Contending Kingdoms: Historical, Psychological, and Feminist Approaches to the Literature of Sixteenth-century England and France

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Marie-Rose Logan, Peter L. Rudnytsky
Wayne State University Press, 1991 - 373 psl.
**** The original edition cited in BCL3 was written during the presidential campaigns of 1976 and published in 1977. Printed on acidic paper. Cloth edition (unseen), $25.00. Essays reflect a new interest in and current revisions of the Renaissance. Loosely placed in three sections, the first deals with the shifting line between the study of Renaissance history and literature. The second section pertains to the psychology expressed in the works of French writers of that period, and the final section deals with the non-dramatic works of Shakespeare, especially his sonnets. Paper edition (unseen), $24.95. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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