am about the most miserable wretch yielded. She found herself sobbing in Lady going! There; you may take it or leave it; Maxwell's embrace, while all the healing, all it's true. I don't suppose I cared much about the remorse, all the comfort that self-abanGeorge when I married him; plenty of girls donment and pity can pour out on such a plight as hers, descended upon her from Mar- messengers and forerunners of diviner things cella's clinging touch, her hurried, fragmen- passed and repassed through the spaces of tary words. Assurances that all could be Letty's soul as she lay white and passive made right, entreaties for gentleness and under Marcella's yearning look. There was a patience, revelations of her own inmost heart marvelous relief, besides, -much of it a physias a wife far too sacred for the ears of Letty cal relief, - in this mere silence, this mere Tressady, little phrases and snatches of auto- ceasing from angry railing and offense. biography steeped in an exquisite experience Marcella was still sitting beside her, hold- the nature Letty had rained her blows upon ing her hands, and talking in the same low kept nothing back, gave her all its best. voice, when suddenly the loud sound of a bell How irrelevant much of it was!- checkered clanged through the house. Letty sprang up, throughout by those oblivions and optimisms white and startled. and foolish hopes by which such a nature as «What can it be? It 's past ten o'clock. Marcella's protects itself from the hard facts It can't be a telegram.) of the world. By the time she had ranged Then a guilty remembrance struck her. She through every note of entreaty and consola- hurried to the door as Kenrick entered. tion, Marcella had almost persuaded herself «Lady Tressady's maid would like to see and Letty that George Tressady had never you, my lady. They want Sir George's adsaid a word to her beyond the commonplaces dress. The doctors think she will hardly live of an ordinary friendship; she had passion- over to-morrow.) ately determined that this blurred and spoiled And behind Kenrick, Justine, the French marriage could and should be mended, and maid, pushed her way in, weeping and exthat it lay with her to do it; and in the spirit claiming. Lady Tressady, it seemed, had been of her audacious youth she had taken upon in frightful pain all the afternoon. She was herself the burden of Letty's character and now easier for the moment, though dangerfate, vowing herself to a moral mission, to a ously exhausted. But if the heart attacks long patience. The quality of her own nature, returned during the next twenty-four hours perhaps, made her bear Letty's violences and nothing could save her. The probability was frenzies more patiently than would have been that they would return, and she was asking possible to a woman of another type; gener- piteously for her son, who had seen her, Jusous remorse and regret, combined with her tine believed, the day before these seizures ignorance of Letty's history and the details began, just before his departure for Paris, and of Letty's life, led her even to look upon these had written. «Et la pauvre âme!» cried the violences as the effects of love perverted, the Frenchwoman at last, not caring what she anguish of a jealous heart. Imagination keen said to this amazing daughter-in-law. « Elle and loving drew the situation for her in rapid est là toujours, quand les douleurs s'apaisent strokes, draped Letty in the subtleties and un peu, écoutant, espérant-et personne ne powers of her own heart, and made forbear- vient-personne ! Voulez-vous bien, madame, ance easy.

me dire où on peut trouver Sir George?» As for Letty, her whole being surrendered « Poste restante, Trouville,” said Letty, itself to a mere ebb and flow of sensations. sullenly. «It is the only address that I That she had been able thus to break down know of.» the barriers of Marcella's stateliness filled her But she stood there irresolute and frownall through, in her passion as in her yielding, ing, while the French girl, hardly able to conwith a kind of exultation. A vision of a tall tain herself, stared at the disfigured face, figure in a white-and-silver dress, sitting stiff demanding by her quick-breathing silence, and unapproachable beside her in the Castle by her whole attitude, something else, someLuton drawing-room, fled through her mind thing more than Sir George's address. now and then, only to make the wonder of this Meanwhile Marcella waited in the backpleading voice, these confidences, this pity, ground, obliged to hear what passed, and the more wonderful. But there was more struck with amazement. It is, perhaps, truer than this and better than this. Strange up- of the moral world than of the social that one wellings of feelings long trampled on and half of it never conceives how the other half suppressed; momentary awakenings of con- lives. George Tressady's mother, alone, dyscience, of repentance, of regret; sharp reali- ing, in her son's absence, and Letty Tressady zations of an envy that was no longer ignoble, knew nothing of her illness till it had become but moral; softer thoughts of George; the a question of life and death, and had then suffocating, unwilling recognition of what actually refused to go-forgotten the sumlove meant in another's woman's life-these mons even!


When Letty, feverish and bewildered, night. But you will be there if the illness turned back to the companion whose heart comes on again. You would feel it terribly had been poured out before her during this if-if she died all alone, with Sir George past hour of high emotion, she saw a new ex- away.” pression in Lady Maxwell's eyes from which « Died!» Letty repeated half angrily. « But she shrank.

that would be so horrible; what could I do? » «Ought I to go? » she said fretfully, almost Marcella looked at her with a strange smile. like a peevish child, putting her hand to her « Only be kind, only forget everything but brow.

her! » « My carriage is down-stairs,” said Mar- The softness of her voice had yet a severity cella, quickly. «I can take you there at once. beneath it that Letty felt, but had no spirit Is there a nurse?» she asked, turning to the to resent. Rather it awakened an uneasy and maid.

painful sense that, after all, it was not she Oh, yes; there was an excellent nurse, just who had come off conqueror in this great eninstalled, or Justine could not have left her counter. The incidents of the last half-hour mistress; and the doctor close by could be seemed in some curious way to have reversed got at a moment's notice. But the poor lady their positions. Letty, smarting, felt that her wanted her son, or at least some one of the relation to George's dying mother had refamily, - Justine bit her lip, and threw a ner- vealed her to Lady Maxwell far more than vous side-glance at Letty, -and it went to any wild and half-sincere confessions could the heart to see her. The girl found relief in have done. Her vanity felt a deep, inner describing her mistress's state to this grave wound, yet of a new sort. At any rate, Marand friendly lady, and showed more feeling cella's self-abasement was over, and Letty inand sincerity in speaking of it then than might stinctively realized that she would never see have been expected from her affected dress it again, while at the same time a new and and manner.

clinging need had arisen in herself. The very Meanwhile Letty seemed to be wandering neighborhood of the personality beside her aimlessly about the room. Marcella went up had begun to thrill and subjugate her. She to her.

had been sufficiently aware before-envi« Your hat is here on this chair. I have a ously, hatefully aware-of all the attributes shawl in the carriage. Won't you come at and possessions that made Maxwell's wife a once, and leave word to your maid to bring great person in the world of London. What after you


want? Then I can go on, was stealing upon her now was glamour if you wish it, and send your telegram to Sir and rank and influence of another kind, not George.

unmixed, no doubt, with more mundane « But you wanted him to do something?» thoughts. No ordinary preacher, no middlesaid Letty, looking at her uncertainly. class eloquence, perhaps, would have sufficed

«Mothers come first, I think,” said Mar- - nothing less dramatic and distinguished cella, with a smile of wonder. «It is best to than the scene which had actually passed, write it before we go. Will you tell me what than a Marcella at her feet. Well, there to say ? »

are many modes and grades of conversion. She went to the writing-table, and had to Whether by what was worst in her or what write the telegram with small help from was best; whether the same weaknesses of Letty, who, in her dazed, miserable soul, was character that had originally inflamed her had still fighting some demonic resistance or other now helped to subdue her or no, what matter ? to the step asked of her. Instinctively and So much stood--that one short hour had gradually, however, Marcella took command been enough to draw this vain, selfish nature of her. A few quiet words to Justine sent within a moral grasp she was never again to her to make arrangements with Grier. Then shake off. Letty found a cloak that had been sent for Meanwhile, as they drove toward Warwick being drawn round her shoulders, and was Square, Marcella's only thought was how to coaxed to put on her hat. In another minute hand her over safe to her husband. A sense she was in the Maxwells' brougham, with her of agonized responsibility awoke in the elder hand clasped in Marcella's.

woman at the thought of Cathedine; but no "They will want me to sit up,” she said, more emotion, only common sense and gendashing an irrelevant tear from her eyes, as tleness. they drove away. «I am so tired-and I hate As they neared Warwick Square Letty illness!»

withdrew her hand. « Very likely they won't let you see her to- «I don't suppose you will ever want to see VOL. LII.-66.

me again,» she said huskily, turning her head finitely relieved, made her way to the spare away.

room of the house, where Grier was already « Do you think that very possible between unpacking for her. two people who have gone through such a After a hasty undressing she threw herself time as you and I have?» said Marcella, pale into bed, longing for sleep; but from a short but smiling. «When may I come to see you nightmare dream she woke up with a start. to-morrow? I shall send to inquire, of course, Where was she? In her mother-in-law's very early.

house, -she could actually hear the shrill, Some thought made Letty's breath come affected voice laughing and talking in the quickly. «Will you come in the afternoon- room next door,-and brought there by Marabout four?» she said hastily. «I suppose I cella Maxwell! The strangeness of these two shall be here. They were just stopping at facts kept her tossing restlessly from side to the door in Warwick Square. «You said you side. And where was George? Just arrived would tell me - »

at Paris, perhaps. She thought of the glare « I have a great deal to tell you. I will and noise of the Gare du Nord; she heard his come, then, and see if you can be spared. cab rattling over the long, stone-paved street Good night. I trust she will be better. I will outside. In the darkness she felt a misergo on and send the telegram.»

able sinking of heart at the thought of his goLetty felt her hand gravely pressed, the ing with every minute farther, farther away footman helped her out, and in another minute from her. Would he ever forgive her that she was mounting the stairs leading to Lady letter to Lord Maxwell when he knew of it? Tressady's room, having sent a servant on be- Did she want him to forgive her? fore her to warn the nurse of her arrival. A mood that was at once soft and desolate

stole upon her and made her cry a little. It The nurse came out, finger on lip. She was sprang, perhaps, from a sense of the many very glad to see Lady Tressady, but the doc- barriers she had heaped up between herself tor had left word that nothing whatever was and happiness. The waves of feeling, half to be allowed to disturb or excite his patient. self-assertive, half repentant, ebbed and Of course if the attack returned-but just flowed. One moment she yearned for the now there was hope. Only it was so difficult hour when Marcella was to come to her; the to keep her quiet. Instead of trying to sleep, next she hated the notion of it. So between she was now asking for Justine, declaring dream and misery, amid a maze of thought that Justine must read French novels aloud without a clue, Letty's night passed away. By to her, and bring out two of her evening the time the morning dawned the sharp condresses that she might decide on some altera- viction had shaped itself within her that she tion in the trimmings. «I dare n't fight with had grown older, that life had passed into anher,» said the nurse, evidently in much per- other stage, and could never again be as it plexity. « But if she only raises herself in bed had been the day before. Two emotions, at she may kill herself.”

least, or excitements, had emerged from all She hurried back to her patient, promising the rest and filled her mind-the memory of to inform the daughter-in-law at once if there the scene with Marcella, and the thought of was a change for the worse; and Letty, in- George's return.

(To be continued.)

Mary A. Ward.


QUIVERING strings, wherefrom the bow

Draws forth such heavenly sounds, I know
Your pain. Thus human hearts are strung,
And from their tense chords music wrung.


Julie M. Lippmann.

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HEN the grim ancestral joss of But women whom the Infant neither feared

the Hoos led the family in an nor loved did not concern him in his hours in exit to a different domicile, the yard. The marvel of his liberty filled his the years of the Infant Hoo mind; it lost him his appetite and some of his Chee were yet five. It was true sleep for quite two days, whereafter he ate

that now he had the pride of like a knight returned, and slept as hard as silken strings to lengthen out his cue; but a horse can gallop, to be up and out, with since the time when he had toddled away in One-Two at his heels, catching the dew and pursuit of a lovely American girl, with whom the dawn. In the other place, on the balcony, he had wished to dwell forever in her home, never a smallest finger might be laid on the which he called the House of Glittering stalk of a lily, nor a feather be drawn across Things, and since the moment when Hoo one smooth green leaf, without discovery; King had torn him from her whom the In- here, first of all, he pulled up a tuft of grass, fant called the Lady of Cakes and Tea, Hoo and saw its little white legs that walked in Chee had been more circumscribed than ever. the soil; and this was a secret in his bosom. Many a vision of that house and of that Then behind the shed, which he called the lady had been his as he seemed to be wist- Gruesome Go-down, after the place where the fully watching the humming world from the doughty little Quong Sam, of a story he knew, lofty flower-pot balcony And no one but had been impounded by a Sarcastic Turtle that his meditative cat One-Two was in the In- stood between Quong Sam and the House of fant's confidence or knew the weight of his Glittering Things- behind the Gruesome Gowoe.

down was a spot where One-Two suggested by But on that day when the joss came down scratches that they dig, which they did. The from the wall the few old smoky rooms were Infant made mountains and valleys with an left as memories, and the father Hoo King iron spoon, so clever was he, and he threw a and the mother and the amah walked away in pasteboard bridge across a river-bed, and by the clear air, with Hoo Chee bearing the it built an Important Town, where the avenues doubtful One-Two in his arms. Soon the In- were shaded by cabbage-leaf trees, and where fant found himself in a second story, whence One-Two drilled wilful worms and rebellious he looked upon a yard impossibly great, he bugs as citizens. thought-a yard as long as a cloud. It dis- From a window in Sum Chow's the learned solved in the gloaming as he gazed in awe, Dr. Wing Shee, that soothsayer whom all with his chin just over the window-sill, and Chinatown respected, occasionally observed he waked in the morning denying it. But the Infant's serious labors, and grew to like when he found it true he rushed shouting Hoo Chee. The industry which now was seen down the stairs, one step at a time, and to thrive near the Important Town was minshouting into its vast freedom, where One- ing-in a pile of débris as high as the Infant's Two scampered in giddy circles, with his tail self; and surely, in all the vast precincts of in mirthful curves. Here was a roaming the House of Glittering Things, no more abground for all duration, and earth to dig, and sorbing, dignifying occupation might be straggling weeds, and sticks and stones! It found. With One-Two's artful nasal divinamattered not what castles lay beyond; here tion they brought forth varied bits of crockwas a park that equaled the House of Glit- ery that, when polished with One-Two's ear, tering Things.

became as brilliant as other gems; and they There was one restriction: he must never drew out many an odd fabric and buried relic have aught to do with the women who lived that told of bygone times and the domestic on the other side of the fence, commanded economies of extinct houses. The Infant could Hoo King, for reasons of his own. They were not stuff them all in the pocket that ran across Sum Chow's women-Sum Chow, who had the the chest of his bib. The choicest was a big curio shop, and opposed the traffic in women green ring, like those the grown folks wore, slaves by the Tong which Hoo King ruled. which the Infant squeezed as a love token over

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