Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care: 8th Edition

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Pocket Books, 2004-05-25 - 992 psl.

THE CLASSIC THAT CONTINUES TO GROW WITH THE TIMES! For sixty-five years, parents have relied on the expert advice of renowned pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Spock. But while children never change, issues and concerns do. Dr. Robert Needlman, himself a top-notch pediatrician, has newly updated and expanded this timeless classic to speak to any parent who is raising children in our rapidly changing world. While still providing reassuring advice on age-old topics such as caring for a new baby, as well as accidents, illness, and injuries, this book also contains expanded information in many new areas, including:

• Cutting-edge medical opinion on immunizations

• Obesity and nutrition

• Cultural diversity and nontraditional family structures

• Children's learning and brain development

• The newest thinking on children with special needs

• Environmental health

• Increasingly common disorders such as ADHD, depression, and autism— including medications and behavioral interventions

• Children and the media, including electronic games

• Coping with family stress

• And much, much more

With an updated glossary of common medications and an authoritative list of the most reliable online resources, this invaluable guide is still the next best thing to Dr. Spock's #1 rule of parenting: “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”

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The It Book

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Iwas given this book many years agowhen I became pregant with my daugther.When I found out I was going to a Grand Maw I bought the book for my daugtherand she feels that this is a Great Book for the ... Skaityti visą apžvalgą

New parents should have this book!

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This book is a must have. I had it years ago when I had my 14 year old. I am a new mom again after all these years and Dr. Spocks book is a lifesaver. You think you remember or know what to do until you read the book and realize things have changed a lot. Skaityti visą apžvalgą

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Benjamin Spock, M.D., practiced pediatrics in New York City from 1933 to 1947. He then became a medical teacher and researcher at the Mayo Clinic, the University of Pittsburgh, and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. The author of eleven books, he was a political activist for causes that vitally affect children: disarmament, day care, schooling, housing, and medical care for all. He had two sons, a stepdaughter, and four grandchildren. Dr. Spock, who died March 15, 1998, at age ninety-four, was married to Mary Morgan. Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care has been translated into thirty-nine languages and has sold fifty million copies worldwide since its first publication in 1946.

Dr. Robert Needlman grew up in Chicago, attending the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, where his mother was a preschool teacher. He graduated from Yale University with a BA in English Literature and earned his MD from Yale Medical School. He trained in General Pediatrics and Developmental and Behavioral  Pediatrics at Boston City Hospital, where he led the development of Reach Out and Read, a project to promote reading aloud.  ROR programs now help millions of children to grow up loving books (learn more at www.reachoutandread.org).   In addition to being the revising co-author of Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care, 8th and 9th editions, he is the author of Dr. Spock’s Baby Basics and writes for Drspock.com.  Dr. Needlman practices and teaches Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland and is Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.  He lives in Cleveland with his wife, Carol Farver, a surgical pathologist and educator. Their daughter, Grace, is a graduate of Yale University, where she majored in Art.

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