Retaining Valued Employees

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SAGE, 2001 vas. 13 - 278 psl.
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How do you keep valuable employees from leaving? With employee turnover at a ten-year high in the tightest labor market in recent memory, human resource professionals face this challenge daily. This book briefly summarizes the current research in the area of employee turnover and provides practical guidelines to implement proven strategies for reducing unwanted turnover. Topics covered include differentiating between functional and dysfunctional turnover, job enrichment, employee selection, orientation programs, compensation practices, easing conflicts between work and home, social integration, and managing exiting employees. Separate chapters are devoted to using employee surveys to predict turnover and diagnose turnover causes and reducin

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How Turnover Can Be Costly to Organizations
Job Enrichment
Realistic Job Previews
Socialization and Supervision
Employee Selection
Using Employee Surveys to Predict Turnover and Diagnose Turnover Causes
Compensation and Rewards
Managing Exiting Employees
The Job Rating Form
Scoring Key for the Job Diagnostic Survey
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255 psl. - Goff, SJ, Mount, MK, & Jamison, RL (1990). Employer supported child care, work/family conflict and absenteeism: A field study.

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Apie autorių (2001)

Griffeth is Professor of Management in the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University.

Hom is Professor of Management in the College of Business at Arizona State University.

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