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No. 30, page 113.-I. D. Budget for 1928.

No. 31, page 117.-The number of line officers in the United States

grade and rank in which serving, and their present duties,

30, 1926, and October 30, 1926.

No. 32, page 127.--To provide additional pay for enlisted men of t

States Navy assigned to duty on submarine vessels of

(H. R. 14251).

No. 33, page 131.—To amend the provision contained in the act

March 3, 1915, providing that the Chief of Naval Operatio

the temporary absence of the Secretary and Assistant Sec

the Navy, shall be next in succession to act as Secretary of 1

(H. R. 14248).

No. 34, page 135.--The procurement system of the United States

lecture delivered by Capt. Frederick G. Pyne, Supply Corps

States Navy, before the United States Army War College, y

ton, D. C., December 9, 1926.

No. 35, page 151.-Fresh-water supply system, Melville, R. I.

No. 36, page 157.-- The act making appropriations for the naval service

fiscal year ending June 30, 1927.

No. 37, page 159.-For the relief of George F. Newhart, Clyde Hahn, and

McCormick (H. R. 12421).

No. 38, page 161.-To abolish the naval hospital fund (H. R. 10663).

No. 39, page 165.-Total tonnage of vessels (by classes) laid down or approj

for since February 6, 1922 (date of Washington conference).

No. 40, page 167.--Comparative naval data for the treaty navies (correct

October 1, 1926).

No. 41, page 173.--A comparison of the various naval tonnages in airerat

riers, cruisers, destroyers, and submarines of the first line

building, and appropriated for at the present time.

No. 42, page 177.- For the hospitalization of persons discharged from

United States Navy or Marine Corps who have contracted t

culosis in the line of duty while in the naval service (H. R. 1270

No. 43, page 179.--Comparative air strength of the five great powers.

No. 44, page 189.-Statement of Admiral Hilary B. Jones, United States

General Board, Navy Department, on the state of the United St

Navy, also statement of Hon. Curtis D. Wilbur, Secretary of


No. 45, page 221.-Statements of Rear Admiral Andrew T. Long, of the Gen

Board, United States Navy, and Admiral Edward W. Eberle, CI

of Naval Operations, United States Navy, on the state of the Na

No. 46, page 241.-Statements of Hon. Theodore Douglas Robinson, Assista

Secretary of the Navy; Rear Admiral Charles B. McVay, jr., Bud

officer; Capt. Arthur J. Hepburn and Commander Paul Basted

of the Division of Naval Intelligence; on the state of the Navy.

No. 47, page 261.-To amend section 24 of the act approved February 28, 192

entitled “An act to provide for the creation, organization, admini

tration, and maintenance of a Naval Reserve and a Marine Corp

Reserve" (H. R. 15212).

No. 48, page 265.- To authorize alterations and repairs to certain naval vesse

(H. R. 15336).

No. 49, page 267.--Providing for sundry matters affecting the naval servic

(H. R. 15439).

No. 50, page 273.- For the advancement of Lieut. Commander Richard E. Byrd

United States Navy, retired, to the grade of commander on the

retired list of the Navy, and awarding him a congressional medal of

honor (H. R. 15048).

No. 51, page 275.- Promotion of Floyd Bennett, United States Navy, and award-

ing to him a congressional medal of honor (H. R. 15049).

No. 52, page 275.-Statement of Admiral E. W. Eberle, Chief of Naval Opera-

tions, United States Navy, on the comparison of the navies.

No. 53, page 295.-- Statement of Hon. Edward P. Warner, Assistant Secretary

of the Vavy in charge of aviation, on comparison of the navies.

No. 54, page 307.-Number and size of guns, the tonnage, and complement of the

l'nited States, British, and Japanese cruisers.

No. 55, page 311.- To authorize Commander Robert E. Tod, United States

Naval Reserve, to accept from the French Governinent the brevet and

insignia of “Commandeur de la Legion d'Honneur" (H. R. 14926).

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